Jailhouse in a sentence as a noun

Takes all the hard work out of avoiding jailhouse beatings :-p

> as a pro user the very last thing I want is a sandboxed jailhouse.

Heck, even a certain Jobs could have ended up in some jailhouse, not to mention most CEOs with their ******* habits.

This is why jailhouse snitches are believed by juries, despite the obvious incentive to lie.

The two inmates mentioned in the article who acted as 'jailhouse lawyers' seem like good examples of this.

The PKs friends would then organize a rescue attempt on the way, often resulting in a pitched battle on the jailhouse steps.

As the article suggests you can be convicted solely on the information provided by a single jailhouse informant.

Some examples:>muss elvis [queues up all songs that have "elvis" in the artist, album, or track name]>muss elv pres not jailhouse>muss lion rich -a -r ["Hello, is it me you're looking for?

Some of the jurors are probably thinking about where to eat for lunch, others decided the case soon as they saw the defendant walk in the courtroom wearing jailhouse orange.

Have had to go to the jailhouse with sailors, and have had contract work finished late because the pipe fitters, welders, etc, put valves in backwards, forget to weld before charging the system, etc.

Many have worked as jailhouse lawyers, either on their own case, or fighting cases for others, for years, and have a very good real-world understanding of criminal law and sentencing.

While a client might balk at paying 5 billable hours for a jailhouse visit to answer a single question, would a public defender face any career risk from billing the state as such?

" into the jailhouse you go, it is much harder to walk up to say "you have unresolved anger management issues with an inability to control those impulses with respect to your fellow humans, into the sanitarium you go.

Jailhouse definitions


a correctional institution used to detain persons who are in the lawful custody of the government (either accused persons awaiting trial or convicted persons serving a sentence)

See also: jail gaol clink slammer poky pokey