Hernia in a sentence as a noun

Don't give yourself a hernia shifting those goalposts, dude.

Create a website about living with a hernia.

How do I treat the hernia without health insurance, which I don't have even if I had a job?

Or get a discectomy and get the hernia fixed?

My double hernia surgery was performed by the same guy who treats the Chicago Bears.

There is, of course, increased risk the longer you wait for an operation even as simple as a hernia.

A good amount of acid reflux problems are caused by having a hiatal hernia for example.

I had a hernia op in a good-but-not-top place and it seemed similar to me to hospitals in the uk. doctors are a little more paternalistic here - you have to be firm in making clear that you want to be involved in any process.

Average return to work after inguinal hernia surgery:worker's comp case: 6 weeks self-employed: 2 days

FB's legal team has a hernia anytime someone on the web uses face or book, perhaps they should take their own advice?If it continues it might be funny for 53 to release Paper Facebook.

Hiatal hernia's are frequently associated with over consumption of coffee, which has other effects on the heart, esophageal and stomach lining.

Sure, you see ads for a handful of elective procedures like teeth whitening and boob jobs - but when did you see an ad for hernia surgery?Now, it would be an interesting world where there was indeed some sort of marketplace for healthcare, where when you're doctor tells you you need something, from medication to a test, you can punch it into an app to get the best price.

Hernia definitions


rupture in smooth muscle tissue through which a bodily structure protrudes

See also: herniation