How to use Glossiness in a sentence as a noun

They've toned down the ridiculous levels of gimmicky glossiness, but they've kept in the stuff that is important to the design.

It's not only the glossiness, it's also about the original size.

> And Duracell has multiple levels of "pro"/"industrial grade" batteriesWhat are the differences between those and the retail cells, in your experience?I've seen people quoting P&G reps that the only difference is the glossiness of the labels and the cardinality of the package, but I haven't found any definitive statement online one way or the other.

But I also liked Aero's glossiness, which I'm happy to see somewhat reflected in Yosemite - nor did I ever have an issue with OS X, although iOS 6 was a bit much for my taste.

I miss the pinstripes and aqua glossiness, but also the fact that software in other platforms just seemed so boring in comparison!

To me at least, that glossiness seems somewhat off-putting.

From a developer's perspective, what's the appeal of all the glossiness of OSX and default WMs on popular Linux distros?Is everyone here more design/graphics oriented?Between firefox tabs, emacs buffers, and GNU screen, I hardly make use of the window manager at all.

Humans can rarely know, but have some complicated ways of identifying, I think from glossiness?

Because before you can see a color, you have to compute it. For example, you need to calculate what color would result from the interaction of a light source of a given color / intensity and a surface of a given color / reflectivity / glossiness etc. There's no way to reasonably compute that using just 8-bit ints without getting terrible banding / quantization artifacts.

The glossiness of them is highly desirable for anyone doing visual work: Photography, video editing, UX design, graphic design, etc.

I have been hoping that some day the glossiness gets down to a level that I can tolerate enough to get a newer macbook.

The glossiness does however make the iMacs look good in stores.

Glossiness definitions


the property of being smooth and shiny

See also: polish gloss burnish