Kidnapping in a sentence as a noun

The main charge is kidnapping, and she's the victim - but somehow she still gets arrested.

We are not talking about robbery, kidnapping, or fraud.

You can always wrap functions into objects and call them methods, but as I said, thats kidnapping.

" No searches and seizures, even if necessary to solve a ****** or kidnapping.

This is because they think the kidnapping, terrorism and crimes against women will stop if the cars get rid of sun films and tint on windows.

"She was lucky, and only suffered gropings, attempted kidnapping, and attempted break-ins to her hotel room.

Every cop involved in this situation should be spending years in prison for battery, kidnapping, false imprisonment, and torture.

We've got all that **** now: hyper-surveillance, secret and therefore meaningless 'laws', kidnapping, torture, America has ******* gulags now.

> CIA operatives have been charged in numerous European countries for kidnapping and abducting people not guilty on anything by local laws.

As the 'key man' in an enterprise that suddenly found itself atop $100MM+ in easily-transferable assets, his feared threats may have included kidnapping/extortion to force disclosure of the keys.

The obvious question is you why you believed were living in a free world while the US was kidnapping and torturing foreigners, while threatening countries by telling them they'd be bombed back in to the stone age?I do very much agree with your points, but I don't understand why this issues is a tipping point.

Kidnapping definitions


(law) the unlawful act of capturing and carrying away a person against their will and holding them in false imprisonment

See also: snatch