How to use Jocular in a sentence as an adjective

He's actually just being lighthearted and jocular here.

Without intending undue reverence for b-school, you probably don't graduate HBS and work for several years at McKinsey and retain the belief that a culture of jocular bigotry is an asset to a growing San Francisco tech company.

I hope you get the point though, and take it in the friendly and jocular way it was intended.

Murphy was said by his son to have regarded the many jocular versions of the law as "ridiculous, trivial and erroneous.

People who can't figure out that a clearly jocular title like 'security princess' at a large, highly-visible corporation must be self-assigned... these are the kind of people that utterly sap the joy out of life and generally aren't worth talking to in the first place.

For sibling post:"Turtles all the way down" is a "a jocular expression of the infinite regress problem in cosmology posed by the "unmoved mover" paradox.

This blurriness contributes to this kind jocular humor creeping into the workplace.

At first I thought it's an elaborate joke, but I couldn't find any real pointers to the jocular nature...

How to use Jocular in a sentence as an adverb

Nearly everyone present was given a jocular title, and mine was in full "First Interim benevolent Dictator for Life".

You might want to stay away from language that's exclusionary to 50% of the population, and a great majority of social media users, even if it's solely intended as fun, jocular page copy.

I am modest and easy going in a jocular manner: i am smart and willing to work.

OK is a jocular abbreviation for "oll korrect", not a word.

HN, please stop with the irreverent and jocular replies.

Seems to me that the whole hiring process is a logically-flawed nightmare, so why not include multiple approaches?I read the comments about only references with no interview to be jocular, not necessarily implying that he is against interviews.

I still listen to them because they are marginally better than other news and much better than jocular morning shows.

Jocular definitions


characterized by jokes and good humor

See also: jesting jocose joking


with humor; "they tried to deal with this painful subject jocularly"

See also: jocosely