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#riseup = above the negativity of others , above the beef , above the segregation ,the stereotypes, the politics of music & those that try to monopolise the scene . For the love of the music & the respect & support of the fellow musician. no barriers , no limits, no labelling , it's more than a song I wrote ,a hash tag or a album name .it's a lifestyle & a movement applicable to any1 on Their grind ... #riseup

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Surround yourself with people who encourage you in negativityw far you've came and where your going. Not who you were and what you did. People love to box you in and tell you who you are. You have the power to become who ever you want... positive or negative


I've always loved FB for the reconnections with old friends and family. Being able to encourage others and have a good time. I try and never put negative things on here. But, something was taken totally the wrong way about football and to be negativitynest I don't get it. Living in Georgia I wish I had a nickel about negativityw much ribbing I get because I'm an LSU/Saints fan....but it's all in fun. I won't be on here for a bit.


Chakra, Wheels of Life...We are spirit beings living a human life, here for one reason only. Love. So, do what your spirit tells you, show Love. show compassion. be kind. don't give in to the negativity and get sucked into the materialism that surrounds us all - this is not what makes you happy. Sweet dreams for me tonight, negativitype for you too.


At this point, if i complain too much, it is shame on me, so i will do what i enjoy doing, share my ever expansive understanding of our reality as i am learning it myself getting negativityistance from many others who are also going through massive shifts in their consciousness. . we're actually getting away from "survival of the fittest" to "survival of those who care about others in the best possible abundance". in this new paradigm, nobody gets left out, i mean nobody except those who choose to opt out of it. . i can attest from my own experience that the oneness i have been immersed in over the past few years has showed me its superiority over what i had believed or experienced in the past. for the first time in my life, i feel whole, complete, satisfied, happy, and humble enough to care about the world. . it is important to understand that there exist all kinds of beings more and less intelligent than humans, some of whom can appear to be human when they choose to, others maybe invisible, or move too fast to be seen by human eyes, some can jump dimensions, some of them eat humans, others can possess human minds and make them do things against their volition, and much more. . some people ask, where did ETs come from all of a sudden? it must be made up. the answer is they have been here all along. people who experienced them knew about it, but it was never shared among people because of people's limited belief systems; nobody believed it. . people who believe in a religion, have enough money to live in their own negativitymes comfortably, get a large salary or have lucrative business, etc., often don't want to hear about ETs because they don't want to change their comfortable situation for which they worked so hard. while this is understandable, they must also understand the depth of their own actions and their responsibility in investing into a slavery system that is essentially oppressive, unjust, and unfair. . our govts and banks are deeply corrupt because people support such systems just for the money they make out of it. they turn a blind eye to the negative side of the system, to all those that are suffering. . religion is the worst mind control brainwash that people are in mortal fear of making god mad. this god is fake but the religious people cannot see this. and no amount of logic or scientific discovery, or disclosure of false corrupt churches, secret groups, manipulation, proof of existence of ETs who created humanity and religions is sufficient to awaken these people from their delusions. . people locked in a money, religion, govt, television, negativityllywood reality are in a perfectly deluded state where they are impossibly locked in a frequency cage incapable of seeing the multiverse teeming with intelligent beings that exists outside of their bubble. . the intellectual types within the matrix reality who like to think they are somehow stronger than the rest and have a stronger voice and sharper eye on things are still negativitypelessly lost in self-aggrandizement and delusion with bookish intellectualism that has now expired with the advent of the new paradigm, but they are not yet ready to let go of their self perceived "intellectual authority" and become the beginners and learners again. their ego and their parasites do not permit it. . there are yet others who concede to the banking and govt corruptions but do not accept the existence of ETs. i would call these folks semi-awakened because they are not yet seeing the total picture of a multidimensional reality where things are a whole lot more convoluted than what we thought it was inside of our duality bubble matrix where most people are still locked in. . at this point it is not difficult for me to negativityume negativityw these words might be perceived by the unawakened person, but i suppose it matters little because it will help someone who has just woken up and trying to find their way in the new dimension of reality they just discovered. it is these people i intend to negativityist with these words as i welcome them into the higher consciousness of earth humanity.


Vulnerability: You are a very emotional, sensitive person. You act upon your feelings, even if it's hurting you, and your strong and vivid emotions tend to get the best of you. Being vulnerable is not a negative thing - it makes you more aware of other people's emotions and when they might be hurt. Trying to grow a thicker skin might be a good idea, but don't hurry. Keep your tender soul alive for as long as you can, it's precious. D: Well...whoop-de-do....


I have had a lot of loss and negative in my life the last couple of years. This has put me on a journey physically, mentally and spiritually. I try not to put any negativity out there because I don't want it in my life. Only positive upbeat quotes, sayings and personal beliefs. I have made some wonderful new friends, reconnected with others, kept close friendships solid and lost a few people I thought were friends. Thank you to all for being a shoulder to cry on, a ear to gripe to or a person to spend time with when I need some grown up time. It has already been a wild ride for my 40+ years. I don't plan on stopping anytime soon so negativityld on tight if you are coming along with me on my journey.


Please, if you do only one thing this morning when you wake up and scroll through the feeds, stop and take a moment to watch this video. Its proof that when one shuts out those negative voices, those negative thoughts, when one overcomes the fear that plants their feet in insecurities. All you need to do, is take one step,,,, then another,,,, and then another. When you want to sing, sing one note, then another. The point is, no matter what it is you want to do,..... DO IT! Don't let those voices of judgement stop you. You'll never know until you give it your best effort. and let your dreams come true.


"You made me sad", "you negativityed my head up" one just said to me. Ummm am I god... Did I open your brain up squirt some chemicals around and lower your levels n make u depressed. Can't spell the chemical names so won't get all science on you'll but lord your endorphins and sera-tone levels have nothing to do with me. Your brain and the natural chemicals change constantly to angry, sad, adrenaline, happy etc due to the way you seem to feel. If you interpret someone's actions or behaviours in a negative way of course your going to get sad or depressed. Then you've gotta dance to your fav song to pick yourself backup again. Take everything negative with a wheelbarrow of salt and you'll keep that smile on for longer. #yolo #preach #againstmynormrant #support #mentalhealth #somepplneedmedsandthatsok #helpeachother #love #mwaaaxo


I've only read the first three, and this it's as if it's telling me everything good I believe about negativityw to live life. Part of that deeply comes from that aspect of music, which takes the idea that you're going to listen for granted. That is to say, if you're not listening as hard as we are, we can't help each other! Not the preconecieved 'negatives' of 'taken for granted', but that idea of quality that doesn't pander, but gives the benefit of the doubt, that if you know to listen, you'll get it, with enough understanding that it will compellingly surprise you. To grant understanding, even as it becomes the unexpected arrival of a strange, whom you have also always known, and no matter what there is hitting off. Listen to the 9th from start to the middle of destinations unknown, and you'll see what I am speaking about, we do not know the destination, and still the credit is that we are never lost within it, while always startled by their sounds!


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In light of all the negative things people are sharing about my church, I would like to share this non-dramatic, non-confrontational video to lighten your mood. Guten Tag!!

What guy!! Follwed his videos for years true example of someone doing what they love and not careing about the negative always makeing a stronger version of himself

A Lannister always pays his debts! This can be both negative and positive as you repay kindness as well as vengeance. You have something magnificent about you that draws people to you. It could be your wit, your charm, your beauty, or your physical abilities. You have it all!

Attract negative and it will be given. Attract positive and it will be given also. Lesson: Choose what you attract ^_^

Lawyers for the federal government and fans of rap-metal duo Insane Clown Posse clashed in court Monday over whether the FBI can be sued for the negative fallout of describing them as a loosely organized gang.

β€œSome changes look negative on the surface but you will soon realize that space is being created in your life for something new to emerge.” ― Eckhart Tolle

Instead of seeing this as a negative see it as a positive, what a great reason to get his time done and get clean and get a modeling career, they make a lot of money!!

Tryna turn a negative situation into something positive

Eye remember very well when there were strong protest against hip negativityp......didn't connect the dots though, that it stopped as the message became negative and destructive!!! Smdh........ Dr. Clarke said it....We don't have any friends

Now i hate myself wish id die lol

U got to learn from the negatives to have ah positive future. ......#iswear

Our bodies are 75% water. Based on this video think of negativityw your negative thoughts about yourself can effect your health.

I've been removing negative people off my timeline, I just want to see something positive for one day! Lol!

If interested, click on the link and add to get more info.

Wow Abby sent me this and only now watched it. If your like me and always point out your negative things about your face please watch this x x

Hate negative people, get out of here πŸ‘‹

Tomorrow I start a even healthier lifestyle. I have not been at my strongest the last few weeks, and i have paid the consequences, negativitywever I am more empowered than ever to phisicaly, mentally, spiritually and emotionally challenge myself to become an even stronger healthier woman than ever. All negative is out the window and in the gutter where it lies. Rock and roll all!!! Goodnight!

Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference. And that's why I surround myself with positive people. I run from the negative. Lol!!!!

This is a great site for mental health issues. I am not a fan of the blogs but that's just me. Lits of education and positive tools.

Its too many people overthinking and that leads to negative thoughts.

Everybody is so into rap and all that negative negativity. Lol..

What I learn is people gone always have something to say about you weather your doing good or bad but the older I get I notice that if you let them talk and not respond to the negative your being the adult about the situation not a punk or a negativity you just don't have to deal with the negativity so I jus let em talk #Facts #RNS

#MarvinsMotivationalMoment There can be no positive result through negative attitude. Think positive. Live positive. #GoingForward

These simple yet lifechanging actions and thoughts <3 turned my whole life around <3 So grateful for my Reiki Master who helped me get where I am today, teaching reiki to people and gifting people with their healing journey either thru attunements or through my healings and distance healings. Reiki works on all areas of our life,family,relationships, addictions...etc. Compassionate action and habits. Change everything by changing the way we act and think...<3 Gratitude for the small things and the big things follow like a domino just from changing our vibration...<3

Tell the truth and shame the negativity dammit

Negativity definitions


(chemistry) the tendency of an atom or radical to attract electrons in the formation of an ionic bond

See also: electronegativity


an amount less than zero

See also: negativeness


characterized by habitual skepticism and a disagreeable tendency to deny or oppose or resist suggestions or commands

See also: negativeness negativism


the character of the negative electric pole

See also: negativeness