Optician in a sentence as a noun

Your post and the one below make me think I need to go back to my optician.

Ouch, I need to schedule an optician to check my glasses prescription.

Many people do. I'd still rather trust an optician using a PD meter though.

My optician recommended I try hard contact lenses as she uses them.

At my optician that includes a 2 year warranty.

I used to get sore eyes from looking at a computer all day. I went to an optician and they said it's cause by focussing on things that are really close all the time.

I wrote this post after being really frustrated with the experience I had at the local optician.

Asking on a public forum might get you somewhere but you should probably see a qualified optician.

Other than a trip to the optician with very specific values I don't see myself being able to collimate my cellphone's display.

Last week I was visiting an optician to get a new pair of glasses and I was thinking if some of the measurements he made could be made with smartphones instead of expensive equipment.

There was an optician who was a member of the Tauschring and he gave them to me in return for some therapy sessions.”She still lives with money, just not with the physical pieces of paper.

"None of the employees you'll ever interact with, with the possible exception of the pharmacist and optician, will know anything at all about the boxes they put on the shelves.

When a person standing at the bar is asked to enter an order into the system, he tries for 10 minutes, then knifes the sysadmin in frustration, before retreating to an optician for damage control.

There's a lot of decision fatigue in sifting through the bargain bin that is Zenni Optical, but WP cuts through that by only offering midrange-premium choices without the sticker shock of an optician's office, and by focusing on the fashionable niche of acetate frames.

Optician definitions


a worker who makes glasses for remedying defects of vision