Mishap in a sentence as a noun

It was a pretty cool story that emerged out of something as simple as a postal mishap.

Very sorry you had to hear it from HN - we had our email, blog post etc. ready to go out but there was a scheduling mishap.

This probably goes without saying, but your user demographic has a lot to do with how this kind of mishap will be received.

RMS may not be directly responsible for this mishap, but it is his project so he is ultimately responsible for it.

The idea that for every accident or mishap there must be somebody responsible is outdated and just plain wrong.

It's refreshing to see that all this buzz was the result of a glorious postal mishap, not a concerted effort to hijack our attention with a viral marketing stunt.

I'm getting tired of these popular magazines picking up a cool-sounding subject, a recent mishap and selling the whole thing as if it will completely obliterate the old ways.

When you are living from hand to mouth you can't plan ahead for whatever mishap might happen, be it illness, a car crash or just about anything that might make your already tight budget nonexistent.

So the two systems of measuring resolution were created independently and both have historical precedents, and the marketing mishap stems from blithely conflating the two.

Take the example of medivac UAVs: a medivac UAV will almost certainly have a higher mishap rate than a manned medivac helo, which would be completely unacceptable for civilian purposes.

Part of the reason for this is that features designed to prevent or mitigate mishaps cost money, and it is often cheaper to leave many of them out and accept the higher mishap rate, especially when no human crew is involved.

In all fairness, this is more of a Microsoft mishap, and not caring about backward binary compatibility, but hey it's there.- Most of all, no matter what you do - you can't expose the really useful C++ things - like stl or qt5 or something else's objects/vectors/strings/maps/etc.

Mishap definitions


an unpredictable outcome that is unfortunate; "if I didn't have bad luck I wouldn't have any luck at all"

See also: mischance


an instance of misfortune

See also: misadventure mischance