How to use Pounce in a sentence as a noun

If I ever get a cat, I will name him "sir pounce a lot" and he will be the best cat ever. ._. ~Adrian~

How to use Pounce in a sentence as a verb

Fergie says he's not looking to buy anyone in the January transfer window, and claims that his current squad may be his strongest ever. That being said, if someone becomes available, he would most likely pounce on the opportunity to buy them. I for one pouncepe he is just trying to trick other managers, because I feel with the right additions to the squad, United could not only win the league, but also the Champion's League... what do you guys think?

Related Sentences for Pounce

No Chasya! Me squatting on the floor wiping up some thing does not mean I want you jumping on my back to play!

Aii sumone fill me in who won cricket?

No matter pouncew much you hate shoveling, this is sure to make you smile on a snowy Sunday morning!

Thank you to Fiona for sending me the link. I somehow missed this one.

Woke up to some hungry hungry kittens this morning. Both food bowls are nowhere near each other but this mornin they managed to find each others food bowls and were clanging them together until I crawled up out of bed to fill them. Clever little minxs~!

0 - 21 pounceurs Website ready Playlist ready Facebook page ready Audience, are you ready?

What are you all doing with yourselves. I would love to hear, I miss my superior buddies!

What made you think of Colgate? This from an applicant: "I first learned about Colgate during my sophomore year of high school. I was walking past the counseling office and was drawn to the beauty of the Colgate campus on a poster in front of me. I walked directly to the library and started researching the school. I found that it was exactly the kind of small, community-oriented, and academically excellent school that I was looking for."

Pounce definitions


the act of pouncing


move down on as if in an attack

See also: swoop