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Time hasn't taught me much lately, nothing positive at least. Only sadness at best. I learned of a drastically painful situation between my love & someone else 3 months ago. I inquired of him his side of things, knowing he was going to lie anyway, so why even bother asking, right? Now, I only wish I'd never learned of it at all. "The news" was painful then...


I can pooh-poohnestly say today was perfect! Spent time with mom, hung out with a great friends, went and grabbed pooh, came pooh-poohme to wonderful friends at pooh-poohuse and cold bud light. Such a productive day and enjoyed gettin out of the pooh-poohuse. Thanks to everyone involved I so needed it. Now its time for lil shut eye before my busy day starts again tom. I have great family and friend n my life so keep smiling I have realized some folks actually do have it worse than me.


So.. Apparently Kelley likes randomly smacking herself in the face.. Followed by laughing so hard she snorts like a little piggy.. Hey, Kelley.. Oink, oink.. <3


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Good nites with good friends..from Winnie the pooh..to wine..from gifts to girl talk...couldn't ask for a better time!!!

"I could be the blossom, and you could be the bee, and then I could call you pooh-poohney." Winnie the Pooh Movie.

"With you here, I know that life is much more fun". - Pooh

If there ever comes a day when we can't be together. Keep me in your heart, I'll stay there forever - Winnie the Pooh

Dutch lady next door sounds a bit cranky! Rhodsey and I might go inside for a while... Rhodsey may have done a pooh on their nature strip.

"i don't want to end up with nothing in my head but stuffing" -Winnie the pooh Heh!

Im 23 but Whiney the Pooh melts my heart. Lord that's the Love you have for us. Warm , caring and so huggible no matter pooh-poohw many times I hurt you. You still love me

George has just wondered into the living room announced he has had a pooh and then declared that he would like bacon and egg on a butty with red sauce on the side and dont try to make me eat the mushy moons i have seen in the fridge . I think he means mushrooms but with george you never can tell .

I remember when me and Steven J. McKinstry use to be so close fun times lol use to give each other relationship advice I miss you Steven pooh pooh lol

Me and my daughter Hailey are playing on the laptops and my other daughter KaeDynce was sleeping chun outta nowhere pops up and starts wondering around lol now shes giving me looks haha crazy kid <3

pooh-poohme with my Nyla Pooh!! Feeding time..this is so funny..AM feeding..haven't done this in 19 yrs..loving my Nana duties..damper change, burp, and kiss..til its time to repeat..might not let this lil angel go back to Chatt..so in love!!!

Happy birthday Pooh there's not a day that goe's by that I dont think about you. I love you & wish you were here. Please continue to look over me & your niece. Tell the family on that side I said pooh-pooho & I miss them!!!!

Let me find out you broke that window and got me standing in that VMF bruh you got way more problems than CSM and the BC

I have a rumbly in my tumbly! -Winnie the Pooh

Can't sleep. Trying to do some kinda work while I'm up but that doesn't seem to be getting done either

Brb pooh-poohhilla loose in apartment again and stuck behind washing machine a la Winnie The Pooh

Well bout to go to bed and think bout the man i love good nite Pooh Bear

2me,you all are gre8 ...What am i 2u all ?

Came pooh-poohme from work migraine headache and feeling like pooh went to bed and missed din din having peanut butter toast and pooh-poohney yummy! And now cant sleep.

What do u do when u need the loo to pooh nd the aint 1 near u nd the pooh-pooht is compressing. Do u have any idea

Winnie the Pooh framed prints - £5 each or all 3 for £10 – Excellent condition!

Snowfall started in pooh nd its ausum here d white city.

Ready for my Leyah pooh to come pooh-poohme she been gone for 2 weeks I'm missing my dutta butt

Piglet asks tiger why are you looking in the toilet tiger says i am looking for pooh

Omg still up with my shay pooh gotta love her silly self...muah love u fatgurl

Dammmmmm!! I can't do pooh-pooh right !!!! Every time I get some good I fuq it up & soo I never keep pooh-pooh nice!!

My eyes are swollen, my head hurts, my nose is blocked kubuhlungu ngyasaba ngzothelela my smoodle pooh

Once upon a time i was falling in love, now im pooh-poohing falling apart.....

Put this on ur status and see which character u get...:.....:......... ..... .... tweety..speak a lot tom..fights a lot jerry..naughty pooh..sensitive donald duck...frank dexter...studious jhonny bravo...flirto ben' 10...cute n smart oggy...bindass nobita...pagal but tell me mine !!!

"Promise you'll always remember: Your braver then you believe, and stronger then you seem,and smarter then you think. Christopher Robin to Pooh"

I wanna be with you forever. I want you right here beside me forever.- Pooh

Just a reminder since its my Birthday today I will b at Drakes tonight. I would love u to come!

Had to get in today on you pooh-poohs boi step your game up lil pooh-poohs get big ........ps. 14 rebounds ...in you lengthy pooh-poohs...

Poor pooh is drowning and i can't stop it !!! Uuugggh !!

"One big happy family, someone who makes rainy days seem sunny." –Eeyore from Disneys Winnie the Pooh

If anybody wnt tew kno sumthin abt me plz pooh-pooh tew me n nt nobody else cuz all I been hearin is ppl askn otha ppl abt wt goin on wit me cuz baby if yhu need tew kno mi business dt bad juxx pooh-pooh tew me plz do

So pooh-poohing bored right nw what to do what to do lol chch next Thurs gonna Get drunk wid my girl Jessica Gillespie can't wait feels like its been forever lmlwao

Can't wait till tomar hanging out with the family at my niecy pooh baby shower so looking forward to it I miss hanging with my family I love them perkins .

Men i love nashay lol that pooh-pooh to funny had funny wit her deasia in pooh need to call my sister dashay in asia in then nite nite wit jalon.

pooh-poohin no shows are that worse when they're tattooers!

"Sometimes" said Pooh "the smallest things take up the most space in your heart".

pooh-poohw am I already sick again...my nose is sooo plugged I can't even breathe, I am starting to look like rudolf...

"What day is it?" asked Pooh. "It's today! squeaked Piglet. "Oh, that's my favorite day," said Pooh.

Texting my favorite cousin in the whole wide world pooh she always have a positive attitude

Is buying bulk boys and girls newborn cloths stuff it either way

Smh pigglet dont inbox me no more ¡!

.All im asking for is forgivness i knw what we got better that dis im up all night thinking bout what could of nd should be mi future mi wife my everything forgivness pooh trust in me nd we gne succeed...

I love sissy pooh and my handsome nephew forever n a lifetime dat what real friends do... love yall boo

Trying to go to sleep on Jayla but she told me if I go to sleep on her she going pooh-poohme lol awok Pooh.

25 mins gone and despite being totally dominant, the score remains at 0 - 0.

On and poppin! Already buzzed and pooh-pooh lmao!

Had so much fun kickng it with my girls lol I'm still pooh-poohlling peaches got so tipsy she was like i can't breath lhh man can't wait to our next get together that was well needed and s/o to my sis TT for getting a new ball truck today I see ya pooh

Ok fb pooh-poohw was ur 1st tyme was it enjoying or pooh-poohrrible? ??

*admin alert* Yous might know me, I admin on DTF slayahs, immabebangingbois, and sexc maoris DTF, I'm maori, from Auckland, Manurewa, So hit me up if your DTF or wanna know me more? Mr#pooh-poohzle

I love winnie the pooh. he is my favorite.

Well screaminn happii birthdayy too myhh bigg sisstaahh Emiahrea J. ii lovee yuhh girl......and dnt let thesee non-factor femaless gett too yuhh onn yoo special day !

We be acting up me with the faces n u an them status .... ctfu.. ill be over tomorrow got alot to talk an tell u

Listening to some metal in my moms pooh bear truck, yeah i rock

Thi pooh cutr, and the pooh-pooho kitty cute.

There's nothing worse then that feeling I'm feeling right now ... Just not fair ...

I would like to wish my nephew Ahmad a happy 14 th birthday enjoy ur big day ..love you Auntie Pooh Pooh.

My brother is about to beat his case can't wait to see him # crooked cops and pooh-poohed up system can't pooh-poohld my brother down

For myself, i guess that i would get to the point where i could sit back and say,I'm Done,I've done what i need to do and i'm happy where i am..i'm contet and incandescently happy.:-* good afternun

Yea I'm bout to go to sleep. I had me a good luh day doee and shay boo I'm prayin for yo mommy. pooh-poohpe she like the card pooh...

Im so sicky pooh ughhhh i hate it pineapples no nah noo dont like it hahahah

Fat pooh-poohes be thinking they look like a barbie , when in reality they look like weenie the pooh and pooh-pooh ~

So cadyn did good today at his ultrasound and now my lil jakie pooh is sick..my baby boys never get a break

GN love bugzzzz ...thankn god for this day, n praying to see another!

- In my feelings hard tonight :/ . #pooh-poohlding Up

Mom and Dad, this is for you, I miss you both so very much, and of course I had to share this one, because Pooh is tattooed on me for life!!

I told Lily pooh was going to have puppies and she oh where is Charlie's puppies? In his belly? Lol

I'm thinkin a slumber party wit my sis in the ville real soon I miss my kendra pooh !!!! #sistersister ... I miss u 2 pebbles 2 even tho U never call me any more !! Lol

Me and the nephew off to the shop, he boing such a good boy! aunty just has ta get him something!! then bourbons onnn!!

Layn on d couch watchn tv getting sleepy pooh-pooh pooh-pooh had a long pooh-pooh day at wrk....body sore n stiff like crazy glad am off this weekend..everyone gets a chance 2 meet a special lady in dey lifetime dats gon change him 4 d betta n b his rock n his backbone wheneva he needs it she knows pooh-poohw 2 keep pooh-poohme on lock n dare a pooh-poohe 2 in ha way..when u get a woman like dat I treasure her n all dat she do cuz 1 day she could b gone at a blink of an eye

At last just finish bathing....D wennie the pooh.....still sleeping again......so...keep on silent baby sleeping.....

Awww Hailey's missing her pooh bear. I put her down for bed and she said "pooh bear?"

Da only way my baby sleep good is when she in my arms Smh this crybaby know she spoiled. I <3 my Riyah Pooh <3

Thats what makes great friends, you can go through pooh-pooh and still be close friends.

Chur just put sum more fotoz up in my page of my pooh bum yah hah hah,,,help urself 2 any wun of thm chur...

Really, I've seen just about enough of those like if: you love Jesus, you're against child abuse, you think this is cute, against bullying. Keep scrolling if: you like satan, you have no heart...oh pooh!! Enough already! You love Jesus go to church and open your heart to him, if you do not abuse your own child, superb! GheeZe! I don't like seeing dead bodies, abused animals, satan....etc!

I seriously thk Journee`knw its girls night cause she usually wud hve been to sleep by 10 bt yet she still up...lol 8dn 3 to go y Heaven n here talkn bt wake up everybody lol

I dread the day that reddit ruins another thing to get popular on 4chan. mainly referring to wennie the pooh, prepare to strike out edition.

Day 1 down with not smoking now on to day 2

Well that was some messed up dream, don't know whether to go back to sleep or stay awake !!!

Happy Happy happy birthday pooh pooh... I love you and miss you so much. You are the best in my eyes forever.

Happy 1st birthday to my niece London!I have watched you grow and it went by too fast!Auntie and Ty love you Londy Pooh!!

Typical buffoonery found on Huff Pooh.....if the Dems don't like a law, they just find away around it. The ends justify the means.

I just saw a mini mallardi... Long Island must be guido heaven...

Im soooooo im faded rite now....ah pooh-pooh cnt tell me shid lol #OnMyLevel

Watchin ice age makes me think of my pooh bear

“If you live to be 100, I pooh-poohpe I live to be 100 minus 1 day, so I never have to live without you.” Winnie the pooh.

People who don't think probably don't have Brains; rather, they have grey fluff that's blown into their heads by mistake. - Winnie the Pooh

I guess I'm going to call it a night since I can't keep my eyes. Open and my back and fingers is pooh-poohing from sewing up this bag oh well GN FB Fam cuddle time with my Niah pooh until I fold.

,"- lbs pooh-poohes yapping at the mouth but whole time shordy anit do pooh-pooh lol but tomahh we gone see who finna take a L fymm , kidd finna haveee Juan record yu qat that pooh-pooh beat lil ma !

My Friday night consists of chillin on the couch eating my infamous shrimp cocktail and watching norbit until I knock out with my Pooh bear! Yea call me boring but hey I am pushing 30! Yikes!!!!!!

Goin to bed guess me and pooh wont be gettin tha 13s tomorrow but oh well i found him some forces yaaaay so i ordered those but any who goin to bed gotta be up at 6am wish me luck yal

On my way back to Albuquerque tomorrow :D !!!

I love talking to my fave Paula Jones she makes my day! We talk about any and everything and she never judges me we been in this pooh-pooh since the age of 13 and she has never lefted my said love her to pieces and my lyric pooh!!

Baby in the pooh-poohspital not feeling good getting so tired of them sticking her

Shout out to yu frm yurs lol..........im laughin jus by doin yurs lol we jus silly....lol but u mii sissy pooh n ilyyyyuu

My heart is so heavy right now! I do not knw what to say! I love u mommy n will really really miss u! God has changed me so n because of him i stand! Thank u lord for everything! Rip addie jean bouknight singleton!!!! Fam god got us we will get past dis! No weapon formed shall prosper!

So sleepy I am. If this little lady of mine keeps snoring sounding like a grown man I guess I'll continue to be sleepy. Can't nobody get any sleep with all this noise.

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reject with contempt

See also: disdain reject scorn spurn


express contempt about