Grouping in a sentence as a noun

Yes but if you forget to open them all up, Chrome will lose that grouping in short order.

FXG could have solved the single file problem by grouping all the files up and making a zip file, and picking a different extension.

By grouping statistics into these things we call "countries" we are also "excluding" certain statistics.

There are NPC spaceships that you can **** for loot, but that sort of thing is small potatoes--there's no equivalent to a 40 man raid grouping up for a boss fight to get good loot.

The Angular Seed's way of organizing a project does not scale well as it organizes javascript files by type instead of grouping the types into different modules [1].

I just like the object syntax for grouping things together, I sometimes do use a little bit of templates/inheritance when it makes sense, and I like the STL core data structures.

School settings with underchallenging curricula in the interest of "self-esteem" and with prohibitions on ability grouping don't allow this valuable form of social learning.

One project serving as fundraising, community support, community outreach, tutorial/teaching, feature development, focus grouping, beta testing/dogfooding, and publicity.

For instance, why are we ignoring cartel murders just south of the US/Mexican border even though the US drug market is the driving factor?The parent comment is providing a better, more specific grouping that helps shed light on where murders are actually happening in the US and points us towards where we need to focus our efforts if we want to actually change the ****** rate in the US.

Grouping definitions


any number of entities (members) considered as a unit

See also: group


the activity of putting things together in groups


a system for classifying things into groups

See also: pigeonholing