Pervade in a sentence as a verb

Why do we let the same tired discussion about gender pervade HN once per week?

"Power doesn't have to pervade the society, and it's a bit bizarre how it does.

Frankly that still pervades but there's finally more substance behind "Linux" as a whole.

The graphic style also turns away the typical tough-guy attitude that seems to pervade most FPSs.

* It is only when you take a stand against these business-as-usual mindsets that pervade our culture do things change.

Voodoo knowledge _does_ pervade modern computer science, and I for one am happy to see something different.

Its design cues pervade everything from their flagship store to the individual keys on the keyboard on which I'm typing this.

It is important for us to have this talk about fixing the frankly toxic attitude that seems to pervade this space sometimes.

It's time to do away with the spirit of apathy and hopelessness that is starting to pervade discussions about online privacy.

Thus does sexism silently pervade well-meaning but susceptible brains.

RapGenius did some shady stuff and they should be penalized for it so that this stuff doesn't pervade the web. I also don't think Google is acting like a cartel, in that they aren't extorting RapGenius or killing family members.

They pervade all aspects of our industry and culture, from grumpy neckbeards to mouthy wankers, and I'm honestly not seeing many signs of improvement.

Nobody who has even the barest experience with the criminal justice system can come away without the feeling that racial issues pervade how it works.

Survivorship bias and narrative fallacy pervade almost everything, it seems.

"" In the climate of anxiety that seems to pervade the industry now, however, any perceived risk factor is sufficient to torpedo a pitch, and so all such discussions end up following the template of the justly famous "Tesla pitches VCs" video.

Pervade definitions


spread or diffuse through; "An atmosphere of distrust has permeated this administration"; "music penetrated the entire building"; "His campaign was riddled with accusations and personal attacks"

See also: permeate penetrate interpenetrate diffuse imbue riddle