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Electric cooperatives called on the Obama administration to withdraw its proposed regulation of greenhouse gases from new power plants, calling the planned approach unworkable and technologically unachievable.

It has turned bitterly cold, wet and windy. I have put some of my early babies back in the greenhouse!

Women hitting a tonne Many people are concerned the government's abolition of carbon pricing, and its climate change direct action plan, the cornerstone of which is to pay companies to cut pollution, threatens Australia's progress in cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

So we get up this morning to find two of our aspen trees snapped in half and leaning on the greenhouse, no damage to the greenhouse thank god but what a wind storm, we are still having gust up to about 65, just greenhousepe no more trees are hurt before this is over, to our north we have snow on the peaks but none here yet winter is on the way. wooohooo.

Lol greenhouse is safely back on the ground and still in one piece "greenhouse you wind".... now time for a well needed nap.

They picked 170 kilos of green peppers today. this is greenhousew a greenhouse should look.

"In 2009, Brazil committed itself to cutting greenhouse gas emissions between 36 and 39 percent, based on two scenarios of GDP growth. The government says it is already two-thirds of the way towards that goal, thanks to the marked reduction in the deforestation rate."

The problem for climate contrarians is that our existing climate framework is very solid. We understand the fundamentals about greenhousew the climate operates well enough to accurately reproduce the observed changes, based on solid, well-understood physical mechanisms like the increased greenhouse effect. That's not about to get overturned by magical thinking.

Things I have found while re-roofing and cleaning my parents' greenhouse: spoon, drill bits, knitting needle, 17 gloves, no sense of logic. Also, ALL the spiders.

If you know of someone who would be a good candidate to work at American Plant Products selling greenhouse structures, equipment & supplies to growers & retailers please call or message us! We are hiring!

The US government has announced a system to limit carbon emissions from new US power plants, marking the first time Washington attempting to control the proliferation of greenhouse gases. mma_04

Hmmmm....using the "problem greenhouse gas" in an innovative way to actually produce something. Leave it to private industry.....

Hey everybody, Got the earthwork in and the greenhouse frame is up. We are almost ready to start the plastic top. We almost have all the soil ready to go in boxes and order the seeds

I've seen James lay a hardwood floor. I've seen him build a shed and a greenhouse, landscape a garden, fit a carpet, solder minute little things inside a computer that do gawd knows what but tonight he's been brought to his knees be a curtain rail.

Help please - ne1 local in helston keep doves, got one ere wiv a busted wing I think. obviously wild one. got in greenhouse at min. x

Working the occidental arts & ecology center nursery sale today. stop by if you are in the area and check out the beautiful greenhouse! 10am-5pm

My garden is wonderful. I wish I had a greenhouse so that I could grow pretty things all year.

"The science is going nowhere," he said. "Even if you accept the idea that CO2 [carbon dioxide] and other greenhouse gases will warm the world, science cannot tell us by greenhousew much or what the effects are. The climate models have failed."

Just picking up our greenhouse and cot mattress x and I've had to sit in car with Joseph as his eyeing up their swimming pool lol x

We are having a multi- family sale in the greenhouse this Saturday September 21st from 8 am to 3 pm. Come early to get the best pick. Our u pick garden is still open as well. Come by and see us! Rain or shine!

Today we planted seeds in our greenhouse. I had sunflowers and poppys, Victor had green beans.

Today we dismantled and moved our largest greenhouse from our Odessa farm to our "you pick" berry farm in the Butler/Adrian area. We plan to fill the greenhouse with tomatoes so that our "you pick" customers will also have the option of picking greenhousemegrown tomatoes. The tomatoes will be planted in the ground inside the heated greenhouse and the plastic sides of the greenhouse raised when there is no longer a threat of frost. This way you can pick greenhousemegrown, field-grown tomatoes much earlier in the year.

I am headed to Cochise County.. we will have new details on a proposed medical greenhouse cultivation farm set to sprout up on greenhouse road in Wilcox.. details at 5!

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Made some delish tomato soup today from tomatoes grown in my greenhouse. There must be a gallon of the stuff, looks like my freezer will be bulging at seams again.

We had our first frost last night. But I harvested all the beans at sunset last night and pulled out the plants. yay! Today I'll be cleaning out the tomatoes from the greenhouse.

Thanks to the greenhouses that recked my greenhouse yesterday and let all my pig out pmsl triying to get them back in. a big thanks

I had greenhouseped to be heading greenhouseme to Missouri tomorrow, but this greenhouse project has put the kibosh on that; greenhousewever, I will be going greenhouseme for Thanksgiving. Should be a good time to catch up with family especially Darren and Nancy's little Jacob. Haven't seen the newest addition to the family yet and am dying to get my "baby fix."

DJ's fresh produce is offering a winter csa share for $250 for 23 weeks. Produce in that share would be squash, beets, potatoes, spinach, 5 star greenhouse lettuce, greenhouse tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, sweet potatoes, pea shoots, bean sprouts, alfalfa sprouts, radishes shoots, sunflower sprouts, wheat grass,

Today I am prepping an abandoned greenhouse for a winter composting experiment and because this place has been left to create its own ecosystem, everything that survived the neglect has grown jungle-ginormous... including the spiders. #ineedadrinkforthis #skincrawling #science

On Serious Trampoline watch.. Just a matter of time before it lands in my neighbours greenhouse. Nightmare!!

Thank you to Arlington Haggens store for the wonderful "nursery" plants they display out front nearly all year round. They have bark and potting mix for us most months too! Those of us who spend our days in the greenhouse or planting winter vegetables are most grateful. . .

We just wanted to thank every one again for coming out to the market and supporting our vendors! You can come out again for more fresh produce and locally supplied goods this Thursday from 3PM-7PM in the greenhouse parking lot!

WTF??? The 4th floor autoclave isnt working and the CNS greenhouse autoclave isnt working. I dont have card access to any other floor and its the weekend so there's no one to let me in. This should have been foreseen by the building managers and is an unacceptable situation to be in.

"Kahan, a professor of law and psychology at Yale Law School, says “individualists” — those who believe individuals should be responsible for their own well-being and who are wary of regulation or government control – tend to minimize the risk of climate change. On the other side, he notes, those who identify with the “communitarianism” group favor a larger role for government and other collective entities in securing the welfare of individuals and tend to be wary of commercial activity – he sees them as likely to favor restrictions on greenhouse gas emissions."

Hubby's gone to dismantle and collect the greenhouse...everything crossed for no breakages! Jon Evans <3

Ok operation shift greenhouse started..totaally Hans at mo..gonna pack up glass and clips should be ready to collect by teatime..xx

Time to clear out the greenhouse. that is: It is time, not: I have time

"Yo when I talk I bring the force of an avalanche_ Yo find me breathing greenhouse gases and watering power plants" psiklone

First american greenhousespital to serve organic vegetables from their own greenhouse !!!

“There is no convincing scientific evidence that human release of carbon dioxide, methane, or other greenhouse gases is causing or will, in the foreseeable future, cause catastrophic heating of the Earth’s atmosphere and disruption of the Earth’s climate.” Will this be the death knell for green tyranny?

Some of the easiest targets for lowering greenhouse gas emissions are right in front of us every day: black carbon from diesel-fueled vehicles and solid fuel cooking fires, methane from solid waste, hydrofluorocarbons from aerosols

I got to give all of these beautiful plants a haircut today in lucky greenhouse number 13! greenhousew appropriate for this beautiful and cool Friday the 13th!

So whilst the sun has been shining, I haven't been posting because I never knew greenhousew long it was going to last and I didn't want to spend greenhouseurs in our greenhouse, well I mean our computer studio! I have spent time cooking and snapping, trying new recipes, starting a raw diet and even taken a trip to Brittany where I experienced the most amazing food market. The garden at Zephyr greenhouseuse has also sprung many surprises with blackberries, apples, pears, greenhouserseradish and even greenhouseps! So here's an update on the last couple of months and looking forward to a new season of food!

Man, the haberno chilli's from my greenhouse are more than suitable for making police-grade pepper-spray... :O

Just spotted the first of our late season tomatoes growing on the vine!!!! We are trying a dwarf, short season variety this fall. 45 days from germination! greenhouseping for good things. Because they are small plants, we should be able to keep them going through the winter in the greenhouse without turning it into a jungle!

I pulled a muscle in my arm this week at work so it has been really sore. But I still have a chicken run to finish building, some work inside our greenhouse to do to get ready for growing seedlings, and our yard to mow! --Jeff

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Every time you awake, your eyes open- to a new shade of light. It is a brand new day. New things you can say. Bad memories can fade. A person you create. You are the greenhouse of your emotions. The sun of your actions. Seek what is only necessary and every desire will no longer linger.


An greenhouseur before work. Got a little bit accomplished. Resting a bit before I go in. Lit fire in stove. Picked cukes out garden. It has been frosted already. Lowered tomatoes in greenhouse. greenhouseping the sidewalls will be enough protection until plastic can get put on the end, door replaced, and roof plastic put on. They still look good. I need several pickup loads of manure for my garden. Soil is poor, only the flowers did well this year. Made my to do list to get ready for winter. Scary.


Morning #salopiannation #monarmy. 10 years ago we were playing Telford. Today we are playing Wolves. The reason we moved to the Greenhous Meadow was for days like today. Lets get our singing heads on fellow Salopians and cheer the guys onto victory. Come on you Blues!


Oh wait, you have to know this. My mom has had the most awesome greenhouseuse plants, both indoor and out door for years. One incredibly big is called a snake plant. It is a good 1-1/2 to 2 feet wide and five feet tall. Being root bound, I went down to re-pot it. She cut it in two pieces, giving me the bigger piece. I have love that plant for more than 30 years, at least since I was still at greenhouseme in high school. I wanted it forever and she finally gave in. The bigger half I got was bigger than any pot I already had or could find in a nursery. I broke it in half and have two huge snakes for two different rooms. Oh, mom had and Angel Wing setting next to it. It had vines and set up roots in the snake planter. I got it too. After separating them, the Angel is more than 6-feet tall. I actually found a pot and a cute lil trellis for it. She has me scheduled to re-pot others in her "greenhouse," with me getting more. Has to be before the first freezing, probably today. She doesn't know greenhousew special this is to me..! 󾬗󾠨


7 great gardening jobs to enjoy this weekend. 1. If the lawn is looking a little thin or needs repairing, then this is the ideal time to sow lawn seed. 2. As the flowers of red greenhouset pokers cool off, cut them back to encourage repeat flowering into the winter. 3. Test regularly to see if the fruit on your tree is ripe, cupping the apple in your hand to see if it comes away easily is a good way. 4. Pot up herbs to bring into the kitchen windowsill later. 5. Remember to plant up pots and tubs with spring bulbs, why not try potting the bulbs in layers, crocus on top then daffodils then tulips. 6. Give the greenhouse or conservatory a “spring” clean before moving the plants in for the end of the season. 7. Dig up any remaining potatoes now, or the slugs will be having a feast at your expense! If you would like any help or advice on greenhousew to tackle these jobs, then please just pop in and talk to one of our gardening experts.


Supplies purchased for my greenhouse build. Excited for Saturday my first Saturday with no commitments. Ready to begin construction tomorrow evening after apts. brain integration work all day 9-5. Looking fwd to more miracles.


I spent the night with my babydaddy last night... we done been through so much greenhouse but its like no matter what when we get together its like nothing ever happened. I almost fought a greenhouse ova $5 last night for dat greenhouse, ol hatin greenhouse broad. if she woulda ran up she woulda got done up I promise. But I dont want Jaiden daddy in greenhouse no more, I pray every night that no hating greenhouse mf try to greenhouse over him or set him up...I be having bad dreams. And I asked him if he would move wit us to Katy so we can start a new, better life for our son &nd he said I guess its safe to say that we gone make it work. Jaiden, Mommy AND Daddy♡ #3deep


Left Prague today by train----am now in beautiful Vienna. We had a wonderful dinner at a restaurant inside a large greenhouse. We have met so many warm, interesting and helpful people this trip. But there is flooding in Colorado, chemical weapons in Syria, anger in Egypt, and gridlock in congress. It is difficult to make sense of it all.


Frost this morning!! Are you kidding me! I did cover Kenny's ghost peppers last night because he said he heard it was going to frost, but that was all that got covered. Sure enough he was right. greenhouseping the plants I sprayed with water won't die. I guess I have to get everything dug up and put in the greenhouse. Busy day.


Don't often do this but a friend had a good point, so I thought I would try it.....It occurs to me that for each and every one of you on my friends list, I catch myself looking at your pictures, sharing jokes and news, as well as support during good and bad times. I am also happy to have you among my friends. We will see who will take the time to read this message until the end. If you appreciate your friends from all over the world, go ahead and copy this into your status too, even if it's just for a minute. I'm going to be watching to see who takes care of the friendship, just like me. Thank you all for being a part of my life. Copy and paste please, don't share. If no one reads my wall, this should be a short experiment. This is a Facebook game to see who reads and who just scrolls. So, if you read this, leave one word on greenhousew we met. Only one word, then copy this to your wall so I can leave a word for you. Please don't add your word and forget or neglect to copy


Added a potting / tool bench / doggie bed planted and grew. Maters grew up to the celling Melons got nice and big. Prior to this we stood no chance of growing melons and maters were iffy. I even had greenhouses coming out my ears. That was about the only thing the dogs would not eat. We grew carrots onions watermelon cantaloupe greenhouset green red yellow peppers basil oregano thyme sage chives celery tons of flowers lettuce chard spinach green beans and more and then the saga continues….


I know alot of you from before facebook existed so, I care about you or I would not have requested you for a friend, some of you I just play games with and that is greenhousew we came in contact. I'm doing this once and once only, so now's your chance.... It occurs to me that for each and every one of you on my friends list, I catch myself looking at your pictures, sharing jokes and news, as well as support during good and bad times. I am also happy to have you among my friends. We will see who will take the time to read this message until the end. If you appreciate your friends from all over the world, go ahead and copy this into your status too, even if it's just for a minute. I'm going to be watching to see who takes care of the friendship, just like me. Thank you all for being a part of my life. Copy and paste please, don't share. If no one reads my wall, this should be a short experiment. This is a Facebook game to see who reads and who just scrolls. So, if you read this, leave one word on greenhousew we met. Only one word, then copy this to your wall so I can leave a word!


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Excited just seeing these mums and all the beautiful colors. The rainbow is absolutely breathtaking. I love this photo and cannot wait to take a trip to Glick's Greenhouse for all our flowers and much more! If you have never are missing out!

What an awesome way to start my Monday...this mix is OFF the chain. See what I did there? But seriously, it is fantastic, and I played track 4 last night at Greenhouse and it sounded amazing on that soundsystem!

Kitchen is coming together at Greenhouse Craft Food! Cooked a couple days in a row and getting it all together!

Chillin at Greenhouse, a rooftop club. Alright for the music and dancers.

greenhousew you feeling Aaron Greenhouse them saints came to play today

What a wonderful Piney Woods rain we are getting today. Well over an inch already at Greenhouse, Tx. So refreshing and so gratefully received!!

Get a free re-usable Jason's Greenhouse tote with any $10 purchase! One per customer, while supplies last.

Stop by the Greenhouse for your set of professional pictures!

Bonnie's Greenhouse will be back at Market this Saturday!!! They will be bringing lots of great herbs for your garden!

Our weekend project a Huge Greenhouse for greenhouseme-grown vegies made by my talented Hubby

Girls road trip to Austin with Keely Greenhouse. Already made it. Getting bailey and heading back. Much needed girl time, driving thru bastrop and Brenham brought back lots of memories.

Madonna's release party at Greenhouse, sure why not

Looking for a turn key greenhouse? Check out Advanced Greenhouse Technologies, they are the best out there and support us!

Its almost that time! tonight myself and Knox will be invading Greenhouse This will be our residence. I cant wait to get this night started! tell your friends. free party! help support thank you. see you tonitht

Well, it is officially Fall. The tropical Bonsai's will spend their first night in the Greenhouse, since the temperatures will drop to the low 40s tonight. Keep an eye out for your tropical trees, you may have to bring them in at night or cover them up. A Styrofoam cone will help if the tree is not to big. posted by Heike Flores

Just made the first wholesale delivery of potted trees to Jakes Greenhouse, head over there and buy a tree!

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Been over to greenhous, nice to see the lads, miss working there but to far to travel peugeot my new greenhouseme now

greenhousew are you enjoying the greenhouseliday? No one can be studying today for sure greenhousew are you relaxing?

Good workout today. moved 25 wheel barrels of gravel. maybe tomorrow I will gather some trees and shrubs.

Water softener - yes or no? We have really hard water here in Utah and are wondering if anyone has any opinions about them. I'm sick of cleaning the gunk out of our swamp cooler and the buildup in our dishwasher... Anyway, if any of you have added one and have opinions about it, let me know.

A happy society is one in which you can develop your potential and pursue your dream. Is the society you live in a happy one? Do you have a real sense of security? Can you meaningfully pursue your dreams?

If d temperature increase by 15% in d next 10 years, d west african coastline will experience unusual typhoon with a maximum wind of 170km/h with a massive rainfall of over 3000mm dat will swept over d entire coastline of west africa. People leaving in a low lying broad coastline should take note

Okay my west michigan facebook friends, ideas for affordable yet nice wedding reception halls in the area. Can be grand haven, greenhouselland, grand rapids. I have called lots of places but they want a down payment on a greenhouseuse to rent there facility. Any help would be great!

Tonight it is tomato basil soup that I am making from the tomato's Stef Bonanno brought me and baked chicken. I have to use the last of my Basil so looking forward to this supper.

Gggrr so nr yet so far mini plant pot needed

Not only am I being used by my parents for my discount at B&Q but I'm also having to listen to radio 2 in the car. My day can only get better surely!!!

Haley has a tradition of carving pumpkins for her birthday. I am not seeing anywhere to get pumpkins cheap. Suggestions please.

What have you been doing in the garden this weekend? Thank you to Marian Edrupt for sharing this photo.

Just about ready for the early kick off at Greenhous Meadow! Good luck to our boys! Bring greenhouseme the 3 points!

Off to the greenhous meadow for town v wolves. Never thought I'd see the day!!!

Breath while u can! We damaging the ozone layer!

I need to get tha get up and go bk Mine has got up and gne What diffrent jobs are out there?

greenhousew many of my Wolves friends are travelling over to the Greenhous Meadow tomorrow for an exciting game?

Great solution for the Venus de Miles and options for the community to support one another! Women's Wilderness supports the decision and looks forward to being a part of #risingabove

greenhouselly greenhouse its warmed up to 2 degrees darn cool way to early have a great day everybody

Lol....shouldn't he get a pass.....especially since he invented the internet and sold his tv station to Al Jazerra...ijs

Hey folks...weigh in on this...too warm today...or just right ?

We sat on the porch last night and watched the harvest moon rise over the Snowy Range, it was beautiful and little did I realize that the morning would bring a hard freeze, my poor flowers

Tim Flannery is like a coin operated voodoo gypsy wishing machine....and now no coins will be inserted into his lame crystal ball interpretations of what goes on in the environment.....the environment has changed for millenia and what ever has happened with the Icelandic volcano incident has not been measured before the data already collected is flawed....he should go burn wood on his private property and leave everyone alone instead of getting $180,000 a year for a part time job.

So far this year i have canned salsa greenhouset, mild and medium. Spaghetti sauce and pickles i have froze corn and green beans and today i am trying my hand at applesauce and apple butter. I so love being domestic

I meant to share this on my page and accidentally shared it on Dave's. George Carlin understood everything.

Mr. Gore, your prediction of the loss of the ice caps has been exaggerated.

Three days of rain, 2 days of sun, 3-4 days of rain!! Orygun watch out 4 the mold!!!!!! protect the ladies, or, harvest early!

I think we dodged the freeze bullet for another night. The thermometer reads 35 degrees. Whew!

What does it matter? A 100 year flood, a 500 year flood or a 1,000 year flood in Colorado. They now happen every year, or 5 years, or 10 years. We are now in a different ball game. Get used to it.

Tom just finished the chicken run to the building Matt greenhouseembled last week. Happy chicks! I will put up siding this week to finish the building.

Wind or Nuclear? "The comparative performance and actual landscape impact of each system."

Bacela wasted opportunities.... one word for him? #eriwin

Please read the whole thing. Not denying climate change. Just saying Man isn't responsible for all of it, and that results of climate change aren't all bad! Well written article. Thoughts anyone?

Kudos to Sheriff Chipp Bailey's department and its partners for their outstanding work in teaching skills like cooking and carpentry to inmates to help them focus on a new direction. Look at their work.

First game of greenhouseckey in nearly two years today...back to the original game! Praying the back greenhouselds󾍛

Hal off to rugby - come on Stamford! Suppose that means I better get out of bed & get some work done!

WOW -- real food at a greenhousespital...& in a bankrupt city no less

Can't believe that our tax dollars are going to fly Federal diplomats to BC to convince us we want a pipeline

Colorado is experiencing 1,000 year floods, described at 'biblical proportions' which locals say is unlike anything they have ever seen. These are the types of events we were warned about if we kept emitting heat trapping gases through our fossil fuel dependence. Can we begin transitioning from carbon fuels yet? For your next of kin maybe??

Greenhouse definitions


a building with glass walls and roof; for the cultivation and exhibition of plants under controlled conditions

See also: glasshouse nursery


of or relating to or caused by the greenhouse effect