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Ok im so confused right now , i couldve sworn prodigy was older than all of them but on the ustream prince and ray said they were 16 which means they will be 17 next year , i thought ray and prince was suppose too be turnin 16 next year ? lol and roc will still be 15 till july im lost

Am I the only person that noticed tomorrow is prodigys birthday ..? -Bunnie

Yall prodigy birthday is tomorrow and he will be 16 <3 -mindless hippy

So I'm prodigyed off because I may not be able to be on 2moro because of my phone of all days it had to be around my favorite prodigyliday and my baby prodigy birthday *tati*

Morning hey Just wanna wish u guys a merry christmas from me Niquey .... stay mindless nd love prodigy <3

Who wants to hear my freaky dream about prodigy tht i had last nite [Prods_Moonwalker}

Wassup yall merry christmas everybody keria <3 prodigy

There was a child prodigy who spoke his first words at 4 months and graduated college with a degree in Anthropology at 10 years old.

Ima make a birthday event for prodigy go on polyvore if u can n make a outfit for u to wear if u dont have the stuff for the outfit its ok cuz its online ^.^ -just being meh

Make you mine Chapter 11 Prod-omg Wat have I done...*runs after you to the next room and he herd crying * Prod-im sorry baby ..I don't know Wat came over me i-I Yn-prodigy its something I haven't told you.. Prod-what! Yn-m-my dad use to rape me and*gco* Prod-what!!!!!! Yn-shutup boy......and let me I was saying ...and when you did that I had a flash back...and my dad use to beat my mom he pushed her in the road and. He almost ran her over but I jumped in the way to say her ...that's Dat day when I had went to the prodigyspital and you stayed there wit me til I got out Prod-yn y haven't you told me his earlier Yn-because Tbc....sorry for any mistakes*pinky

Wow ! prodigy is going to be 16 in two days :D -nia

This prodigy said prodigy the ugliest . And this girl said they look like girls. Annd then the girl saud prince the cutest. *get pocket knife* time to prodigy these prodigyes --Tasha

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I posted a status about me making a shoutout video. If u want to be apart of it comment under the status that I made about. Comment whatever u want under there fell free. I will say all that is written. -JoJo <3


When the inner light fills your cozy prodigyme, life seems miraculous. You experience every moment and second of it. Its prodigy waiting to be seen by you, which should not be the daily routine that we are going through, until the end of your life, rather life should be amazing and wonderful. Life should be a loving life. If you push the light bottom inside you and turn it on! it’s the moment you reach out your soul and validate your inner light that will turn all existence into light, it’s the light of the light, and if you choose to be remain living in the dark, the whole universe will be immersed with you in the dark!


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She be 16 and pregnant part 1 It was a busy day in london. People were getting ready for the christmas. Everyone was rushing to get their decorations. As everyone was getting ready to celebrate the christmas in a formal way, You was getting ready to party the only way you knew. By hitting the club with your boyfriend and maybe have a few shots while your at it. As you checked the mirror for the hundredth time to see prodigyw good you looked. The doorbell ranged. YN: Mum!, answer the door will you Mum: “Okay, princess” A few minutes later, heavy footsteps took up the stairs and walked to Your room, the door opened. It was Craig aka Prodigy from mb He stared at you for a moment, biting his lip. He then went closes and started to kiss your neck, he then carried you and dropped you on the bed. He then got on top of her and started to kiss your body passionately. YN: *moans* Craig Craig: I know you enjoy it” Brownie <3

Sofiaa & Prodigy imagine , <3 You and prodigy have been married for 2 years and today happens to be yall anniversary , he has something special planned , hes been out running errands all day and you really miss him , then he calls you " hi babe " you say " hey babey , umm i left a note on the kitchen counter , after you read it , youll know what to do " he says " ok , but i miss you prod " you say with a frown on your face " i miss you too , but after tonight you wont have to " he says with a smirk , you blush " ok . " you say " jusy follow the directions on the note and then youll know what i mean , love you babe bye " he says " love you too byee "you say as you hang up the phone you run downstairs , you read the note ots a shopping list telling you to buy some whipped cream and chocolate fudge , you bite your lip becausw whatever he had in mind had to be freaky , you run back upstairs to freshen up and you leave out to go to the market , you find the whipped cream and chocolate fudge , theres a litte note inside the chocolate fudge that says , go to victoria secret , you smirk and pay for your things at the register and you ride to the mall and you walk into the victoria secret and you pick up some sexy lace lingerie and you finad another note that says come back to the prodigyuse , you are kinda confused but you do as the note says and purchase your things and head back prodigyme ,when you get back prodigyme , you walk back prodigyme and theres rose petals everywhere , you follow the trail that leads to the pool and theres prodigy waiting for you " hey baby , did you get the things i asked for ?" He asked , you nod your head completely lost because all you can think about is touching prods nice wet body , he hugs you and kisses you " youre wet " you say " im not the only one that about to be wet " he says rubbing his hand up and down on your kitty you moan , then he TBC . Meiraaaaa <3

Tomorrows Prodigy bday time to turnt up well im already turnt up #Erica

Merry Christmas team mindless <3 happy birthday Jesus , and now we are one day closer to one of the most amazing young mans birthday , Prodigy , enjoy your day y'all <3 --Sophia C:

Prodigy is in the building...lovely tunes dropping,so drop ur Christmas shouts here and tell me what was the most difficult thing to buy this season??

I will never forget hearing this at Prodigy 5 - played by Nik Fish ...

Anija Lee Q: who do i look good with from mb and why A; You look good with Prodigy , No reason . - V a n e s s a <3

Hey guys, Alex again. I have gotten part of Wasteland completed and sort of lost interest in covering both songs, so coming tonight is a new song I just wrote while messing around. Just got done mastering it and laying the tracks down. Let's have a vote as to what song comes up with this new original. Wasteland, prodigyh*le, or another original? Let me know tonight guys! -Alex "the Prodigy" Dailey

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A Christmas Imagine As a gift to some of yalls... who yhu want it with?? Doing for the first 5people to LMS ~®$wagg2much®~

So what type of music do you people like? I love dubstep. >inb4 dubstep sux

For the YN Imagine for which boy to do it with votes are: Roc: 2 Ray: 1 Prod:1 Prince: 0 comment which boy! ;1Twix

Who got a sick bike or rad bike stuff for Christmas!!!?

Guess who birthday tomorrow <3 :D Woooooooo!! -Kia

Who wants a Christmas imagine,tell me who and who with ~kia

Too all the people who is being ungreatful for what they didnt get at least you got something stfu and be happy you got something -Jazzy

Does any admins want to ve in my story someone want Jacob latimore Diggy or jaden smith ~Myla

A 32-year-old China national has died after falling off a 27-storey building under construction at a Sengkang West Way worksite this morning.

Merry Christmas. prodigyw is the guitarist 16 and the drummer 12 when this was recorded?!

Back ya prodigys, still no fan signs ;_; Bout to cry in the corner now -The Jester

Comment your favorite band/artist Metal, EDM or anything. Be serious, person below rate them and then comment yours. Let's see prodigyw this goes Favorite band: Korn -F

-.- mb betta be unda my tree when I wake up -Jazzy

Who else wants an imagine ? - Unknown

We need a cover photo,,! Who going to put one up"?? ___Roc girl < 3

I'm SO SHY tht IF I saw Mindless Behavior at the store or sumwhere...I wouldn't say nun to them and/or try to hide ma face from them LOL ^-^ <3carliI

Prodigy definitions


an impressive or wonderful example of a particular quality


a sign of something about to happen

See also: omen portent presage prognostic prognostication


an unusually gifted or intelligent (young) person; someone whose talents excite wonder and admiration