How to use Gratification in a sentence as a noun

Gamers want instant gratification, not waiting around for downloads and jumping through hoops. The last point I want to make is this: the author, Jason Chen, is a fool if he thinks that replacing one black box in front of a TV for another is in any way comparable to upgrading from a horse and buggy to a car.

It didn't give them one bit of gratification. My mother went back to university and got into not-for-profit microcredit and was reborn as a happy person.

Actually, now that I think about it, I cannot be following his advice, because my apartment does not fill me with gratification and self-esteem. Even when I make the right decisions for myself, I never think "Damn, this is great, I am so totally worth this."

It's a lot less than she deserves, but there's some gratification in the thought that the over-aggressive prosecution which was most likely designed to advance her political career will prevent it.

The odds of something like this happening, clearly, aren't very high, but when they do it's instant gratification for the developer who worked on making it accessible. If you're too hung up on numbers and ROI, think of all the benefits the company got from the positive exposure it gathered from the press around the incident.

He calls games like Angry Birds or Bejeweled, which ensnare players in addictive loops of frustration and gratification under the pretense that skill is required to win, 'abusive' -- a common diagnosis among those who get hooked on the games, but a surprising one from a game designer, ostensibly charged with doing the hooking.' Many popular games tap into something in a person that is compulsive, like hoarding,' he said, 'the need to make progress with points or collect things.

Pure instant gratification. Someone's first step into using PHP is likely going to be "I want the current date in the footer of my page", or "I want a random image on my homepage", or something like that.

Each of these issues can be explained by the Marshmallow test, because to properly deal with any of them requires the ability to defer gratification in the immediate as part of a plan, something, even with decades of coaching, he's unable to do, and thus remains poor.

A so you're the kind of SEO that as some kind of public service improves the google index for his own gratification. Sorry, I don't but that for a second.

Desperately lonely divorced Western men spending a fortune on these young foreign girls and boys for companionship and sexual gratification, and the young folks drawn into whoring out their bodies over the internet just to make rent and buy food. Or, evidently, to squander their money "Gangnam Style" on luxuries to feel rich.

The fact that dozens of comments think 90 days is too long for a service to be invite only shows we are really in a instant gratification news bubble here. 90 days!

Hopefully you'll get achieve some gratification for being an iconoclast when they bring up those objections, though. PSA: no need to spend the second half you post explaining your contrarianism, it was implicit from the first half.

Because it allows for messy, playful, immediate gratification, tweaking fun. Perhaps I haven't the attention span to be a proper programmer.

I don't see how computers are different, other than currently being mostly pushed and therefore being held hostage by motives of greed, consumerism and distraction, and our own shallow desire for instant gratification. But those motives are like clouds in the wind, in the way they are manifested they're rather a zit that grew in an unclean spot, than a "law of nature"...

Buildings in China are built for instant gratification using the lowest skilled labour available with fit and finishings that only look good from a distance. This is why PPP GDP adjustment is such BS. The argument goes that you have a skyscraper in Shanghai and one in New York you have a skyscraper's unit of wealth in both places, though the one in Shanghai costs half as much to build.

This fits in to what I perceive as a greater trend: I generally lack stimulation, and I gravitate towards things that give me that kind of instant gratification... .

Delayed gratification is part of how we define higher intelligence. Meditation has what do with this, exactly?

Learning how to deal with the effects of technology, the instant gratification and the multi-sensory stimulation it provides is, indeed, one of the great challenges of the modern age. The writer's specific examples grate on me.

Gratification definitions


state of being gratified or satisfied; "dull repetitious work gives no gratification"; "to my immense gratification he arrived on time"

See also: satisfaction


the act or an instance of satisfying