Mystical in a sentence as an adjective

Not because she believes art is devoid of mystical dimension.

After some number of interviews, you are considered one of the mystical "bar raisers".

It talks about sales as a process, and not a "who you know" connections mystical black box. you know.. Like the VP of the 100 million dollar company wanted to do.

It seems remiss of the article to not mention the word 'manna' meaning a mystical food or a spiritual nourishment.

Han Solo cutting open the Tauntaun in ESB is the death-blow to any mystical theory about lightsabers.

I think it's a mistake to focus too much on the mystical "revelation" angle that some people use to frame the benefits of psychedelics.

In either case, I wound up waiting until my late 30's to found a startup and now I'll be 41 in about a month, and we're still looking for the mystical, mythical "traction".

I had mystical experiences where I thought I understood that the whole world was connected together, and I was connected to the world, and other deep insights.

I think the analogy between 'terror' and '*****' is a good one, because it captures the almost mystical 'special' evil that 'terrorist' implies.

But "human rights" philosophy gives that law a mystical existence and rightness aside from the specific historical balance of power that led to its creation.

One researcher has already reported that he can induce by brain stimulation a mystical or religious state, where subjects often report feeling they are in the presence of God.

So I've always said that girls are not different in any mystical raw Mathematical intelligence way, it's just that for some reason they tend to have less interest in these topics, on average.

What flavor Kool-Aid are they drinking and are they somehow consuming it through FW800?While USB3 is faring a little better, I still encounter mystical errors any time I use a card that relies on Displaylink drivers.

But at that point, we're talking about a cryptocurrency equivalent of real grown-up money, which would sort of **** its appeal to a lot of the folks who rant on about the evils of fractional reserve banking and hoard gold because they think it has some sort of mystical inherent value -- the sort of folks who invest in what William Gibson termed "Dunning-Krueger-rands".

The entire paper is a great read, but one part that strikes me as relevant to this discussion is:While we find much of the work presently being done on elaborate interface technologies -- DataGloves, head-mounted displays, special-purpose rendering engines, and so on -- both exciting and promising, the almost mystical euphoria that currently seems to surround all this hardware is, in our opinion, both excessive and somewhat misplaced.

Mystical definitions


relating to or characteristic of mysticism; "mystical religion"

See also: mystic


relating to or resembling mysticism; "mystical intuition"; "mystical theories about the securities market"

See also: mystic


having an import not apparent to the senses nor obvious to the intelligence; beyond ordinary understanding; "mysterious symbols"; "the mystical style of Blake"; "occult lore"; "the secret learning of the ancients"

See also: mysterious mystic occult secret orphic