Pains in a sentence as a noun

I love Groups, which they've recently taken pains to hide[1] so I suspect its up soon for the chopping block.

Hangouts is one of the worst messaging services I've ever used, and it pains me to be so locked into it.

"It pains me to hear intelligent people talk about being "tracked" as something "bad" a priori.

For their pains, their careers were destroyed by the people who run the current mainstream conservative movement.

The same is true of computer programs, as Turing took pains to make clear in the 1950 paper that is regularly invoked in these discussions.

But mostly he seems absorbed by his interior life....The idea that Matthew won’t recover no longer pains Jackie.

He was direct and took pains not to ridicule a thirteen year-old for making an entirely age-appropriate mistake in measuring the results.

It has taken me years to integrate the experience, and I still have ghastly memories of the pains she endured recovering from unnecessary surgeries.

I started getting weird symptoms - my chest often felt hollow, I'd get weird pains across the tops of my shoulders and through my neck, and occasionally, I would have to stop while walking up a flight of stairs.

And what's up with the growing number of websites which take deliberate pains to prevent me from using pinch-to-zoom on iOS?Surely there's a special ring in **** for those web anti-designers.

It pains me to see so many people, who quite likely rely on emacs, Xcode with gcc, gnu coreutils, or an operating system that would've never been possible without the Free software movement, sit around and ridicule RMS because he eats toe jam or really, really likes parrots.

Pains definitions


an effortful attempt to attain a goal

See also: striving nisus strain