How to use Cartilaginous in a sentence as an adjective

Some other factors I recall studying are - gradual DNA damage, which is quite inevitable - collagen degradation, which affects the eyes and all cartilaginous tissues.

And above that distinction, there are bony fish and cartilaginous fish, such as sharks and rays. But still, even if fish is not monophyletic, it is not polyphyletic, which means all things considered fish are "connected" to other fish.

Thompson described Hitler in the following terms: "He is formless, almost faceless, a man whose countenance is a caricature, a man whose framework seems cartilaginous, without bones. He is inconsequent and voluble, ill poised and insecure.

In a different culture you might say that only bony fish with swim bladders are 'true fish' and that cartilaginous swimming creatures without swim bladders aren't fish at all. If having a swim bladder is what our culture considers fishy, then sharks are no longer fish.

On a less serious note, perhaps the cat gap occurred when cats temporarily lost their skeletons and became fully liquid, or at least cartilaginous like sharks. Don't we all know how flexible they are?

Quote: "Glucosamine is a polysaccharide that is found naturally in cartilaginous joint tissues, bones, skin, ligaments, and nails" Why not just eat natural sources like cartilage, bone broth, skin etc ?

One interesting tidbit that this article doesn’t mention is that fiber orientation of cartilage is fundamental to the functionality of different cartilaginous tissues. It’s similar to how fiber orientation in carbon fiber parts will be adjusted to provide strength and durability in specific directions.

And as sharks are cartilaginous fishes, the rest of the body is poorly known. We even might have to rename it buck-teeth shark.

Whether bony or cartilaginous fish are closer to mammals does not put that fact into question.

Chewy, a bit cartilaginous, but not bad. I guess if you braise them long enough they become quite tender.

I was confused about why they would even be looking for 'hostile' cartilaginous fish. I can't be the only one.

Birdlike musculature, body fat and skin over complex cartilaginous structures, with muscle traits of more cold-blooded animals. There are many zoos with MRI machines, even extra-large ones used for large animals.

Proper Noun Examples for Cartilaginous

Big sharks are cartilaginous fishes. Cartilaginous tissue dyes badly and rings in its vertebra are less clearly marked.

Cartilaginous definitions


of or relating to cartilage


difficult to chew

See also: gristly rubbery