Lowering in a sentence as a noun

Key quote: "We are lowering S3 storage prices by 36% to 65%, effective April 1st, 2014.

Tarsnap: Our costs just went down, so we're lowering our pricing for customers too!Comcast: Our costs just went down.

Because of the health care bill, you can stay on your parent's plan until you're twenty six. Because of our student loan bill, we are lowering the debt burdens that young people have to carry.

In order to do this, MS needs to devote resources to lowering the barrier to publication in their store.

He, and others like him, are lowering the barriers to opportunity for many people and businesses.

Worked around by lowering the MTU at both ends till I was able to convince the frame relay provider that yes, the problem was in their network.

Lowering in a sentence as an adjective

It has no impact on the internet, other than freeing up a whole bunch of domain names, thereby lowering the price for everybody.

Let's give Rails the props it deserves for lowering the barrier to entry for making web applications and look forward to the future where these new programmers are making things to make our lives easier.

The lowering of the barrier to entry means talented engineers are nearly always better off starting their own startup rather than working for yours, unless you have an amazing track record.

In my personal experience, I've built integrated web portals that show real-time electricity usage for factories, saving them 10-50 grand a month by lowering usage during peak hours.

Two centuries later, Japan and then Korea developed by adapting American manufacturing, raising the quality and lowering costs.

"Self-medicating with *********, Tims drug of choice for lowering the volume of the voices in his head, got him suspended from the first high school he attended a public, vocational-technical school in Middletown, Conn.

Lowering definitions


the act of causing to become less


the act of causing something to move to a lower level


darkened by clouds; "a heavy sky"

See also: heavy sullen threatening