How to use Panicked in a sentence as an adjective

And by all means do not get bullied or panicked into making up a phony reason for refusing to talk. You are not obliged to explain your decision to anyone.

I saw the CEO fly into town just to fire my boss but she panicked and left before he got to the office and refused to answer her phones. Most of us kept all of our stuff packed in cardboard boxes, ready to walk out the door or change offices whenever people left.

When there was a call for a 'Hacknight' at our workplace to drive revenues up, when a SVP panicked he was going to miss his target. And the people where asked to contribute and magically rescue the whole situation out of nowhere.

The committee around her panicked and the intelligence community went into defend the Senator mode, unfortunately trouncing the constitution in the process."

What should have happened, IMO, is something like this: A panicked CloudFlare admin realizes your site is using 100TB/mo. Their first step is to send you a sternly worded email, explaining that for this usage level you need plan X, and if you don't upgrade within...

This issue periodically makes the rounds in expatriate communities, and I think panicked blog posts outnumber actual enforcement actions by about 10,000 to 1. Anecdotally, most Americans living abroad are probably non-compliant on this one.

I got a panicked call asking what had happened. I had no clue, but promised to look into it.

Instead, we had a predictable response from the mining magnates and Coalition, an easily duped and panicked public, and a flailing government at the time who named the concept terribly and defended it poorly. And when challenged on the whole "it's barely made any money" front, caved instead of noting that it'd been potentially hampered for political reasons.

Meanwhile, panicked operators trying to slow down this tidal wave hit the Throttle Everything button 5. The throttling was so aggressive the even normal levels of operation became impossible 6.

Unfortunately when a panicked parent is demanding that something be done to save their child, someone will be willing to do something even if the first person knows that nothing can be done. When it is my time to die I intend to fully engage with the experience of dying, and not to numb the experience with knife wounds, *****, and over-stimulating hospitals.

From bad teams I've seen panicked looks between interviewers to make sure they don't divulge something, people turning white/clammy/sweaty, refusals to answer/insisting to move on/changing topics, silent stars at me LOL anything thats not openly a positive emotion.

Amazon panicked and reversed itself because a story about removing DRM was on the front page of HN? Seriously?

Someone who isn't a regular jail offender will most likely be panicked enough to to understand a word you're saying if you start throwing **** like "we believe you might be a threat to the safety of the crew and the passengers of the vessel". 2.

When the **** hit the fan, I panicked. > "To be clear, our decision to pull the campaign should not be interpreted as passing judgment on the advertiser as an organization."

I see some panicked motioning to a supervisor and hear, "Oh, he comes through here all the time! ...

She appears panicked and quickly reads over the spec sheet behind her booth. Finally, after a minute, she looks up and says "It's just .

Then, if you haven't panicked yet and thrown away the missiles from the other side base, you do another fence to try to catch the second incoming wave. When you are down enough on cities that you only have 2 or 3 at the start of stage, you probably switch to concentrating on saving those cities, so you depend less on making a missile fence, and more on trying to pick off specific targets that are coming to the cities.

None of this is served by a panicked focus on terrorism.

Her manager panicked, saying, "you can't leave. If you leave, we will lose the headcount because we won't be able to backfill it fast enough."

This lead to a panicked call from Storm to me to move the site over to my servers until the dispute could be resolved. A few days after that, I received a very aggressive e-mail from the designer threatening to sue me for stealing his work.

The meltdown at Three Mile Island, for example, would not have happened if a panicked human operator had not overridden the automatic emergency cooling system.

Panicked definitions


thrown into a state of intense fear or desperation; "became panicky as the snow deepened"; "felt panicked before each exam"; "trying to keep back the panic-stricken crowd"; "the terrified horse bolted"

See also: panicky panic-stricken panic-struck terrified frightened