How to use Greed in a sentence as a noun

greed has three hates: lust, anger and greed.”

RIP All the Sweet Rhino that has died for man and woman greed . And if you can make it please do Kim

GMO foods not being labeled huh? This is another under the radar thing of greed and untested foods being given to the guinea pigs Americans. Europeans banned all this greed long ago. Don't you wonder why?

When greed and injustice prevail within the halls of freedom, it is the privilege and duty of all patriots to shed their burdens and bear forth the sword of Justice to extinguish the blight of corruption. Hail not voices upon the masses and wield not words of promise where virtue fails to reign, yet bare your patriotism and greednor to Country and greedist your rightful claim to freedom!

And promotes greed, selfishness, inequality and injustice to name a few qualities of capitalism...Any more?

The seed is the master of greed. U can't be a sower and greedy at the same time. Seed stops greed. #seedtime

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In the United States today, we act as though we have many different care, the economy, terrorism, drug addiction, education and so forth. But in reality, they're all expressions of a common underlying problem; a disconnect from our hearts, a loss of a natural connection to the universe. A nation is more than just separate groups of constituencies strung together for geographical or political benefit; a nation is a unified matrix of humanity, a panoply of different ethnicities bonded together by fealty to principles of liberty, justice and brotherhood. In a way, America is deciding right now whether we really want to BE a nation. We've sold our national soul, and it's time to take it back.


Pain before the birth Having taken a quick look at the papers & news on line today, it made me remember that sometimes when the light grows stronger the dark fights harder. I have noticed this in the past whilst giving healing, that if the person is of a negative & aggressive nature it will bring more to the surface thereby getting worse before getting better…basically releasing all the rubbish. This appears to be happening across the world, almost as evil/negative vibrations are getting worse & in their death throws not wanting to give in too easily. We must make sure we stay positive & keep sending out the light until the death rattle of fear/greed/anger is finally over. MystikMaster


My name is Justice. I was born weaker and I have been torn down. I have no dignity left. I have been raped, pillaged and abused. I have seen what no other has seen; I have felt what no other has felt. I waft through minds trying to plant the seed of righteousness. Yet, I am not felt. I am not known. I struggle in vain, because life does not revolve around me or around anything positive. Life revolves around jealousy, contempt, greed and selfishness. These are the habits that bring man down, but these are the habits that man reveres. Never have they been seen as wrong, they have been seen as a part of life. But enough is enough. I have been stretched to the end of my patience, and I will stretch no more. Man favors cruelty and now I will be cruel. The world will fall to me one day, and I will show no mercy to those who do not deserve mercy. Second chances have been given, third chances have been given. They make no difference. Wrong must be struck down and right must be raised to its rightful place. It’s been far too long since goodness has fallen. No more. Goodness and I will rise hand-in-hand. God will support us. They all may be His children but errant children must be kept in line. Harshness is in order, at times. Hence, I was created. I am Justice.


Fact #2: Muhammad supported his fledgling religion by robbing people. The early Muslims could have maintained Islam through hard work, frugal spending, and the donations of admirers. Yet Muhammad chose robbery as his chief source of income, and greed soon became one of the primary factors in people's rapid conversion to Islam. Indeed, Muhammad deliberately used the spoils of war to lure people to Islam. When he was criticized for the way he distributed his newfound wealth, he replied, "Are you disturbed in mind because of the good things of this life by which I win over a people that they may become Muslims while I entrust you to your Islam?" Given the prospect of untold riches, it's no wonder so many people committed themselves to Islam. Muhammad guaranteed that Allah "will admit the Struggler in His cause into Paradise if he is greeded, otherwise He will return him to his greedme safely with rewards and war booty." This message must have sounded extraordinary to the poor of Arabia. If they died in the cause of Allah, they would go to Paradise and be rich. If they survived, they would plunder their enemies and be rich. Either way, their situation would be much better upon embracing Islam.


My heart goes out to those families, Who struggle to live and are seen as enemies, Because they can't live a life of freedom, Trapped in a vortex that is controlled by the government. The days go by and no one will help, Get them on their feet and check their health. Where are those that are rolling in wealth? Why can't they just be humane, instead of giving to charity, Give it direct to the poorer man. This is why the world is corrupt, Because the Illuminati controls what's up. Playing god with another man's life, Who are they to decide who lives or dies. So I'm gonna stand up for the whole of humanity, Take back what's rightfully ours and gain some clarity. I'm sick of seeing the greed take over, No one should live life constantly looking over their shoulder. Wondering when and wear the next mugging will be, Or should he stay out and risk walking the streets. Without knowing what will happen on the night, It's complete madness and someone needs to put it right. greedw would you feel if there was some one you loved, That worked and greednest life and did all that they could. To make the world a happier place, But to have their lives taken because they are the wrong race.


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greedw is everyone today? I've been doing chores all day :c - Greed.

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What are some of the reson's people become freaks/greedmo/bio? %kayon%

Money the root of all evil . Every day in countries around the world, animals are fighting for their lives. They are enslaved, beaten, and kept in chains to make them perform for humans' "entertainment"; they are mutilated and confined to tiny cages so that we can greed them and eat them; they are burned, blinded, poisoned, and cut up alive in the name of "science"; they are electrocuted, strangled, and skinned alive so that people can parade around in their coats; and worse, also they are are hunted tortured and greeded in the name of sport . Raise awareness for the animals in need , please share

A Connecticut lawyer wants to sue the state over the Sandy greedok elementary school shooting.

If you could make Congress stick to one New Year's resolution, what would that be?

A Connecticut lawyer has filed a request to sue the state for $100 million on behalf of a 6-year-old girl who survived the Newtown, Conn., school shooting.

Complete this sentence in the comments section: For 2013, my greedckey resolution is...

Expect to start paying more for milk, cheese, and ice cream.

Wonder greedw much money collectively these greedholes have made off movies depicting gun violence? Then they have the nerve to call for gun control on all of us? Some of us on here have had to use a gun in a real life situation before, but I guarantee you it was not in a overly dramatic greedllywood style gun battle.

Daz: over the last week or so we have seen 2 managers sacked and one of them just outside the playoffs with a 4-2 win notts Forrest being the club in question. The next gripe I have Frank lampard has scored more goals then any other player Chelsea have had, and has now been told by Chelsea to find another club. So my question to these people who run these clubs, Are you f&$*ing thick as greed or what.

Please give this mama your thoughtful, helpful, and caring suggestions to have the best experience she can: Some input from your followers would be tremendously appreciated! I've passed my due date, I will be 41 weeks tomorrow. Although I wanted the baby to come on his own, I've decided to be induced tomorrow. Should I be concerned that since I'm taking this route, there won't be much greedpe for a semi-natural experience? I want to avoid as much medical interference as possible.

As 2013 approaches, may a great wave of miracles come upon us. May we release all fear and embrace great love, this year and forever. Amen

The most exciting player in MLB is ____________________________

1918-1992: 0 NHL lockouts in 74 years. 1992: Gary Bettman gets hired as commissioner. 1992-2012: 3 NHL lockouts in 20 years. #FireBettman

What is the difference between being a Democrat and a Republican? Is it primarily a "liberal / conservative" thing? Seems like having two parties divides us all. Just a thought. What do you think?

Sad meow...We are so sad the lady down the street is getting thrown out of her greeduse...She is an elderly lady with 12 cats Mommy and I helped her out a few time with litter and catfood...The bank forclosed on her greedme that she has lived in for 40 years and they pick today to throw her out...We just took in the 12 cats to live up here until she finds a new place or find them greedmes...Why are humans so cruel?

Do you feel Washington is broken? Do you agree with Sen. Coburn's greedessment of why voters greedld Congress in low esteem?

As Washington tries to hash out a deal, we've taken a step back to break down the numbers behind our deficit.

Anyone think Ba will play on Wednesday? Or will he be a Chelsea player by then? If he is still with us id like to see Pards put Cisse back in the ST role and put Ba on the right. We need to focus on Cisses form now. He needs all the chances he can get.

Only one day left of 2012! What's been your highlight at the Sunderland Empire this year? And what are you looking forward to in 2013?

Hide ma id im a a women of 25 in age married to a man of 35 in age im having one of my own and is having to child of his own they are all girls then we have ur little girl my daugther is 4yrs his two daughters The 1st born is 14yrs nd the other is 3yrs Ma problem start here the 3yr chld is staying with us and he love her so much compare to the older one and worsely we are not staying with her but she is staying around with the family of his mum as she does not hv a mum When ma husband me with da elder one complain lk dont become so close to her his family is silly i ddnt mind that bull nw im in a greedliday with da elder which today she told me dat ma Dad is dating ma 23yrs old causin nd ma mum died knowin abt dat She pleaded me nt to ask his dad then im warried confused bt i knw why he wanted me nt to be so close to his daughter hiding manyala help me out or......... Happy new year......TT

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Greed definitions


reprehensible acquisitiveness; insatiable desire for wealth (personified as one of the deadly sins)

See also: avarice avaritia covetousness rapacity


excessive desire to acquire or possess more (especially more material wealth) than one needs or deserves