How to use Legion in a sentence as a noun

Reminds me of Ms. Kellys' place in Crosby..seen my parents and the Warnkes' tear up that floor a few times! The legion hall too!

Come legion b team tonight lets beat blossoms

Well chill 4 bit then bit of Guitar practice n get ready 4 the legion 4 a drink-a-drink-a-drink wooooooo

Excuse please, Piers Morgan, that set of documents made this country free from your country of tyranny. Your fight is not going to win because we are legion, We the People.

I have Old Mill Cafe reunion tickets if anyone is interested. $10 each for April 20th at the American legion 2-6pm

Playing march 9th at american legion Viroqua for Brandon's benifit lots of band come down and support live music and a great person!

Rejoice not against me, Oh mine enemies! For when I fall, I shall arise! And when I get up, you better run, cuz I'm coming for you! And a legion of angels is leading the charge!

Tickets now available at brechin legion and Gillespie's in legionton ...valentines dinner and dance with the newfie chicks 20$ pp roast beef dinner. Tickets are going fast get your soon

Is the british legion in coleraine still open???

Its sad when a veteran dies and he has no family thank you to american legion post 322 in clifton texas for the beautful service this morning for this veteran

My figures are itching for fallout new vegas, i wonna kick some legion legion.

Doing legion of Mary work with sister teresa

Vince made boo boo wen he didnt have legiongan flair in wwe and also legion doom vs demolition stupid moves by the so called genius we never see it now y is vince so controlling he dumps them wen he bored them cena be same soon then tna will bey him and se see another wcw takeover he really got bang uphes lost plott put heyman in charge hes thebgenius not vincr hd saw punk and stuck by him wen othrrs didnt thats y wwe in fecline its run by idiots u see where im coming from

How to use Legion in a sentence as a adjective

What would you do if this was your daughter? I wish I was in ohio, id protest night and day. From Maine all I can do is share this, I legionpe you share it too. We are legion, expect us. <3

The country classics band is playing at vero beach american legion club tonight located on old dixie highway 6-9 pm

We are legion, we do not forgive, we do not forget, expect us.

So tomorrow is the big day!!!! Doug and Dana 's benefit 2 to 6pm at the legionrseheads legion $10 for adults $5 for kids with beer and soda included lots of awesome raffles, food, dj and a good time legionpe to see every one tomorrow!!!!! Any questions fb me!!

Roddy white and hulio jones vs the legion of boom dats goin to be a good legion post season game tommrow

Well cant wait fortonite really exitced the cards i have had kids down the legion doing the hall which i cant see till later chat sum time tom when i get up lol

If this isn't the strangest coincidence ever then I must be nuts.....I get a call from the HP legion about our shower date. Apparently none of us realized that feb 3rd is superbowl sunday and they were so sorry etc. So we moved the date to sunday feb 10th. Well then my mom just called me to say feb 10th is chinese new year....hhhhmmmmmm talk about a sign!!!!!! wow.

Well got my daughters stuff bk stashed under a chair in the legion buzzin x

Look at that beautiful sun and blue sky and smile at another perfect day the Lord has provided for us!!! heading to lincoln in a bit and then this afternoon out to my friends to play scrabble!!! tonight will do some cooking for music jam at american legion tomorrow night. this is the plan so far but then again..things change and who knows what will happen! today i plan to be flexible and just enjoy whatever the day brings and be thankful for the sunshine that makes these old bones feel better. my wish for you all is the go out and enjoy the warmth of the sun and smiles from friends. hand out a smile and then wait to see legionw many you get in return....may just surprise you!!!! blessings

Really beyond words to describe what I've seen here. I don't carry a camera if I don't have to because it makes me feel very voyeuristic. That being said the rest of my crew is taking lots and lots so when I get back I'll compile them and be able to share the full legion. All is well, Alex

Hey it's finally Friday woohoo!! Gonna play darts tonight at the tournament at the legion!! Who's with me??? Have an awesome day and a safe cold weekend!!! Enjoy!

In b4 - wilson has more playoff wins - number 1 defense - lynch and wilson rush for 300+ yards - legion of boom will make 84 and 11 a nonfactor - cant sell a playoff game - we beat packers niners and patriots - they took our job!! dinker durrr!!

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Good morning all,just waititng for my coffee to brew. it's cold here well for us it's cold here. Lot's of frost on the ground, I'm nice and cozy by the fire. Today my goal is to finish taking down decorations and get them all put away. What are y'all doing?


I'am at war and my enemies are well fenced in. They are well protected, they are fighting hard to win. Its war and my enemies are a lot. I have so many targets but one shot. Tempers are legiont falling comrades bodies are stiff the death toll is a lot. I have so many targets but one shot. We all fight this battle it's a brutal war within. To win a brutal war like this is going to take a legion of brave women and men. And though my enemies march and plot. GOD has given me more then enough power to devour my enemies with just one shot..spiritual warfare..cashout


I would like to appoligize to all of you roman halfbloods. the admin here are not equipped to handle roman problems. we are greek and half only done brief tours with the legion. For this reason we are doing a search for one more admin, the only requirments is that you be a roman demigod, and have somewhat of a knowledge of the problems that roman demigods face. want to be our roman specialist? simply comment your parent, and why you should be our admin. Zia, Amanda. and I will judge.


Proper Noun Examples for Legion

Come to the Legion Bowl to party and dance the night away!! As always no cover and great food and drinks!!

Anonymous is a pseudonym used worldwide by different groups and individuals-putting or disagree with others in your name perform actions or individual or concerted publications .. We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us..

Anonymous is a pseudonym used worldwide by different groups and individuals-putting or disagree with others in your name perform actions or individual or concerted publications .. We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us!

Tomorrow we join our 501st Legion brothers and sisters at SwampCon in Gainesville. While you're there, donate some blood for a great cause. For more information, check out our events section.

Is saying tomorow I'm heading over to the Legion for the meat draw with family friends and what are the chances to win some meat cause i think my parents frezzer is getting empty?

Anyone like to wish John a happy birthday can meet us at the Legion tonight 6 ish. Please come so he won't mope that he has no friends

Well of to work I go. I am gonna be out on the deck tonight at the Legion BBQ rib steaks. Think I am gonna get the long johns out for this!

Roll on some better weather i need to get some models sprayed got my Veteran tactical squad all made cant wait to sort out my paint scheme Imperial Fists Legion here i come

I'll be sitting in on keys with the Shifters tonight at the Dover Legion. Put on your dancing shoes and c'mon down!

Anyone have an idea why Navy did not just continue the Nimitz class at $5 Billion each if new Ford class carriers are going to cost $13 Billion each? Understand new technology needs to be added, but Navy will be forced to stretch production times, new USS Enterprise, which is proposed to be third of Ford class after a new JFK could be 20 years out. This is an article the Legion distributed today.

Legion Lunch today...chicken & rice, and all the extras. Get going, and enjoy!

Well off i go to the Legion to grill up some burgers for our color guards.

Dont forget to sign up for the 5th annual Squirrel and Rabbit derby! Sign ups are today at the Laingsburg American Legion! The hunt will be tomorrow! This thing is an absolute riot! For more information call 517-898-0553.

Birthday dinner tonight. If you are a current member of the Legion Family, and your birthday is in January the Steak and Shrimp are on us.

It's finally Fun Friday! I know I can't wait to go play meat raffles and lucky buck! Come on up and join us at the Legion. They have a new food menu, can't wait to see what it is! See you then!

January 20th is the 4th annual chili cook-off at the American Legion. 12-4pm. Tickets available pre-sale. 330-482-9657.

Chili cook off tomorrow at Millersburg Legion. No cost to enter, $5 all u can eat. At 1 o'clock. Beer and chili, yes im in!

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Mayree Gracia I love to play bingo and I was wondering if anyone knew of any place has bingo around here? TIA

If you could choose any video game to be made into a movie, which one would you pick and why?

Ne one that plays pool interested in joining a Sunday 9ball league apa inbox me for details also must drive we play in Philly an can be there every Sunday

Apparently I am on my way to consume the best burger in the world. I'll have to get back to you regarding the truth in this claim.

If you're still Trippy Dancin' *click* on this ... okay, see ya in 10 minutes. ~West

Just put beef stew in the crockpot. Can't go wrong with that.

I wanna play bingo tonite anybody know where there having it????

Thinking seriously about shaving my head.......hmmmmm what to do....what to do???

I got a threat from some dude on YouTube because I said legion anonymous lol he said "watch yourself anonymous doesn't forgive and we never forget" lmao what a joke

I hate it when girls refer to their friends as their 'wolf pack'!!!! Girls could never be a wolf pack!!!!

Where's decent to go on Friday night ???

Gee omg Almost got stuck just leaving my legionuse lol well its a snow day for this girl .... Guess do my readings today

The surgery for the kidney stone in the right ureter has bee postponed until Monday. I'm doing pretty well, but this will make next week another hard week. Thank you all for your prayers. And pray for a successful surgery and quick recovery next week!

So far this morning, two folks in the northern part of Eastern Washington have reported blue/green streaks of light across the sky followed by loud explosions. Anybody else hear/see it? I'm curious if this is real or if a couple folks forgot to take their medication last night.

This is a really important cause. Farmed salmon are legioning our wild fish. the solution is simple - move salmon farms on land. Please share this and like it...

?????? go out tonight or stay legionme ???????

So legionw many of my friends actually eat breakfast in the morning?? No this doesn't mean I am gonna start cooking for everyone. Lol but what do you like to eat for breakfast?

Legion definitions


a vast multitude

See also: horde host


archaic terms for army

See also: host


a large military unit


association of ex-servicemen


amounting to a large indefinite number

See also: numerous