Striving in a sentence as a noun

I like how Google has been striving to document more beautiful places.

The Forbes article was nuanced and factually correct, which is what we should be striving for.

Fight through errors striving for how I think the technology should work by hundreds of googles and stack overflows8.

Their constant innovating and striving to learn and grow was sure to bring them plentiful benefits.

This is the second, striving to become the first, most expensive housing market in the united states.

Ambition is its lifeblood...I think that if you want to be happy, that's not going to come from success or ambition or striving.

Chasing your visions and striving for achievement matter as a consequence not of the goal, but of advancing towards it.

Glad to see there are others who acted the way I did in my younger days and are striving to become a better person everyday.

Except I don't want to push that button, I want to push the other button that's now hidden away because the designer is striving for "No UI".

So please don't lob insults at the active physics community based on your own misunderstanding of the theories that they spend their lives striving to understand.

Sometimes being different from the rest of the crowd and following your passions is more worthwhile rather than striving to "fit in" by purchasing status-enhancers.

We tend to live our lives thinking as we go that we should be striving to end up at some optimal place and that the purpose of our lives is desperately trying to keep us exactly on that course.

The striving, the late nights, the urgency, the aspirations, the sense of responsibility, they all play in to a larger story of self where one paradoxically may not appreciate their own larger role at the time.

It was back when blue-blood white kids didn't have to compete against striving asian immigrants to get a seat at Harvard, back when getting into that top med school or top law firm or top investment bank was a ticket for life instead of just an opportunity to strive some more.

Besides, there's a whole new world of applications to be built out there, if we were rewriting libtool every three months we'd move even more slowly than we do now.Oh, and I wish I could say your rant is unbefitting of professionals of your age, but I'm afraid it's actually quite matching the grumpy-old-man stereotype you're clearly striving for. Hey look, I can do ad-hominem too, and I was born in the late 70s!

Striving definitions


an effortful attempt to attain a goal

See also: nisus pains strain