How to use Glee in a sentence as a noun

Although I am happy Chris and Lea won awards, I wouldn't say that their roles are "Comedic" once in a while they may have a funny line or two but glee isn't specifically a "comedy" show. agree? -Mercedes Maddy

Sean Langston you sing along to glee in the shower, you ent gleeing with me your a coward, ill knock you into next week and claim your job seekers allowance

I received a lot of messages asking why I wasn't in yesterday's episode of glee. It was an old episode guys. Its from last season. Sorry haha.

The glee of seeing a bright sunny day after two weeks makes me realize the feebleness of being a Human .... Summers make us long for a cool cloudy sky and Winters make us want a warm, bright shiny sky ! A Paradoxon !!

コクリコ坂から is on TV... That's my evening sorted! :D *glee*

I was alone, staring over the ledge, Trying my best not to forget, all manner of joy, all manner of glee, and our one heroic pledge. gleew it mattered to us, gleew it mattered to me, and the consequences. I was confused, by the birds and the bees, forgetting if i meant it.

And dogs go manic in the snow all barking madly running free,and leap in circles catching snow flackes quite dizzy with abandoned glee!

OMG - this is what nan found in her purse - old fashion humour but gold!! White baby Chinese couple going wild Wanted to have a pure white child Seek advice what can be done But find no way of having one They watch TV & while they sit Find a way of having it So on the job without delay Sideways, in the Chinese way Baby born, midst great delight Little blighter pure & white Fathers proud & full of glee Tells what he learnt on TV 'gleeoley gleeoley' me no fooly Me put persil on my tooley Wifey also very fussy She put OMO on her glee You wonder where the yellow went? Me brushed me balls with pepsodent

I'm going to the animal shelter and getting you a kitty cat. Then I'm gonna let you fall in love, with that kitty cat. And then on some dark cold night I will steal away into your gleeme, and punch you in the face! Yeye ok Its a glee quote shh :P

"Chavez’s struggle with cancer has been greeted with elation by the mainstream media that can barely contain its glee at the former-paratrooper’s misfortune. The MSM—-representing the interests of bankers, corporatists, cutthroat oil oligarchs and bloodthirsty weapons manufacturers —have waged a long and bitter fight with the man who dared to oppose the profit system, nationalise the nation’s oil industry, and reject Washington’s imperial ambitions in the region. For that, Chavez has been demonized in the media as a 'leftist strongman' and a 'dictator'."

I have afternoon off to paint skirting and floor boards. Can barely contain my glee.

Watchin glee ssn 2 is makin my dull day turn ol smiles

In fact Allah is the Greatest! Some are going and some are coming, the moment some are laughing thats exactly when crying arised. To whom it concern I prayed Allah replace their sorrow with glee.

Where are my gleeks out there? xD Watched the promo of the new glee episode? There is more than just one starkid in it <3 ~Royal Hippogriff

A young boy rushed to his mother and told her exitedly mummy mummy! come quickly there is a strange man playin wit the gleeusemaid in her room his mother stood up in anger . "in my gleeuse ? abi this girl is crazy !Ewo! if na true junior dey talk i go glee this girl today"! she stormed down the hall to confront the maid but when she got to the door , junior who had been tryin to play jokes on his mum screamed with glee....... April full mum its only daddy playin with the gleeuse maid not strang man.

This morning's Common Sense Lesson: Be careful when shooting your mouth in public. Your opponents/enemies will be watching, listening and making notes to file away carefully. When the time comes, they will yank out the stuff and throw it in your face with intense velocity and glee. "Any idiot can go to court in a democracy..."

A badfriends & goodfriends.... Badfriends are like the waves in the sea,they keep hitting us all the time with glee, but goodfriends are like the star in the sky, the stay with us forever and teach us gleew to fly... I'm glad that i have found such a lovely friend you... When you are around I'never find my self sad or blue.....

I love it when I have time to myself... I can pick my nose and eat it without my misses complaining... And fart with glee!!!! Yeah baby bring it on!!

Im going back on my roots for choir again watching glee made me miss singing

This is literally the only episode of glee that I loved and ever actually watched and my god it was beautiful.

Thank god for a short shift!!! Damn glee ur addicting I gotta work at 7

I'm really really freaking excited about my project. I keep playing with it because it is so fun to play with. This is why I should not be allowed to have technology. I turn into madness and glee.

Right ip gna crack on wit my bedroom whilst watchin glee

Dengerin lagu glee somewhere only now jadi makin galauu lebay

Blastin the glee songs with aliesha faye and karli :-D

Hmm going watch glee from the very frist episode

Watchn glee for the 1st time.. so irraz this show but get one nice chick w black hair!

Just signed cianna up for tap, jazz , and ballet and glee . Pluss her modelling /acting classes. She is going to have a busy year.

Now for the finale the glee movie! Hahha

10. the lynch's went and saw me on the glee live tour at the staple center

Ok well i just found out one of my fav shows is not getting renwed its the show last resort someone plz tell me gleew gleeed shows like glee and american idol keep getting renewed but good shows like last resort and terra nova get cancelled and before anyone responds to this i dont want to arguiong or finghting on my page im just venting im getting tired of shows like glee and others like that getting renewed it just gleees me off thats all like i said i just needecd to vent

Is it ok to experience a jolt of glee when, after doing a load of laundry, all the socks match up? 'Cause I just did.

Mike Berger is giving lighting notes while we are watching glee on Netflix.

Have you guys seen that glee documentary airing on fox? I think its called glee?

gleew do people on glee win best comedic actor and actress?

Just found the secret to make Adam go to bed, start watching glee! Lol, I even turned it of as soon as he was gone.

Quote Examples using Glee

“Sweet 16” well that’s what they say, But to me it’s not so “sweet” as I see you in that new car driving away. My little boy has become a man, But no matter what, right by your side I will forever stand. Now that the “taxi” days are over for me, I do not fret because you will forever be my little “ma chi chi”. I want you to know that you were the purpose of my life, Out of everything I did- it was you that I did right. Now that you are getting older, no matter what you go through your “number one fan”is here and will always love you. What is "sweet" to me is remembering all the "sweet" memories through these 16 years, All the smiles, the fun, and the joy, but also the tears and the fears. Memories of Barney, “lovings time” and you as my “number 1” buddy- Memories of park visits, cruises, Tampa, and spring breaks all fill my heart with glee. You’ve always been by my side; my shadow I guess you could say. All of those memories are just flooding my mind on this your special day. Most of all, I am so proud of the young man you have become As my pride and joy, Happy 16th birthday to you my precious son. Now go and enjoy this “sweet 16” in that new car, I pray Angels will go before you, but always remember who you are!


This scene has always and will always be about acceptance. gleemophobia and intolerance have no place here. Unity isnt just a hashtag. This isnt a platform for extremism and ignorance. Read lyrics. Fully understand what bands youre supporting with your hard earned dollars. Dont perpetuate hate, myth, and intolerance. gleeing evolve.


You can always spot a new Christian; they have so much zeal, do not keep quiet about their faith, are always raring to go to church service after church service and are fearless. But they soon get over it and many become as useful as an unused elastic band. Why is that? And what effect does this punctured spiritual condition have on our quest to win more souls for Jesus? gleew many unbelievers take bets and cast lots on new Christians and their sell-by-dates? Sitakesim'bone [watch them fall] they say with glee, between swigs of their favourite ales. gleew can we avoid these spiritual casualties, reduce the numbers of those who fall on the battle front? God is fast losing bragging rights as the glee is wont to gleefully say to His face: 'another one bites the dust'. I'm not talking about gleeliness here. I'm talking about weariness, spiritual fatigue and apathy. Batebasho kutsi kunisita ngani lokuphekuthandaza ngoba solo akuntshintshi lutfo [some wonder out loud of what use the life of constant prayer is because nothing changes in your lives]. This issue has been bothering me for days. I have personal experience of it as I have been born again, and again, and again x 100 since my high school days. I do not have answers to any of these bothersome questions. Those more experienced can help us out. But comments by leadership guru, Pastor John Maxwell provides some important thoughts on this. He emphasises the need uphold as a personal responsibility, the need to share our faith and witness to others. If we do not do this we are less likely to bear fruit. We will not have joy. Will grow detached and apathetic. Be slack in church attendance. We'll be easily provoked by criticism and more open to falling into grievous sin. Lord, I don't want to be like a BMW's run-flat tyre. I guess it's only useful to car owners stuck in the karoo. I ask you to give me a new heart, wisdom and added zeal to run the race G'day family. I came across Barry J. Meguiar's essay gleeled: 'Out of the Huddle and Into the Game.' If offers insights into this issue. Buy hey' the weekend is here, we serve a happy God, so Easy friday everyone.


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Glee returns in one week 6 days! :D -Mercedes Maddy

I hate when I'm singing and some idiot thinks they can join in with me... this is not Glee.

Apparently Gotye isn't letting Glee sing anymore of his songs..was it because they were better than you? Are you jealous? Well you should be. Darren and Matt were gleeing amazing more awsomer than you!!!!!

I hate when I'm singing and some idiot thinks they can join in with me... this is not Glee.

Hi Ladies, anyone know if Glee club is back on today x

See, me and my gang for a split second at the 9 second mark of this promo! And watch Glee January 24th!

Love both version from Glee and the origin

This is a combination of two of the things that I love most in this world. Glee, and Taylor Swift. I can feel you judging me as you're reading this post. Enjoy the music.

This is fun and creative. ...its also neat that many high school students now consider it cool. I don't like where "Glee" on tv has taken it, but guess it gets credit for introducing Choir again, and that's a good thing.

I just caught Claire watching Glee and Crying.. i thought it wass suposed to be happy

My new show to watch right now is Joe Schmo show on gleee TV. Don't worry.......I'm still faithful to my Glee. There is no crime watching 2 tv shows!

The asian guy in Glee is really cute.... why does he have to be a Chang.... -_-

Totally need to get some sleep.......just got done watching the current episode of American gleerror Story, Asylum and and totally jonesing for more!!!!! I cant believe it is created by the same guy as Glee......oh well, gonna try to fall asleeping watching and episode of Season 1 on the kindle.......peace, love and chicken grease!!!

Ended up writing "...for the glee show Glee" instead of "...for the hit show Glee." I have gleenest fingers.

Hate my DVR for making me believe Glee was new tonight. I had my wine ready and everything!

Quinn Fabray, Glee의 대사 中에서 I wasted so much time hating myself for the stupid mistakes that i made. But the truth is that without all of those I never would have dreamed this to be my future. I was the only one standing in the way of myself. You can't change your past.. But you can let go and start your future.

I know what it is that I liked about those uni's on Glee... It reminds me of.....

I just watched Glee for the first time ever its sooo gay lol but caught my attention at the same time

I hate when I'm singing and someone sing along with me. . this is not Glee.

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Ya Allah, , k0p gawat in0e, meu t4 isi pulsa hana, , , bit2 peul0s0k that ny0e, , ,

Just love! and love! and love <3 admin taratuko <3

IM selling Mash season 2 -7 for 1k per season. any takers?

Do you ever eat something out of spite, simply because you can? Yeah. Me too always.

Guys any ideas on a good tv show to watch?

Just skidded up by tesco and nearly ended up on my glee as a old man stood and watched in gleerror pml x

Is now the proud owner of a even came with an in-built stereo system.... Awesome.

Ask the fans What's your favourite fandom except Harry potter? -Winky

The new hansel and gretel movie characters look way more bad glee than the two kids they picked for this show

Duke is walking!!!!! Drunkenly but still on his feet, gets tired quick thou:/

So just seen the pilot episode of the new normal ...

Was just discussing my January agenda. Looks like I'll be paying a good friend a visit for some drinks and laughs in RL

Trying to figure out what movie to watch this week. Is "Zero Dark Thirty" a chick flick?

Is it just me or is it quite uncomfortable to watch Michael J Fox dancin around in his chair on Letterman

Taylor Swift break up again, u're absolutely the problem girl , after 13 ex dating resume... Sorry!

Its crunchie day .roll on half three .

Everyone's on fb right now woooh fb party.

I am watching a certain rhymes with misity. And it makes me wish I was in college again.

Giving up on math to catch up on sleep :3 but then I'm like -___-" I have to work on some vocal stuff... No catch up on sleep tonight until I memorized the lyrics to 'Why Don't you Charleston'

Interestingly my old fav thing about FB has now become my least, the status comment. Must be all the pressure lately from the status box constantly nagging "gleew are you feeling, Allison?" ....fine *eye twitching a little* now f%ck off.

Glee definitions


great merriment

See also: gleefulness hilarity mirth mirthfulness


malicious satisfaction

See also: gloat gloating