How to use Jesting in a sentence as an adjective

Nor am I taking the position that the treatment of this particular jesting assassination advocate was fair or proportionate.

[1] Although, even for people who really deserve it, I'd really rather not have death sentences recommended and carried out by the totally lawless process Mr. Bell jestingly advocated in a country I have to live in.

And more importantly by ignoring what really happened you're ignoring the fact that actions like that have now come under scrutiny by the general public/government, and to such a degree that by merely jesting we face jail time?

All jesting aside though, does anyone think domains name registration is going to start soaring in other countries because of all this bickering going on lately?

Yeah, their "jesting" involved the lecturer, vaseline, a flagpole and lots and lots of string beans.

You certainly don't have to care, but given how large a part of people's lives groups and group activities are, it's hardly surprising such a deviation would lead to jesting at least.

Jesting definitions


characterized by jokes and good humor

See also: jocose jocular joking