How to use Gristly in a sentence as an adjective

I've now been taught to rip right into the gristly bits. That cartilage cap on the end of a chicken leg is nice and crunchy.

I grew up eating chicken on the bone, and it was just understood that you eat around the gristly bits. I guess eating nothing but nuggets and tenders warps your sense of what food is.

Survivor's bias says even for the ones for whom it wasn't smooth and died a horribly gristly death that we wouldn't hear from them.

Programmer, to me, just rings of the 80s/90s, when code was a little more gristly and our field didn't have quite such an inflated ego. It has a vintage charm."

It's no different from a kid wanting to watch videos of racing cars - they don't need to see the possible gristly consequences unless they're thinking of actually taking up street racing or something.

It used to be that people could go their own ways with live and let live, with change happening at a gristly organic boundary - eg an older generation pressuring a newer generation to conform to their biases / newer generation individually choosing to defy or follow. Now we've got these centralized companies putting themselves in the position of "knowing best", and given that the thing they're really optimizing for is their own bottom line, we know they're going to get it wrong.

It's a gristly topic and maybe what I'm saying is obvious. I just hope nobody in the pro-risk camp takes the message too far.

This reminds me of the "cold shoulder" when someone of ill repute came to dine they would be given the cold shoulder, a gristly fatty hunk of bone and maybe some meat, left unheated and tossed to the not quite welcome guest.

Something that bothers me is the gristly, meager attitude of a certain type of conservation ecology. I think we are really going to start having to cultivate healthy ecosystems from the ground up, regardless of who's originally "from here" or not.

Gristly definitions


difficult to chew

See also: cartilaginous rubbery