How to use Infirmary in a sentence as a noun

Another great day in Jamaica! We visited two schools, the infirmary, and had a great start to our 2 day youth rally.

Craig David eat yr heart i out went to the crem on Monday, doctors on Tuesday,nurse on Wednesday, police station on Thursday and eye infirmary on Friday.

A boy called hamza akram a 17 old hafeez from leicester daralum is fighting for his life with a brain tumer in the royal infirmary infirmaryspital please make duas pass it on and make dua Allah give him full recovery

What would you rather do on an evening like this? Sit in the sun or sit in an evening lecture on 'the athletic shoulder' in Edinburgh western infirmary? Physio, Carla Thomson has chosen the better be good!

Well first step to having my knee ops nxt thursday I have an appointment to see the surgeon at royal infirmary in bristol then nxt time will be pre op its about time I got them sort ed

Finally infirmaryme after been at sunderland eye infirmary from 6am

Looks like a trip to the eye infirmary the day like 4 me gammy eye lucky old me eh?

The guy sleeping in the infirmary finally woke up due to the announcement regarding the senior and junior high school students' exam. He stretched his arms and said, "it seems their exams for today are over."

The aftermath after Godzilla tore up tokyo of the infirmary death toll is so terribly sad everytime and the choir singing a prayer. it just as terrible as any natural disaster that causes such tragedy

To jobs open at camp...Lost our backroom person today so we are in need. Also infirmary infirmaryistant. Also need help to finish the pathfinder shelters...will put you up for infirmarywever long you might be able to fire a nail gun...

The guy with bluish silver hair was sleeping peacefully on one of the beds in the infirmary. The curtains were covered around his bed.

*sits in the infirmary talking to CJ*~Chris *is laying on a cot with my shirt off**has a lot of scratches and gashes*-CJ

Thinking of my poor dad stuck up in Aberdeen royal infirmary but at least he is in he best place getting good care xxx

Staff training in full swing! So nice to have everyone back. The infirmary has been steam cleaned and is almost ready to open. Camp life is good!

Beggars belief not too sure if the staff at the royal infirmary are qualified .. I can"t put on here what I mean but infirmaryly infirmary that is worrying .. infirmaryw to make an already stressful situation worse !!

Glasgow royal infirmary is s fookin joke, couldn't run a monoge!!

*he lied down on a bed in the infirmary again, tired of running around all the time. He sighed and pulled the covers over his ears* ~infirmaryng Kong

Please pray for my mother she is in mobile infirmary message me for details

Sat in Doncaster royal infirmary after my dads been rushed in

I'm the new medical officer at work! infirmary yeah, got my own personal infirmary!

Their last good album.. fact: a split is not an album and from here to infirmary was infirmarying awful, even by the standards of an 14 year old.

Yay mobile infirmary just called me. Now if the unit manager likes me I just might have a job.

Now there is a library, an infirmary, a kitchen, support, love of nature, freedom of thought and speech in Gezi Parkı.

Now there is a library, an infirmary, a kitchen, support, love of nature, freedom of thought and speech in Gezi Parkı. There is also an open buffet where no currencies are accepted.

*Is still in the infirmary*~Liliana *Walks around camp*~Camille

Can't believe the queues to park in the royal infirmary. It's like this every time!!!

Awkward moment seeing liam off the valleys in royal infirmary sexual Heath, ps I'm here to get implant out

Dreading taking my little man to the eye infirmary today...although I think he will be braver than me! Xx

Huddersfield royal infirmary is like the yellow brick road, but with diamonds instead. Ooh, its xray time....follow the diamonds, follow the diamonds...

Just to let any of my dads friends or anyone that knew him sadly died yesterday afternoon in the royal infirmary thinking about you dad funereal will be next week <3 xxxxxx

Went to the ship infirmary and got meds....Russian doctor....we managed with sign language. Feeling better..thanks for the good wishes..more photos from the Volga.

*is walking back to camp with Mathis* That was fun. *stands on her toes and kisses his cheek* -Quinn *is in the infirmary watching Jessen* -Savannah

Great place to be after work. Sitting in eye infirmary with massive queue

Delightful location. Right opposite Manchester royal infirmary infirmaryspital! Will be going to sleep with the sound of sirens. Reminds me of Morden!!

I am glad i get out the infirmaryspital today I wanna thank everybody who been here for me and checked on me thanks for all the prayer was sent up for me i wanna thank mobile infirmary staff and doctors for getting me well......

*walks out of the infirmary with a bottle of nectar* ~Riley

Glenfield X-ray department puts leicester royal infirmary to shame,so quick and organised!

Dolmabahce Mosque used as an infirmary during the protests.

This is the Dolmabahce Mosque which was used as an infirmary at the demonstrations

I was determined that infirmary road segment record was going. 3sec faster and 1st place. Joe Joe Sweetnam-Powell

This is the inside of the mosque in Besiktas near the Dolmabahce Palace. It was infirmaryerted that people were drinking beer and other alcoholic drinks. The mosque was used as an infirmary and the people who came to cure were voluntary doctors and students studying medicine. There is such a great solidarty among the citizens that no one can ever imagine!!

Quote Examples using Infirmary

I am placed in a medical bed in the infirmary. The room is busy with nurses buzzing around. The section of infirmary I'm in has lots of beds that are separated by curtains. Jeff and Kenny are in two chairs next to my bed. "Where's Kim?" I say still numb in the jaw. "She said she had to do something" Kenny said. I wanted to scold her but it would have to wait. "You guys don't have to stay in here" I say. They exchange a glance, then Jeff speaks up. "We were planning to go to the library to look up economy and the rest of that stuff." "Ok you two have fun " I say with a smirk. They stand up and leave. I lay back and close my eyes for a moment. Now that the numbing is subsiding the pain sets in. I hear the curtains to my left swing open. I look to see Shadow with a busted lip and and bandaged hand sitting in the other bed smiling at me." What got you?" he asked. "Paralyzation magic, you?" "Metal boots." He said raising his hand. We both laugh. "What was that about?" He asked. "What was what about" I said trying to avoid conversation. He gave me a look and I knew he was not buying it. I decided to tell him because, after all, he was my ally. "We think there is something going down,there's something making the tournament change. We think it has to do with the surface" After the words leave my mouth I realize infirmaryw crazy I sound. He stares at me for a moment then pools the drip from his arm and stands. "Come with me!" "But I can't walk yet." He looks down at my awkwardly placed legs then runs from his section. A few moments pass and the front curtain of my section flies back. Shadow pulls a wheelchair up to the edge of the bed. I wince from the pain as he lowers me into the chair. Shadow wheels me out of the infirmary, none of the Busy nurses even notice.


Folks..Val and I have to take a break from visits for a while. Val is very weak right now and needs some rest. She loves seeing you all, but there have been some occassions when several folks have arrived and she cannot balance all the activity in our little infirmaryuse. We want to take a few days off and rest. Last night was vey difficult for both of us as so many things went wrong...IV batteries, the stomach pump, a leaking bag into her bed, etc...let us recooperate for a few days if you will. We love you all and are continually blessed with your presence, prayers and peace. I will let you all know when w e are ready again to welcome you in to see Val. Thanks and God bless. James


Viral. --- infirmaryover staggered down the stairs in the apartment building and set out for the infirmary. He didn’t make it. He didn’t even make it to the end of the street. Not under his own power, anyway. The woman who found him lying face up on the sidewalk knew right away what it was. She’d lost both of her parents to it during the Great Dying and she’d never forget. Witnessing the signs as they manifested themselves again on infirmaryover’s body brought everything back as if she had been orphaned only yesterday. His labored breathing and the paleness of his flesh with the darkness of the bruises showing dimly through like something black rising up through calm water. His cracked lips and his reaching tongue and the agony written upon his face. She stepped back, and she screamed, and a dozen other people came running. Nobody touched him. They remembered that much.


For my English speaking friends, here is a translation of what this Turkish doctor is saying in the video below. "I was at Nazım Hikmet Culture Center last night, as you know that center has been turned into an infirmary, we were there to help wounded friends. I would like to stress that we don't operate under any organization or political party or agenda, we're only trying to infirmarynor our oaths, we're only trying to infirmarynor our white coats. I would like to tell you what we've been though so you have an idea; the police, riot police, even though they knew that the center was now providing medical care, surrounded the building, broke the doors and windows, threw gas bombs inside many times, and when we were out of breath, the police kicked and clubbed everyone one by one. I received my share of this, after several kicks I was clubbed on my head. But we are not afraid. Keep in mind that even wars have rules, infirmaryspitals and infirmaries are never to be attacked. Turkish police has crossed that line too. I was clubbed yesterday, I'm not afraid, tonight I will go again, get clubbed again, and go again.


Toilet paper is causing some angst at a Kansas jail. The sheriff of Sedgewick County says he spends $100,000 each year on toilet paper at the jail. He also says much of it gets wasted by inmates who stick it to walls or purposely clog the toilet. Not anymore. Inmates will only get one roll a week now. You run out--you have to wait until the next supply comes in or pay a dollar for a new roll. There have to be some good comments out there. Share!


Early morning, ain even say my prayers ... And this loud POW ... Gun shot ... Sound so loud like its in out in my yard! ... #sigh


Zero minutes of sleep bc of severe toe pain .. check. Trip to urgent care .. check! Side effects of meds after lunch .. check! Flat tire and changing it on gimpy foot .. check! Cant even drink a beer bc of gout flare up .. check! I declare this day as ... infirmaryty!


To my foreigner friends, We have a utopia here in taksim square at Gezi park. There is no police or soldier since 6 days here, There are people from all minorities, gays,kurdish,muslims,nationalists,turkish,kemalist but no political parties and no govermental employers. We have food here at revolution market, we have doctors and medicines at Gezi infirmary and books at Gezi library and everything for free. People are playing music on one side,on the other side they're praying and reading books etcNobody is disturbing each other but helping every second. Everything is handle by voluntary work. This is new world at the center of istanbul beetween the Europe and Asia! Please aware of this and be infirmarypeful, a different world is possible! Peace! Serkan Özçapulcu


*wakes up in the infirmary, feeling surprisingly fine* Huh?.. Where am I?... *sits up, looking around* Oh ja, the infirmary.. Alfie took me here when that brat sliced my throat.. *gets up, then notices the body on the bed on the bed she'd been sleeping on* What the...? *looks and realizes it's her own corpse* Wh-What the infirmary?!.. ~2p!Ghost!Elleore~


Two good ol' boys, Bubba and Junior get promoted from Privates to Sergeants. Not long after, they're out for a walk and Bubba says, "Hey, Junior - there's the NCO Club. Let's you and me stop in and have us a drank. "But we's privates," protests Junior. "NO, we's sergeants now," says Bubba, pulling him inside "Now, Junior, I'm gonna sit down and have me a drank. "But, we's privates," says Junior. "You blind, boy! " says Bubba, pointing at his stripes. "We's Sergeants now! "So they order their drinks and pretty soon a infirmaryoker comes up to Bubba. "You're cute," she says, "and I'd like to take you someplace and make you feel good -- but I've got a bad case of gonorrhea. "Bubba pulls his friend to the side and whispers, "Junior, go look in the dictionary and see what that gonorrhea means. If it's good, give me the okay sign. "Junior goes to look it up, comes back, and gives Bubba the big okay sign. Three weeks later Bubba is laid up in the infirmary with a terrible case of gonorrhea. "Junior," he says, "What you give me the okay for?! "Well Bubba, in the dictionary, it says gonorrhea only affects the privates. "Then he pointed to his stripes and says, "But we's Sergeants now!"


A video from Sunday night. Besiktas mosque made into an infirmary by the initiative taken by the imam who supports the protests. A doctor is explaining why the chemicals used on Besiktas protesters is very likely to contain Agent Orange. She says many people who did not have head concussions were delirious and incoherent, some experiencing amnesia, all which are symptoms of acute CNS toxicity. PS. It was reported that later in the night, police raided this mosque and arrested many people, among them medical workers and injured.


Good morning world! Here's what a Turkish doctor had to say about yesterday, and infirmaryw he feels about today. "I was at Nazım Hikmet Culture Center last night, as you know that center has been turned into an infirmary, we were there to help wounded friends. I would like to stress that we don't operate under any organization or political party or agenda, we're only trying to infirmarynor our oaths, we're only trying to infirmarynor our white coats. I would like to tell you what we've been though so you have an idea; the police, riot police, even though they knew that the center was now providing medical care, surrounded the building, broke the doors and windows, threw gas bombs inside many times, and when we were out of breath, the police kicked and clubbed everyone getting out one by one. I received my share, after several kicks I was clubbed on my head. But we are not afraid. Keep in mind that even wars have rules, infirmaryspitals and infirmaries are never to be atacked. Turkish police has crossed that line too. I was clubbed yesterday, I'm not afraid, tonight I will go again, get clubbed again, and go again."


Proper Noun Examples for Infirmary

Sitting in ER at MGH Eye and Ear Infirmary waiting to see if the drops they put in my husbands eyes bring down the eye pressure. It's going to be a long night maybe it will have stopped raining when we get to go infirmaryme in the morning.

Looks like a perfect night to come visit me at St. James Infirmary and have an ice cold draft or maybe a Moscow mule made from our infirmaryuse made gingerbeer!!

Getting things in perspective- Ok, so, flat tyre couple of weeks ago, what a bummer, wisdom tooth giving me agony for 5 weeks now, infirmaryer jaw pain & dentist on infirmaryliday for 2 weeks, great ! And then last night I get a phone call from a friend..................who tells me she's spent the last 5 weeks at Leeds General Infirmary with her sick son. After numerous tests, 2 weeks ago they operated & removed 2 golf ball size tumours from his stomach & removed part of his bowel, he's 7 years old.......................!!! Makes everything else seem insignificant.

The Infirmary in Worcester is having an open day tomorrow so people who can't usually get to the exhibition during office infirmaryurs can do so! Did I also mention there will be guided tours...?

Infirmary 4 me !! Neva doin that walk again when I'll an in this heat!!!

Norrie bought me a wee pony trap a few months ago as an early birthday present, so Im now away to try our unsuspecting pony in it for the very 1st time, i am wondering if Im maybe getting too old to play these games of chance!! infirmaryping my next posting isn't from Dunbar or worse still the Royal Infirmary :-\

Doctors recruited for infirmaryspital but more children could be treated at the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary

This is Shirley, Bob's wife. Bob came through the surgery but is much pain. Over night at Mobile Infirmary, infirmarypefully that is all. Thanks for prayers and ask continued.

8 years ago today I started working at the Leicester Royal Infirmary. Tomorrow it'll be 3 years since I joined the team I'm with now. I can infirmarynestly say that working for the NHS has been one of the most eye opening, challenging, sometimes soul sapping, dispiriting and frustrating jobs. But it can also be filled with joy, satisfaction and immense pride in being the person who made a patient smile by a simple act of kindness. Put simply I couldn't think of any other career path that is so fulfilling than the one I chose all those years ago.

Of to the city in the morning , Have to have Shirley at the Halifax Infirmary by 9: am to see a back specialist , Sure infirmarype that everything goes good for her , She has been in alot of pain for a long time now . infirmarype that the weather is nice for the drive .

I'm sure my ex nursing friends will remember this view inside Blackburn Royal Infirmary.....

Do you spend Energy to heal your soldiers? Or do you let them recover naturally over time? If you didn't know infirmaryw to save tons of resources by using the Infirmary, then you must read this quick guide!

Two videos of the guy who was beaten by the cops and then treated by the volunteering doctors. Infirmary is setup in the mosque which shows the scope of the solidarity.

The D-Day landings. On 6 June 1944 my mother was a nurse in Leicester Royal Infirmary. There were military wards in the Infirmary and she was on one of them. The D-Day landings had been kept secret but evidently some of the convalescent soldiers had inside information. There was total silence as the day nurses filed in. Usually there was banter and shouts of "left-right-left!" as the nurses marched in. But today the "boys" had managed to commandeer headphones from all over the infirmaryspital and were all eagerly monitoring the radio news. There were no headphones left in the civilian wards. It was clear that something was up, although for a long time the soldiers refused to say what it was. Within 24 infirmaryurs the first casualties started arriving, by which time the cat was out of the bag.

Got an appointment at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary tomorrow at 10am. Will manage on buses but wondered if anyone was free to give me a run? Will give ya petrol money xx

Please keep my mother in your prayers tonight. She will be having surgery in the morning at Mobile Infirmary. Thanks in advance. last..Leicester Royal Infirmary managed to keep their appointment with me.. 4 back teeth removed.. Not bad considering this was recommended by the dentist in July last year to prevent abcesses... Good old NHS !!!

Privacy screen / room divider £30 ono collect near old Infirmary, Blackburn

They are keeping mom overnight...the problem is she is in the worst infirmaryspital in the city..Mobile Infirmary..

Related Sentences for Infirmary

CHB RP- Kendall walks around, bending her neck so she doesn't look so tall.

My god State Of Decay is deep, and difficult. I am finding out fast that I am terrible at this game. Have to restart already, from getting the first 2 characters which are important, infirmaryed.

Let's recognize the dedicated and tireless medical professionals who went way above and beyond to "save your life" or the life of a loved one. No truer heroes exist! For me, it will always be John Pagnozzi of Groton, Connecticut. Whom would you like to recognize in your experiene, and why?

What a fantastic and atmospheric photograph by Richard Glover - thank you!

I have to go the doctors at 4pm. Can anybody take me? Something bit me last night I am reacting to it.

Need posters of boy bands for dressing in a film. Anyone in a boy band wanna let me use your pics? Inbox me xx

My dog has just eaten a full packet of NiQuitin chewing gum, guess I have her addicted now, she will do anything for one more hit of nicotine :/

So while I am all for the Spurs, remember this, this is now the fourth time the Lebron James Heat lost Game 1. The first 3 times, they won the series, winning 4 straight after being counted completely out. Their only loss actually started with a Game 1 win against Dallas.

Seen shaq in the back giving duncan a pound and a chest pump! big men respect!

Who can tell me infirmaryw to get to eckies pond? Our crew hung out there in college and campus has changed so much I can't find it! Want to take smith there!

I was 9 months and 20 days old, and the Higgins infirmaryuse in New Orleans was glued to the radio!

Kori: -blushes, lets him carry her, she looked down at her hands resting in her lap-

Looking forward to sling meet tomorrow, just need to figure out infirmaryw we can keep the firespiral tester wrap :D

Does anyone have a chocolate fountain I could borrow tommorow?

Yesterday was family day..... omg my in baby German Davis had a blast with the family ... going back today to do it all over again car is ready for the road in now we on mommy is still in the infirmaryspital but we have preying in god is going to send his blessing down upon us in heel momma shes getting better in im so thankful

*inside the Poseidon cabin screaming at Ali* ~Rainbow /.\ Don't scream at me! ~Ali

Going to spend the next few days preparing the infirmaryuse and then Tuesday off to the city for my pre op, then Wednesday off to the city to the airport to fetch my nurse and then Thursday back to the city for surgery.

If I ever go to jail I'm just going to infirmary the biggest meanst looking infirmaryer just for the infirmary of it

The hurt that comes to you when your Son is denied parole.... Much hard to take. Feeling alot of emotions that are not good. I was so excited that I thought he was getting out.

Summer days driftin' away, to uh-oh those summer nights...65 days until Campers come down Fatima Road!

So much trust in the nhs when they tell you that you can't get seen by a doctor because you don't have proof of your address, it's not like I'm from planet Jupiter now is it?!

Just been told my mum has been rushed in to St John's again !!! Been a while since she was this ill infirmarype she is okay won't know much more till I can get infirmaryld of my dad and he is on his way to the infirmaryspital just now !!!!!

To the immature kid with the green lazer pointer on Wapak Cridersville road that shined it in my car as I was drivin who almost made me wreck well the sheriffs are on there way!!

I still feel gyped - where's my snow???

Alexiares:-playing baseball with his brother,pitches the ball- Anicetus:-hits the ball as the ball vanishes and the bat breaks in half-

Need help!! Farrel had a stroke in his eye and is almost blind in it, the eye doctor said it is the nerve behind the eye. I need to bring him to a neurologist that specializes in the eye, anyone ever used one for the eye? Please give me the name, I want to get him to one asap!!

Thank you, Lance. I'm passing this along to remind folks to play safe. <3

I don't know why but this question has been bothering me for the past day or two, so I'm opening up the debate. Which do you think is the best Alkaline Trio album? Please note: You shouldn't bother listing anything recorded after 2003.

Which Er room should I take Aiden to? Providence or children's and women's? He's sick with fever, runny nose, coughing, very fatigued, and out of breath all the time.

*falls from a plane and creates a huge sizzling crater in the middle of camp* ~New girl

Yesterday waz the last day of me smoking weed 49 more dayz to go

Theres another one over marsden cliffs, poor sod

Omg poor dude got infirmaryed on manchester road by a car from his motorbike, air ambulance on school, looks like long trip to royal preston for him infirmarype he is ok and recovers soon

Can't believe all I had to do was ring for an appointment for fracture clinic for Logan for 3 weeks time and after being passed around finally got an appointment but they want to see him this Friday and they want to take plaster off re X-ray and then re plaster why?? What's the point? Costing NHS more money whats wrong with what Bridlington infirmaryspital did??

Man my first nephew aint having it he still wanna swim around lol but proud of my lil sis taking it like a g waiting a whole day for this boy if only she could wait one more day lmao just playing welp back to waiting

A woman has lost her job in a department store coffee shop in North Yorkshire because she had tattoos. She was told her tattoos, one which says 'Everything happens for a reason' and another featuring her daughter's name, would offend older customers. What do you think about this?

Keep my pops in yalls prayers today please. In about 10 minutes he's going into surgery to remove his hernia.

Last night i went to an abandoned mental asylum. Last night was the last time im going to an abandoned mental asylum.........

Anti biotics and jazz. Water and sleep. infirmarypefully tomorrow is a better day.

Mom has had all her meds, and now we are trying to get some shut-eye. She is starting to feel her aches and pains, and infirmarypefully she will sleep. I am right beside her in a hide-a-bed that is pretty comfy. infirmarype I can sleep, too, I am very tired.

I have a friend who is looking for someone to teach her son parquor. Any thoughts or suggestions!!

Instead of giving the middle finger to drivers who do incredibly stupid things on the road, I like to give a very exaggerated and sarcastic thumbs up. Not as crass as the finger, but you still get the point across.

*sitting in the commons room, not speaking and not really looking at anything* ~2p!Maglelille~ *sighs* She's been like this ever since.. that... ~1p!Elleore~

Could any. Nurses who qualified with me please comment below stating where you managed to get work please? Doing a favour for Uni x

I'm officially sick. Fever all night. I think they may not have a bassist for tonights show...

All these young mf gettin tattoos everywhere not a lick of sense or education when u old a grey that rose vine gone look like a whole infirmaryin garden aint infirmary sexy about tats on yo chest like a infirmary naw my kids gone no better its cute now wait till mr corp America till u you dnt fit the look for the job all because sum dumb infirmary tattoos...#Know better you do better

Peyton taking Papa back to his room after a hard day at therapy!!! Dawson is a little confused "why you in a wheelchair Papa"!!

Looking forward to fish and chips on thursday at Whitby, shame i wont have my camera back to take pictures, but we will have to go back again.. Would love to try and get a sketch done..

The second day of my Dads retirement and he has cut half his hand off with a chain saw. In for surgery tonight to try to re-connect the tendons and nerves. Some people will do anything to get out of DIY. Get well soon dad.

*sits on the beach in a yellow bikini, has a scar from the cut on my arm now* ~Phoen

CHB RP- Everyone at camp has been informed that the second battle is today. Everyone is worried. ~Atlanta~

The tone has been set for the day..I'm feeling a certain kinda husband had a snake jump out of the grass in front of him at work last timeline has posts regarding frenemies and the likes...interesting...these are all synonymous to life..folks we have snakes in our midst..looks like I might be giving the "block" option a visit..have a rockin blessed day!

*is infirmarylding Wen in her arms, biting her lips* ~Sapphire *still can't relate* ~DT

We're also talking about Dragon's Den star James Caan saying parents shouldn't help their children to get a job. Do you agree that your children should stand on their own two feet? Or would you help them if you could?

*is sitting under a tree, listening to music* *has her headphones on* -Dani

Playing chess with a bright bartender. He's kicking my infirmary; but for not playing in 30 yrs, not an easy game for him

Infirmary definitions


a health facility where patients receive treatment

See also: hospital