Imbue in a sentence as a verb

But it is a nonsense to imbue a namespace with an API or versioning story.

It's like you --- and Paul --- think the purpose of the economy is to imbue value into little green pieces of paper.

"It is often argued that life-threatening illness imbues its victims with a new vigor for life.

Ever try starting a conversation at a pub about how to imbue a new reserve currency with value?

If we are to imbue it with the total knowledge of our history, then maybe it will become more "human" and have those motivations.

I did this to tuck in any loose ends in my understanding as well as imbue myself in any cultural assumptions that I was blind to.

I think you're confused about what this honour actually is. Receiving an OBE doesn't imbue any extra rights or powers, it's literally just an award for doing something that helps others.

You can have as accurate an arbitrary measure as you like, but that doesn't imbue it equally arbitrarily with your desired meaning.

That equity typically doesn't imbue the recipient with the same authority as the founders' equity imbues them.

Authors produce books; editors, illustrators, graphic designers, and others might provide help that improves the quality of the book, but they don't magically imbue it with a "book" status that it didn't already have.

It's small, personal, just about right; I figured with 10-20 concurrent players we'd make a profit, which turned out to be accurate, but keeping it cozy, friendly and civilized is a part of the goal and the culture I've tried to imbue in it.

Because, sort of like an EC2 instance, the component is just as likely to be created anew, as it is to be "closed" and then "opened" again.---[1] I imagine that you could imbue such knowledge with a single assignment to the effect of:* We'll be working with three already-written programs, Foo, Bar, and Baz.

Essential to the creation of apparent authority are words or conduct of the principal, communicated to a third party, that give rise to the appearance and belief that the agent possesses authority to enter into a transaction, An agent can never by his own acts imbue himself with apparent authority, Id. [T]he existence of apparent authority depends upon a factual showing that the third party relied upon the misrepresentation of the agent because of some misleading conduct on the part of the principal not the agent, Id. Moreover, a third party with whom the agent deals may rely on an appearance of authority only to the extent that such reliance is reasonable, Id.

Imbue definitions


spread or diffuse through; "An atmosphere of distrust has permeated this administration"; "music penetrated the entire building"; "His campaign was riddled with accusations and personal attacks"

See also: permeate pervade penetrate interpenetrate diffuse riddle


fill, soak, or imbue totally; "soak the bandage with disinfectant"

See also: soak


suffuse with color