Proffer in a sentence as a noun

You can't accuse people of using strawmen then proffer one yourself.

Monitor changes to the textbox and proffer those changes back to the model3.

It is never right to proffer a deal that you know to be unfair to another party.

For all the openness that Google and Mozilla appear to proffer, the agreement between them is a secret.

'And the author nails the fact that none in the political sphere can proffer these dissensions without facing derision.

They went the other way and replaced him with a psychologist who would proffer such advice as "The Klingons are firing at us, I sense anger.

Proffer in a sentence as a verb

I'm not trying to attack you here but what you proffer here sounds like typical Russian tyranny apologia.

This seems to quite obviously the case of someone completely uninformed and ill-qualified attempting to proffer their "wisdom" as fact.

I haven't seen anyone proffer a reason to deviate from majority-rules decision procedure.

Whiny, rude, disrespectful, also not smart enough to proffer alternative ID. Her problem isn't disability, its stupidity.

You were the potential defendant, and you were facing indictment and prosecution for a crime 95% of jurors wouldn't understand, and your lawyer probably suggested that you accept the proffer.

Congratulations on your engagement!One small thing to keep in mind with that, if I may proffer some advice not asked for, and without knowing beans about your family situation, is that marriage far away from home is fine, not such a big deal.

Proffer definitions


a proposal offered for acceptance or rejection; "it was a suggestion we couldn't refuse"

See also: suggestion proposition


present for acceptance or rejection; "She offered us all a cold drink"

See also: offer