Enterprise in a sentence as a noun

We do this with enterprise software, except we don't call it a "time bomb".

If it is even possible to break a tool like this, that tool is not enterprise grade.

I don't like the enterprise sales process being on either side of it, and I have to be on both at times.

Google is dependent on their ad revenue to fuel their behemoth enterprise.

However, I'm different than most enterprise software sales people.

The only time we ever used Cisco, outside of large enterprise clients with 1000+ seats, was with public school tenders.

To give some context, the average deal size for me is around $250k, but I generally work on large enterprise deals that run $2M+.

In other words, it should be a lot harder to "Accept" these profiles outside an enterprise setting, because it sounds exploitable.

This is also one of the primary reasons enterprise software ends up so bloated and unmanageable.

I don't think James Gosling envisioned the mess that "enterprise Java" became when he designed the initial simple language.

Together with SAP, Microsoft has the most complete enterprise stack imaginable.

He will not be remembered for transforming Microsoft into one of the most important enterprise software companies.

And it used those copies in a for-profit enterprise to enhance its business and advance its profitability.

We got dragged, grudgingly, by our enterprise customers to allow paying by purchase order / ACH because that's how their purchasing departments expect to do things.

At the end of the day, you're still trying to beat the averages, but you're working with a much smaller number of opportunities, so wins and losses move the needle in a big way. I think this is a significant incentive for small shops and independent devs to avoid the enterprise space.

On the front-end, the decision making process for purchasing enterprise software is driven by checklists and "due diligence" procedures that are horrible at accounting for software quality.

* You want to keep in mind that breaks in cryptosystems represent new knowledge, and that the enterprise of breaking cryptosystems is an issue distinct from the public policy concern of where NSA is allowed to deploy those breaks.

If you're struggling with some concept of enterprise grade operations, what people expect of you and how you can succeed with events like this in the future, I'm positive every capable person here would provide some level of guidance and support.

And although we hear about some of those acquisitions there are many, many more that don't get as much press...However in contrast to the approach above I have been whiteness to a handfull of startup business models that have done really well at infiltrating the enterprise based on their distribution and user engagement model.

Software or services that can get into the enterprise like a cockroach, breed and spread under the radar have a really good chance of getting a CIO's attention in a good way - it's an opportunity for them to invest in a solution that works and guarantees that their business will get value since its already been proven on an small scale.

Nothing that Watson learned from the Urban Dictionary could possibly be any dirtier than what I hear from enterprise people all the time:"We use our deep subject matter expertise to deliver value through actionable advice that enables our clients to harness the power of best practices in order to shift their paradigms and achieve 10X deltas against competitive industry metrics.

Proper Noun Examples for Enterprise

Keep in mind that most Enterprise SW contracts have customers paying yearly maintenance charges that are 20% of the original license cost and sometimes more...The thing to understand in selling into this market is you need to adapt your "logical" marketing and sales strategy to the way enterprises buy. I say adapt b/c you can't make or help a dysfunctional buyer behave differently.

Enterprise definitions


a purposeful or industrious undertaking (especially one that requires effort or boldness); "he had doubts about the whole enterprise"

See also: endeavor endeavour


an organization created for business ventures; "a growing enterprise must have a bold leader"


readiness to embark on bold new ventures

See also: enterprisingness initiative go-ahead