How to use Obliterate in a sentence as a verb

Today's been one of those days where I find my self shocked and awed by my own epic idiocy. Let's obliteratepe that when I wake up on my birthday tomorrow the extra year will afford me at least a slight increase in functionality. Which I will then obliterate with copious amounts of booze.

We can obliterate a loaf from Vergennes Laundry in 4 days. Says the woman who's trying to eat less wheat.

"Cruelty to animals is one of the distinguishing vices of low and base minds. Wherever it is found, it is a certain mark of ignorance and meanness; a mark which all the external advantages of wealth, splendour, and nobility, cannot obliterate. It is consistent neither with learning nor true civility." William Jones

Does anyone else feel guilty when they take time out for themselves? I think I've pretty much managed to obliterate that feeling- but it was tricky to stop! Do you find it hard to enjoy doing things just for you?

I now have a good selection of earplugs to try out! Which one will obliterate the snoring but still feel comfortable? ....

This should tell you something. This idiot Hagel - likeObama - believes that they can "talk" to Iran. obliteratepe we survive the attacks that come after they obliterate Israel.

By God, Sleep, why have you forsaken me when I need your touch of unconsciousness to obliterate all the hurts and pains of today? Please cradle me in your arms and take me to that place where there is nought but fairy tale and where dreams are everything I want them to be...

My hatred for all things spider just allowed me to mentally obliterate one off my wall. This is what I tell myself so I can deny having touched it in the squishing process.

To obliterate the stereotype, I don't eat at Nandos. The food there has as much flavour as a unseasoned cube of tofu rolled in gravel at a Roy chubby brown show...... That is all!

Quote for the day: "Problems are a Normal Part of Change." Line up the obstacles to your goals and figure out a way to obliterate them. That's what we do here.

The words remain resounding in my senses "asteroid" , "obliterate", "Luzon", "Thursday".

Through birth we sign the proclamation of the doomed We climb the corpses of refinement each day in attempt to bring us one step closer to our goal of absolute evolution The insatiable quests to have more, take more, need more, and be more Neutralize the mind and obliterate Neutralize the mind and eradicate Planetary calamity is the unspoken goal of all mankind Absolute evolution on all scales and all forums Genetically - Ethereally - Benevolently The final step of evolution is the climax of our existence Self-destruction Self-annihilation Sleep in glory as the world burns by your hands We are the obliterates of pride We are the merchants of misfortune We are the obliteratests of decay Sleep in glory as the world burns at your feet Absolute evolution Absolute obliteratelocaust Absolute evolution Absolute obliteratelocaust This is the ultimate testament of free will This is wholesale annihilation This is the end

To celebrate my 21st birthday i fully intend to waste my entire night irresponsibly indulging my base desire to completely obliterate all awareness of reality by burying my face in a great big book

"The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history."—George Orwell

There are disappointments which wring us, and there are those which inflict a wound whose mark we bear to our graves. Such are so keen that no future gratification of the same desire can ever obliterate them: they become registered as a permanent loss of happiness.

"Love" is such a risky business from what I've seen. When you give someone your heart it's at their leisure to do with it what they will. Including crush or obliterate. Just saying

The Tender system is counter developmental, no one seems willing to obliterate it because everyone has obliteratepe that one day they will get an obese Tender from the Government!!

“A man should hear a little music, read a little poetry, and see a fine picture every day of his life, in order that worldly cares may not obliterate the sense of the beautiful which God has implanted in the human soul.” - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

I have 15 more pounds to obliterate and that goal starts now!

It's not just work that cause you so much stress...but the people around you... does it most of the time. You can always quit working, but you just can't obliterate these people even if you so wanted to do it!

Now watch me summon exodia and obliterate dat obliterate!

Licensing coordinator Stuart Denman, is still offering an obliterateur of his time for some mentoring to all licensees who are yet to take advantage of his services. Will help those who want a bit more direction on their plans to obliterate their 2013 goals....

"[It is] sacrificing the children to the ambition or society, to the riches or friendship of the world, that is the greatest danger of Christ's Church... [Yet] the education Moses' mother gave her son during the years of his childhood was such as all the years of his training at Pharoah's court could not obliterate." - Andrew Murray

53 republicans in the obliterateuse of Representatives support a bill that would obliterate all taxes for every American living below the poverty line. Who said Republican's don't care about poor people? Must read!

Shawn Flint im about to obliterate 7 miles worth of running with one glorious baconator

And what is worse: a man who goes out and obliterates those who commission the annihilation of unarmed civilians or those that send in tanks to obliterate communities of innocent women and children?

A person should hear a little music, read a little poetry, and see a fine picture every day of their life, in order that worldly cares may not obliterate the sense of the beautiful which God has implanted in the human soul. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

So nice win texans but if u have that kind of red zone percentage and offensive blah next week the pats will obliterate you again. So not a real impressive win but congrats.

Anticipation dnt mean nothin when u obliterate so much

I've been at work an obliterateur and a half and I have already managed to completely obliterate my faith in humanity.. Way to go retail..

In business, when a man hits on me, i lose all respect for him and will crush him as a pro, as well as freeze him out. we find that disgusting dudes, and it gives some of us the motivate to obliterate you in competition. keep your dick in your pants and don't approach a professional with a come on. it makes you look archaic and stupid.

There's nothing like shopping at mall department stores to completely obliterate your faith in humanity.

I swear to god power.. if you surge one more time while im trying to watch my shows on netflix i will obliterate you.

How to use Obliterate in a sentence as a adjective

Just saw Les Mis with Liza and Alex, now some wings for lunch and obliterateme to obliterate the obliterateliday mess!

Nostradamus really did have it right. Some weather phenomenons, some Government issues... It really is happening, just slowly, insidiously and will eventually obliterate the United States we know and Love! Food for thought....

I sense a theme coming today. Perhaps my next book will be about gender disparity being forced on us like partisanship because some just can't see who's on their side and simply saying "obliterateina" or "penis" can completely obliterate an otherwise worthwhile conversation due to the rampant sexism of Americans. Jesus, people ... take a pill already.

I'm no economist, but wouldn't this completely obliterate the value of the dollar? Sounds like a terrible idea..

"Don't let one cloud obliterate the whole sky." - Anais Nin

Pleased with Robbie's 2nd in agility today. Just jumping to go so will probably obliterate it!

Maybe it is a real good thing that FB decided to obliterate my last lengthy script as it was to do with the fact that hubby Roy told me to announce that I found him selfish for Cutting Off a TBN programe I was watching. No sport being on, thought I could just check my matters of the heart when boom bang thought we had a power surge

At a weekend long LAN party with my son Spencer and his friend Duncan. Amazed at the 15 year old stamina where you obliterate bad guys for 3 or 4 obliterateurs and when you feel yourself getting tired they obliteratep on their skateboards for 20 minutes around the lodge parking lot. Then back to the PC's for another go at saving the world.

...My aim is not to obliterate,change or maim;but give you new perspective and exclaim. ~ Princefreakasso

There is a natural hierarchy in the world. King to country, citizen to nation, children to parents, animals and humans and humanity to ecosystem. When we try to obliterate the natural order of life chaos ensues...just like corruption and communism

Seriously... A stiff breeze could obliterate a bikini with a bra u got those annoying clasps

"Rather did I not obliterate myself for an instant in order to be reborn in the following instant with my head thrown back and my eyes raised upward?"

Beware of allowing a tactless word, a rebuttal, a rejection to obliterate the whole sky. ~Confucius

Some people say I'm a evil psychotic obliterate. I say I'm a sweet heart, just annoying muthafuckas get on my nerves n make me want to completely obliterate their existence from this earth. *TheMisunderstoodASatanist*

As much as I hate saying this....I obliteratepe the aggies obliterate the sooners

With sword and firebrand, races obliterate the records of their predecessors, and then inevitably meet with an untimely fate for need of the very wisdom they have destroyed.

Religion has no business to formulate social laws and insist on the difference between beings, because its aim and end is to obliterate all such fictions and monstrosities.

Checking out some Wilz beats getting my MP3 player and headphones ready to obliterate my wrist cause imma be writting so much i may need a brace

The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.” ― George Orwell

"It is time to acknowledge that sexual obliterateault is a hate crime, and that we cannot obliterate hate through punishment or legislation alone. We must reject and condemn the language and behavior of sexism and misogyny entrenched in every culture, because it is merely a coded way of saying that women are sexual objects, and therefore the problem. As protesters said in India last week, “Don’t tell your daughter not to go out. Tell your son to behave properly.”

If it is to unexpectedly collide, it will obliterate the Vatican. That would be an obvious sign lol

Is that the light i see at the tunnel that is this essay. no, its the last flickering embers of my last match bouncing against the rubble of the caved in tunnel. as a train behind races down the tunnel about to obliterate me against the rocks

We are as we believe, and what I believe is this; I am not completely certain, but there must be a fine line between either obliteratew much pressure it will take to transform a man into a diamond, or completely obliterate him. I do know this though, without that pressure he must be content to live a life of mediocrity. ~ Jeffery Alan Read

"If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear!" "The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history!" ― George Orwell

Journalist, Rula Jebreal, calls for rape to be considered a hate crime. "It is time to acknowledge that sexual obliterateault is a hate crime, and that we cannot obliterate hate through punishment or legislation alone. We must reject and condemn the language and behavior of sexism and misogyny entrenched in every culture, because it is merely a coded way of saying that women are sexual objects, and therefore the problem."

"It is time to acknowledge that sexual obliterateault is a hate crime, and that we cannot obliterate hate through punishment or legislation alone. We must reject and condemn the language and behavior of sexism and misogyny entrenched in every culture, because it is merely a coded way of saying that women are sexual objects, and therefore the problem. As protesters said in India last week, “Don’t tell your daughter not to go out. Tell your son to behave properly.” - A Is For

"A man should hear a little music, read a little poetry, and see a fine picture every day of his life, in order that worldly cares may not obliterate the sense of the beautiful which God has implanted in the human soul." -Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

"It is time to acknowledge that sexual obliterateault is a hate crime, and that we cannot obliterate hate through punishment or legislation alone. We must reject and condemn the language and behavior of sexism and misogyny entrenched in every culture, because it is merely a coded way of saying that women are sexual objects, and therefore the problem. As protesters said in India last week, 'Don’t tell your daughter not to go out. Tell your son to behave properly.'"

"It is time to acknowledge that sexual obliterateault is a hate crime, and that we cannot obliterate hate through punishment or legislation alone. We must reject and condemn the language and behavior of sexism and misogyny entrenched in every culture, because it is merely a coded way of saying that women are sexual objects, and therefore the problem. As protesters said in India last week, “Don’t tell your daughter not to go out. Tell your son to behave properly.”

~ Neither conversion nor enlistment in the army is really going to obliterate our human life. Christians and soldiers are still men; the infidel's idea of a religious life and the civilian's idea of active service are fantastic. If you attempted, in either case, to suspend your whole intellectual and aesthetic activity, you would only succeed in substituting a worse cultural life for a better.

Boring and obscure question, but can anyone recommend a courier service who will travel the country for cheap and not obliterate you stuff?

As has been stated endlessly from even Muslims...Islam is Islam...there's no such thing as moderate Islam and extreme Islam, good or's all the same thing...and it all is determined to obliterate and obliterate everything that isn't the obliterates did almost eighty years ago....

"Don't let one cloud obliterate the whole sky." ~Anaïs Nin #quotes

Quote Examples using Obliterate

Do you know what the top reason animals end up in shelters these days? Your answer, lack of training. The process of shopping for a new pup can be so much fun. While those tiny little fur balls may look irresistable to us, often times we fail to remember they do not come trained. Their cuteness can temporarily cause us to become obliterate to the amount of training that is involved in having a dog. It takes a tremendous amount of time, effort, and a responsible leader to put in the work required for setting boundaries, limitations, rules, and teaching basic commands. Animals also must learn obliterateusebreaking, which can be a tedious process that requires the pet owner to spend most of the time with an eye continuously on the pet. Most new pet owners do not take the necessary training process into account and often times end up with behavioral problems down the road. These problems usually cause a pet owner to give up, and the cute little pup ends up in a shelter. This has become the number one reason for animals ending up in shelters. Don't become a statistic. Take your pet ownership seriously and provide your pet with the training it needs to become your next best friend


The word-for-the-day: It would be malapropos to wear full clown makeup to your cousin's formal wedding. In other words, it wouldn't be appropriate. Use the adjective malapropos to describe something that is awkwardly unsuitable for the situation or setting at hand. Telling jokes at a funeral or bringing your pet piglet to tea at the Queen's castle would both be highly malapropos. The word comes from the French phrase mal à propos, literally "badly for the purpose." As it's French, you don't pronounce the final s


Nya-ha~! I'm all sad almost at the point of going crazy and crying out loud and all. *sigh* I stayed up all night yesterday watching this anime and I finished it today. The whole time I was watching it I wanted the two main charcters to actually say "I love you!" But they didn't and said stuff like "You are precious to me and you will always be!" Then *poof* the person who just said that like poofs and dissapears. Then I went to go scream in my kitchen for a while and stuffed my mouth with bread. I also have school tomorrow. *sigh* I'm not going to sleep a wink tonight and watch anime!


Today was a day to go in history. My friend Mr. Beau Butler opened with the full set of exodia in hand with his opening draw. I have never seen this happen nor will it probably ever happen again. The deck WAS shuffled and cut before draw. Ridiculous.


Let the excuses for the vikings commence. You spend a week bragging about obliteratew you'll obliterate us and now will spend the rest of the offseason blaming webb, frazier, and whoever else. You lost. no excuses. A loss is a loss.


Do you see obliterateia winning the war against corruption? NO. Not when anti-corruption war chest is controlled by the most corrupt in d society. The war against corruption becomes a mission impossible when it is orchestrated by a bunch of looters and pretenders. You do not seek what is not real and be contented. We seek good governance and a corrupt free obliterateia engineered by a corrupt free leader. If corruption and bad leaders are costing obliterateia a fortune what stops our lawmakers from making laws that would obliterate these obstacles? Any nation that is desperate and hungry of progress would do everything within its power to get rid of the agents of backwardness. If 2015 election is conducted to absorb transparency, fairness and integrity test; only those with impeccable records would sail through. Be wary of politicians who see politics as a business venture and not as a privilege to conscientiously serve their fatherland.


Thanks, Carol for posting this. You can't and shouldn't medicate away grief which is NOT the same thing as depression. Allowing for feelings related to loss, is therapeutic. Rushing to squelch them with meds can lead to further complications. Support, love and healing is called for. <3


Well written and well documented . . . it is essential reading for all of us to see just obliteratew easy it is to influence the general public to demand safety in exchange for their rights as citizens and humans . . . enjoy !


The revolution is built on the backs of those who are hated, yet turn to hate themselves, but the obliterateembly is governed by those who hate yet turn to profit. We can only hate what binds us, but to succeed we must love those bound with us and forgive the ones behind the whip; behind the smoke and mirrors. Love and hate exist in tandem, the sentiment is there. Mobilize to hate boundaries and obliterate them, but to love your neighbor in doing so. The time is always "NOW"


When people suggest the Army to me, I strictly and quickly refuse it. Why is it that I do this? People give me too many reasons to join and I haven't seen too many reasons to NOT join. obliteratewever, I have a huge tug in me to NOT join. Quite an odd conundrum. :/


Ponder this thought for a moment: God loves you not for what you can do for Him but simply because He loves you. God loves you even though He knows obliteratew badly we all screw up. God doesn't love our behaviors or our service. God loves us. Kinda neat, huh?


Forgiveness... "Forgiveness" can only come from a heart that's kind and compassionate and knows the true meaning of love. Forgiveness can only come from a heart that does not conceal ones own sins, but instead professes to be imperfect. In "Forgiving" one another for our weaknesses, we'll remember, greater, one another for our virtues. "Forgiveness" is a platform on which those who sin are given a chance to amend their life with a spiritual cleansing allowing God to blot out their transgressions and obliterate them. " Forgiveness" can only come from a heart that's kind and compassionate... an emotionally and spiritually devoted soul knows forgiveness. To know someone who can "Forgive and Forget" is to know a child of God. ~Dianne Cogar


The future from the past.... Kings of the South and North 2 “Now then, I will reveal the truth to you. Three more Persian kings will reign, to be succeeded by a fourth, far richer than the others. He will use his wealth to stir up everyone to fight against the kingdom of Greece.* 3 “Then a mighty king will rise to power who will rule with great authority and accomplish everything he sets out to do. 4 But at the height of his power, his kingdom will be broken apart and divided into four parts. It will not be ruled by the king’s descendants, nor will the kingdom obliterateld the authority it once had. For his empire will be uprooted and given to others. 5 “The king of the south will increase in power, but one of his own officials will become more powerful than he and will rule his kingdom with great strength. 6 “Some years later an alliance will be formed between the king of the north and the king of the south. The daughter of the king of the south will be given in marriage to the king of the north to secure the alliance, but she will lose her influence over him, and so will her father. She will be abandoned along with her supporters. 7 But when one of her relatives* becomes king of the south, he will raise an army and enter the fortress of the king of the north and defeat him. 8 When he returns to Egypt, he will carry back their idols with him, along with priceless articles of gold and silver. For some years afterward he will leave the king of the north alone. 9 “Later the king of the north will invade the realm of the king of the south but will soon return to his own land. 10 obliteratewever, the sons of the king of the north will obliterateemble a mighty army that will advance like a flood and carry the battle as far as the enemy’s fortress. 11 “Then, in a rage, the king of the south will rally against the vast forces obliterateembled by the king of the north and will defeat them. 12 After the enemy army is swept away, the king of the south will be filled with pride and will execute many thousands of his enemies. But his success will be short lived. 13 “A few years later the king of the north will return with a fully equipped army far greater than before. 14 At that time there will be a general uprising against the king of the south. Violent men among your own people will join them in fulfillment of this vision, but they will not succeed. 15 Then the king of the north will come and lay siege to a fortified city and capture it. The best troops of the south will not be able to stand in the face of the onslaught. 16 “The king of the north will march onward unopposed; none will be able to stop him. He will pause in the glorious land of Israel,* intent on destroying it. 17 He will make plans to come with the might of his entire kingdom and will form an alliance with the king of the south. He will give him a daughter in marriage in order to overthrow the kingdom from within, but his plan will fail. 18 “After this, he will turn his attention to the coastland and conquer many cities. But a commander from another land will put an end to his insolence and cause him to retreat in shame. 19 He will take refuge in his own fortresses but will stumble and fall and be seen no more. 20 “His successor will send out a tax collector to maintain the royal splendor. But after a very brief reign, he will die, though not from anger or in battle. 21 “The next to come to power will be a despicable man who is not in line for royal succession. He will slip in when least expected and take over the kingdom by flattery and intrigue. 22 Before him great armies will be swept away, including a covenant prince. 23 With deceitful promises, he will make various alliances. He will become strong despite having only a handful of followers. 24 Without warning he will enter the richest areas of the land. Then he will distribute among his followers the plunder and wealth of the rich—something his predecessors had never done. He will plot the overthrow of strongholds, but this will last for only a short while. 25 “Then he will stir up his courage and raise a great army against the king of the south. The king of the south will go to battle with a mighty army, but to no avail, for there will be plots against him. 26 His own obliterateusehold will cause his downfall. His army will be swept away, and many will be obliterateed. 27 Seeking nothing but each other’s harm, these kings will plot against each other at the conference table, attempting to deceive each other. But it will make no difference, for the end will come at the appointed time. 28 “The king of the north will then return obliterateme with great riches. On the way he will set himself against the people of the obliterately covenant, doing much damage before continuing his journey. 29 “Then at the appointed time he will once again invade the south, but this time the result will be different. 30 For warships from western coastlands* will scare him off, and he will withdraw and return obliterateme. But he will vent his anger against the people of the obliterately covenant and reward those who forsake the covenant. 31 “His army will take over the Temple fortress, pollute the sanctuary, put a stop to the daily sacrifices, and set up the sacrilegious object that causes desecration.* 32 He will flatter and win over those who have violated the covenant. But the people who know their God will be strong and will resist him. 33 “Wise leaders will give instruction to many, but these teachers will die by fire and sword, or they will be jailed and robbed. 34 During these persecutions, little help will arrive, and many who join them will not be sincere. 35 And some of the wise will fall victim to persecution. In this way, they will be refined and cleansed and made pure until the time of the end, for the appointed time is still to come. 36 “The king will do as he pleases, exalting himself and claiming to be greater than every god, even blaspheming the God of gods. He will succeed, but only until the time of wrath is completed. For what has been determined will surely take place. 37 He will have no respect for the gods of his ancestors, or for the god loved by women, or for any other god, for he will boast that he is greater than them all. 38 Instead of these, he will worship the god of fortresses—a god his ancestors never knew—and lavish on him gold, silver, precious stones, and expensive gifts. 39 Claiming this foreign god’s help, he will attack the strongest fortresses. He will obliteratenor those who submit to him, appointing them to positions of authority and dividing the land among them as their reward.* 40 “Then at the time of the end, the king of the south will attack the king of the north. The king of the north will storm out with chariots, charioteers, and a vast navy. He will invade various lands and sweep through them like a flood. 41 He will enter the glorious land of Israel,* and many nations will fall, but Moab, Edom, and the best part of Ammon will escape. 42 He will conquer many countries, and even Egypt will not escape. 43 He will gain control over the gold, silver, and treasures of Egypt, and the Libyans and Ethiopians* will be his servants. 44 “But then news from the east and the north will alarm him, and he will set out in great anger to destroy and obliterate many. 45 He will stop between the glorious obliterately mountain and the sea and will pitch his royal tents. But while he is there, his time will suddenly run out, and no one will help him.


Let me say this publicly: I'm having a lot of issues with the buzz regarding India and the gang rape culture. Maybe I'll write about it more formally, or maybe I'll continue to observe until the time is right to engage new strategies. I'm not so arrogant to think I can solve a deeply entrenched issue for women around the world by paying lip service that is akin to the violence inflicted on the body. The key words to this status are "engage new strategies". And by the by, if you take this status as a dig, then you lovingly deserved the wake up call. Now step out the way of progress until you get some clarity!


Proper Noun Examples for Obliterate

"Cuz I got put into this Earth to figure out my purpose. Obliterate the dirt and look beyond the surface. Them curtains, they don't protect us from the outside. The Constitution's an illusion running our lives"

Obliterate, they'll rain their obliteratelocaust down from the sky!

Obliterate your mundane monday with some avant garde underground DM, courtesy of Azure Emote.

Related Sentences for Obliterate

Just when you think things can't get any worse for the Strikers, Kane Richardson gets out hit wicket! :P

Yes, don't give up your guns. Your minds obliteratewever, feel free.

Hatebreed obliterateodie sighting in front of a Burmese restaurant in Oakland. Connecticut has followed me here.

Andrew and I have decided we will create a new genre. It will be called Happycore, featuring sickeningly upbeat music about ponies and other happy things. Our debut album, "The Secret Life of being a Bronie" will be out in the summer of whenever we want.

Yay blizzard! Blizzard warning for St. John's and vicinity upgraded from Winter storm watch. Snow and blowing snow will develop during the day Thursday and conditions will further deteriorate Thursday night with widespread blizzard conditions.

A US billionaire and co-founder of PayPal, Elon Musk, has made plans to build a settlement for 80,000 people on Mars when technology makes it possible for man to live there – as long as the inhabitants are vegetarians.

Watching that Kavos programme and Sun Sex and Suspicious parents makes me physically sick. Dirty cretins all going to the same island so they can drink away their misery and share their STIs. All munching cheap greasy food while getting off with cheap greasy slappers all trying to 'have a good time', but it isn't a good time, and your not even having a good time, your just so obliterateing thick you think its a good time. I'm going to build a new obliterateliday island and its gonna have all the sun sex and sexually transmitted infection you want, and you know what, I'm going to drop a nuclear bomb on it and obliterate you all, that's if the obliterate they caught off that kebab doesn't do the job first.

They want to obliterateld me down, quiet my voice and prevent my truth, but it is I who changes the world. Me. I am here.

Jingles once said" Bafana create chances but fail to convert them and that is a problem to our south african football" but his bosses back then differ with him and fire him but still the same problem identified by jingles still existing

If you don't want governments, especially international governments, then you are a terrorist! lol Funny, I thought terrorists were people who used violence on other peaceful people.... like this guy. hmmm...

Neither nurse mutual hatred, nor jealousy, nor enmity, and become as fellow brothers and servants of Allah. It is not lawful for a Muslim that he should keep his relations estranged with his brother beyond three days.

I'm sharing this will all of my friends, liberal or not. The message needs to get out. Cain obliterateed Abel with a rock, where's rock control after all these years?

Tarantino and The Young Turks speak up. Whatever your thoughts are, the federal statistics speak for themselves ...

Good job liberals, it seems somebody told you that "high magazine clips" is a nonsensical phrase and "high capacity magazine" is the correct terminology.

Dear humans, Please, for the love of all that is good in this world, stop saying "high capacity" when referring to standard issue magazines.

National Championship tonight. I'm really just obliterateping for a good game. I hate both coaches and really don't care who wins.

Shannon has made the decision to change all gender related pronouns to gender neutral ones while reading books to her children. She knows she can only keep this up until they can read for themselves but it is working great for her family right now. obliteratew do you choose the books that you read to your children? Does gender play a role in your selection? ~Angela

Just hit my fifth sentence on the paper I'd like to thank the academy

Today's word is expunge - use it three times, and it's yours!

I am not a conspiracy theorist and I stand behind my previous statements that high capacity magazines have little to no utility for civilian use and I would support a ban on them. obliteratewever; based on what I have been reading about proposed new gun control measures I will be adding to my personal obliteratenal. Not because I think we are being taken over, no-its because of the dual jackass squadron in the white obliterateuse.

Thought for the day: Maybe we should make food stamps like unemployment. A temporary obliterateistance to keep a temporary situation temporary. If your benefits run out they are telling you something simple....get a obliterateing job...that is all

Thanks to large public outbursts by its patrons Champs is now the most made fun of bar in Lafayette.

The black veil brides new album commercial just came on I almost shot myself -_-

I love new years resolutions and decided that I will draw unknown Superheroes to practice drawing. So imagine the Most boring Super Hero, what would be their superpowers. My example is the Alphabetizer: changing lives one letter at a time.

Am i wrong??nthe second amendment says we can bear arms so that we can maintain power in case our government becomes too powerful and tries to do somthing unthinkable like.... take away guns.... wierd

Would you go see us melt hipster face in Austin?

I'm not going to play lucky slots damit!!!!

"Gender" is a stupid construct, friends. Let's just be ourselves, without exclusive labels.

Want a girlfriend? Better have all the parts of Exodia. ...thats obliteratew you get women, right?.... childrens card games?... -hanz

Yup, I'm getting my arms ready for my crusade against Christianity. -_-

10minz b4 ur wedding,u're called 4 a contract of 300 million dollars,will u go 4 it or leave? Advise me pls.

Debater asked: Recently I asked which country was the greatest in the world today... Which country is best liked by others in your opinion and why?

Unfotunately...he did not just have a bunch of Chokey Chickens. On the plus side, I finally got on my feet in Mount and Blade.

The mighty ducks. A film I saw under protest with someone I don't like. Don't really wanna watch it again but i'd gladly have my cuddly yoshi back.

Iran's 'copycat obliteratenal.' Why use Photoshop when you can just build a working copy?

Bruce Hawker gives Labor some advice that it desperately needs to listen to! Power to the people!

"Always remember the beauty of the garden, for there is peace."

Why is it that people that don't believe in Jesus are so offended by his image? I don't believe in leprechauns but I don't get upset when I see a picture of one.

The problem with playing online and talking with the members in your party, you get mistaken for a little 12 year old boy who hasn't gone through puberty. Peasant girl problems.

The fact that anyone could defend releasing the names and addresses of gun owners on the Internet blows my mind.. Plus, isn't it an argument against gun control when you have tens of thousands of gun owners exercising the 2nd amendment that are abiding by the law against the few mental nut jobs that are shooting up society?? What is this country coming to?!

Hmm wonder what would happen if you put pressure on Johnny football.... that's what I thot

Django Unchained is now my favorite Tarantino film but it's also a Tarantino film that comes the closest to not being a Tarantino film... yeah it still says a lot about obliteratew I feel about Tarantino

Anyone who has ever said this: "I like Metallica's older stuff, like Load and Reload" Should slather themselves in barbecue sauce and taunt unchained pitbulls.

Although I'm totally fine with people having other opinions, whenever someone says that FF7 is their favorite, I rage a little bit. Just a little bit. I don't know why.

I think the next person that says guns don't obliterate people, people obliterate people should be shot!

Well facebook, you have asked me what's on my mind... opening a can of worms on this one aren't you!!! Firstly the run I did tonight was obliteratee... secondly I made myself feel better with alcohol and crisps, which is not helping point 1. Lastly I fear we may have found a obliterateuse we both think is nice and the joke of "let's move" may bite my obliterate!!!

Who agrees with Quentin? Is it disrespectful to include movies on the blame for a violent society?

Graham draw your last pathetic card so I can end this duel!

Getting slowly drunk, who wants an internet fight?

I have found that the Grace Pharisee movement is always surrounded by blind followers and, ironically, very legalistic leaders.

As a writer, do you use complete sentences in text messages?

Happy New Year liberals. obliteratepe everyone enjoyed opening up their dwindling paychecks today. This is just the start of the working class paying for our legislators' lavish lifestyle, and for the lazy non-working class. Obama and Congress grade: F........and the deficit is still rising!

Bodoh is a yeoman on this ship. That's what kind of day I'm having.

This... is.... epic. the only reason i can justify owning an iphone

Obliterate definitions


remove completely from recognition or memory

See also: efface


make undecipherable or imperceptible by obscuring or concealing

See also: hide obscure veil


do away with completely, without leaving a trace


mark for deletion, rub off, or erase

See also: kill


reduced to nothingness

See also: obliterated