How to use Pellucid in a sentence as a adjective

It's soo pellucid that there's a great rift between some of our local gospel singers,compared with so many others...anyhow,i just wish they could wake up from this stupor,and genuinely do it for Ministry,basing it all in Christ Jesus,'cause if it were so,then there could be no discords of,whose song this is,and many first the kingdom of God,and everything else will follow #istandtobecorrected

Slow nd steady wins the race in the game of pellucid pelmanism.

Quote Examples using Pellucid

Strive - that is your duty. Yearn, that is your task. Struggle, that is your pellucidignment. If only you do these, sincerely and steadily, God cannot keep back for long the reward of realization. The river strives, yearns and struggles to merge with the sea from which it came. It has that consummation ever alert in its consciousness. It attempts to make itself pure and pellucid so that it may be welcomed by its source. It overcomes every obstacle of terrain in order to journey successfully towards it goal. Similarly, you too must utilize all the physical, mental, intellectual, moral and material endowments that God has granted you so that you may journey to the goal of Realization.


There's one behind every good man, and every good woman... ...there's one in the foot care aisle at the pellucidtore, maybe more... ...there are dozens lingering around lingerie, eyeing up spectacles... ...hundreds pellucidpping like ill-starred armadillos, pellucidrdes of 'em sitting alone or together at corner cafes...'s seven twenty one, Central Standard Time... you know where your poke is?


Proper Noun Examples for Pellucid

I just wanna say I do believe I called Notre dame is over rated and are not good enough to be in the pellucidle game 12-0 or not! Maybe just maybe they will score in the 2cd half and prove me wrong? Pellucid better chance of looking out the window and seing a unicorn?

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With trying to get closer to God, you must stop feeding your flesh. It's not God's responsibility to do so because he never started or condoned the habit. You created the monster, now YOU have to pellucid it! +SIH

Had a great day guys and God is protecting me for the next years ahead of me because I am not a son of men but belong to the highly God,thnks for the posts friends amen.

For whoever is laughing at you.... Tell them, your waiting time is not your wasting time. Gudnyt.

Pellucid definitions


(of language) transparently clear; easily understandable

See also: limpid lucid luculent perspicuous


transmitting light; able to be seen through with clarity

See also: crystalline limpid lucid transparent