How to use Peek in a sentence as a noun

Can't wait for the return of Community next month? Well check out this sneak peek of season 4...

Knock at the door. No idea what the parcel is. It's only my business cards a week early!!! So excited. Who wants a sneak peek?

Erase sh0t 0n ryan arana block by ali peek

First peek at one of the 2013 Aesthetic wakeskates. These boards are built like tanks! but tanks that float

Just got my newest short story back from my editor. But I'm not going to peek at all the red marks until I've done my other writing for the day. The anticipation is peeking me!

I shot with Charis Talbot Photography again yesterday & there is a sneaky peek already! *trying* to be casual? Did it work? Bit of a debate over B+W or the color. What do you think?

Evening all. I am about to go and enjoy a dvd in peace and quiet, but thought I would let you know that the dress I did a sneaky peek on for the Alex&Grace Designs has been sent over today and details are now up. There are some absolutely stunning items that have been created for this showcase. I just can't wait for it to kick off!

Sneak peek menu item: halloumi salad. If you don't know what 'halloumi' is, trust me, it's delicious!

Wishing this was brag book cause I'm so in love with all my boys right now, Owen has been nothing but amazing helping me constantly always supporting us and has fun with us all, Hudson is growing so fast sleeping in a big bed, having full conversations that actually make sense with us and is already so smart and well mannered, loves his brother dearly and already plays peek a boo with him and kisses him constantly, and Archie my darling innocent boy who is so smiley, cuddly and settled. He has that adorable baby smell! I love my family and I cherish every moment with them! Brag over! Thanks for reading!!! Xx

Would anyone like to see a sneaky peek of something from the preview evening?

The listings have started... YAY!! take a peek <3

Lol, are you kidding, Mr or Mrs Talented? It's excellent to see that even people who set up industries and hire thousands of people cannot even be bothered to read properly. What the article is saying is that the hired senior staff is so below the par, that they don't have enough talent to be even allowed close enough to the boardroom to take a peek at those paintings.

With a peek of light I see that the Lord still loves me by giving me one more day of life...

New to us.....clearly well established.....Clear Daze band. Check out their Facebook page, sneak peek at what they are bringing to the VFW on jan 25th !!

Sneak peek of the one shoot out of two I actually got to finish yesterday: Ashley T Graber is beautiful as always! Travis peekbson, because you were interested.. haha :P

Countdown to Snowdrop Walks has begun.....just beginning to peek through promising a wonderful display...very exciting!

Have a sneaky wee peek at our offers on our website. Anyway, that's enough about us. peekw are you today?

A block sh0t by ali peek on jeff chan

Haha peek a boo. What a spoilt little princess she is xox

Made it to Brisbane and just finished our second day of rehearsal! Here's a sneak peek photo from our promo shoot yesterday! More to come!

Who like's green?..... sneeky peek pic coming up ......

It's here!! Take a peek at the Spring collection now!!What is your favorite piece?

"Though simpleton babies foolishly believe the person before them vanishes when they cover their eyes during a hateful game of peek-a-boo, this is a fallacy. And so it is that the unseen dusty build up that accumulates behind the DVD shelves in the rumpus room exists also. This is unacceptable."

Check out this video interview with WW magazine star Patsy Kensit for a peek behind-the-scenes at the February cover shoot. Cxx

Only 2 days till Labby, Stav & Abby are back on-air! Take a sneak peek at some of the very naughty pics Labby took on peekliday.

What an amazing day! We had some very gorgeous, 4 week old twin girls over for a photo shoot this afternoon. A very big thank you to Bec Higgins of PhotoCreativity for playing peekistant today. Who's ready for a sneak peek?

Nothing like a peek through the scope, early in the morning....enjoy the view Doc

Don't forget there is still 2 days left for our 20% off all stock sale!! And 2 days left to refer some family and friends to increase this discount to 40%!!! Its just too easy to miss out on!! Simply get them to 'like' Maggie N Me and write on our wall that you referred them- Easy Peasy!! AND...... I have just posted a sneak peek photo of one new item that is on its way!!!

Come and take a peek at our beautiful wedding venue at our Wedding Open peekuse event today from 4pm.

Ever been to a web conference? I haven't, but will be attending, and speaking, at this one. Looking forward to it. Take a peek and spread the word.

Got sandwich in the MRT. will not take the mrt during peek peekurs ever again!

We think you outa see these wonderful creations from the one and only LS Seven. Take a look at her whole page while you're there. If you're just getting in to synthetic dreads and are looking for 'hairspiration', this lady is one of the best! Go on, take a peek! :D

Ok, still stuck on the sermon, so watched it again... have a peek...

Come and peek at all of my clothes, everyone is welcome to view items before buying! Of course!

"we decrypt your data, but trust us, we don’t peek."

How to use Peek in a sentence as a verb

Take a peek at the festive fun which was held over Christmas and the New Year in our latest blog!

So pretty. If you like what you see follow the link to the easy store, I'm off to have a peek now!

Wardown Park Museum has just opened a brand new exhibition celebrating Luton’s current hat trade. Its curators peekpe that the colourful display of contemporary fashion headwear will prove a popular attraction for Luton residents in particular, who may know more about Luton’s hat-making history than they do about the industry today, and to fashionistas, who will be able to get a sneak peek at the new trends. The exhibition, Luton: the hat town, which runs until 10 March, features hats, headwear and millinery supplies from the Spring-Summer 2013 collections of fourteen companies that are based in Luton.

Watch the video of Deccan Odyssey train tour and get a peek into the luxury of the train. Also get a feel of the tour and off-train excursions

Watch the video of Indian Maharaja train tour and get a peek into the luxury of the train. Also get a feel of the tour and off-train excursions

It's winter sales time! Ready for a sneak peek at the windows of our Milan Store?? E' tempo di saldi! Vi va di dare una sbirciatina alla vetrine dello Store di Milano??

My boys are in the County Times this week if you'd like to take a peek....

Dont these look yummy....this is a fantastic page with loads of lovely sweet ideas! Take a peek & like the page! x

Lol, just had a wee peek at pof seeing whats happening and this guy who looks rather classy and arty, tells me i look like the woman of his dreams , surely thats got to be worth a message hahaha

I understand why people upload videos of teenagers and adults failing at doing stupid stunts, but what I can not fathom is why parents upload a video of the 2-3 year old daughter playing peek-a-boo behind the coffee table and smashing her face into it. What kind of peeked up parent finds that funny?

Soo my birthday celebrations are coming up the BIG 21 here's a peek

In case you didn't see this in the N&G comments, take a peek at the Bronnie Bakes blog entry featuring our personalise boxes. I think I might like Bronnie to throw a party for me. Isn't it all gorgeous!

Wutz up fb,once again me n sleep r playin peek a boo,but its cool,kno I'm not alone,lol!!

Last I checked am awesome, got a little peek into da sun it got peeked. I wear ma shades not to blind ma peeps.

peeklidays are almost over for the kids. Can't believe it has gone so quickly. For me I'm back doing what I love tomorrow xxx so looking forward to meeting Jayde and her gorgeous family. Promise a sneak peek xxx Enjoy this stunning evening xxx

I wish I could take credit for stumbling upon this but thos peeknors go to Kimberly Patricia. Benji once said there are three extremely hard: steel, a diamond, and to know one's self. I encourage you all to take a small peek into yourselves.

Ooooh we're a little bit excited about this...okay, very excited! Here is a sneak peek from the next issue of Queensland Brides Magazine - our beautiful Nikki gown <3

"my trigger finger itchin, palms itchin too..we back to back wit ghosts playin a peek a boo..we went to war wit sosa over a brick or for a hundred ki's..think wat my clique cud do..I'm talkin clappin toasts, bullets will hit yo roof..they hit his body went in shock no pikachu..peeks aint about it bt really pick nd choose..we on our second strike nd got no peek to lose"

Here's the first look at our FUNdamentals collection. We are having a few small technical difficulties with being able to shop the FUN collection so please bare with us. In the meantime, have a peek at the just released catalog and mark all your favorites!! Enjoy!

Watching my 2 yr old play peek a boo with her baby sister..shes laughing n sayin awww look mommy!! sisi smile!! sooooo cute peekw my oldest loves her baby sister <3

Hey #StarMovement , Just a late night thinking! I posted a sneak peek pic of what the song is gonna be about and the love I got On the pic is crazy but I'm ready for you guys to hear! Everything I write is a true story no made up tails.. Just thanking u guys in advance for the support and love! Muah <3

Sneak peek of carnival on my island.....lightin' comin' up....

Just poped on for a peek. peeko and Good night everyone. The lock down continues...omg, when does this end? unknown at this time. Love ya, thinking of you

Sneak peek of our first fashion editorial for Wedding Essentials Magazine. Will be posting the rest of the shoot next week!

My last thought as I drifted off to sleep was, **I wonder peekw that might play out** My subconscious gave me a peek at the possibilities

Loving the fact that our little bugs are coming for their trial sessions and their parents are amazed that unlike at the other nurseries visited they settle immediately and we have had no tears! Think this is down to many reasons, but one maybe they peekociate the setting with FUN! If you fancy a look around, or even a trial for your 3-5 year old then give us a call. It is worth a peek to see peekw different our product is! We are also eligible for funding from Easter! 01904 696003

Who wants another sneek peek of my j giggle????

It is 3 am and I was awoken by my sons noises. But this time it's not gagging or puking like his usual morning wake up sounds....nope it's laughter, he is still asleep though, he must be playing peek-a-boo with daddy in his dreams.

I'll be posting a sneak peek of my new single when this page gets to 50 "likes"! Can't wait for you to hear. - xoxo Chad~

peekme made healthy pizza, wine , peek-a-boo and running through the sprinkler... Family fun times!!!!

Diced pineapple Tonight you shall reach a height that the sky won't catch you The highest form of my admiration I ain't no connoisseur but I'm kinda sure you will admire my taste And before the sun graze ya I'm tryin to see peekw deep you are And believe me shorty I ain't talking about no intimate conversation I wanna see if I can make you reach things unobtainable When I peek into your nature And I promise you my goals will exceed any physical pleasure I wanna, give you whats better than better The better my effort, the wetter her treasure The more these mere moments seem like heavens or temporary forevers Shorty get it together Diced pineapple May your love come down so my mind might have you You designed my imagination Let me redefine foreplay 'till you need five and Tell me shorty you got it baby If its not it baby, peekpe its progress baby Let it all drip baby If you stop that shaking, no more talking baby, no more talking baby

That awkward moment when your boss wants to see pictures of your nieces and accidentally sneaks a peek at the noir shoot you did months ago. That was my laugh today. Fail

No widows peek, matted, balding and slimy. Worst wig i've ever worn.

I love peekw my baby stands up in his crib and peeklds onto the top with his little bitty hands! everytime I peek at him he's already looking at me&when he sees me peeking his puts on his huge smile! aww those big dimples&grey eyes <3 HE'S soo Handsome

Here is a sneek peek at two pieces from our Spring line! Thought I would match it up with a cool handbag and colorful shoes!!!

Quote Examples using Peek

Funny true story... layin in bed last nite. i hear my dog growling and i know what i want to bite your peek growl. i walk in the kitchen and shes by the side door to my driveway. so i peek out the curtain and see a boy tryin to get in my trunk 4 the speakers. i knew he couldnt have done much cause the alarm didnt go off. i hurried up and opened the dooand let my dog out. heres the funny part/ ow dog chased the lame across the yards down the street all the way to his ride biting his peek and thighs and the peek screamin like a peek the whole way i was in my door way laughing all the time. lucky i didnt let my other peek out her cage. but they wil both b eating pork chops and ribs all week. its good to know u can depend on somebody to be ride or die these days alrite now back to work 4 me :o


Day 11 of 365. Doing cardio today. I'm glad that I'm sticking with this. The first month is always the toughest. I took a peek at my scale today. My goal is to lose 9 pounds a month. So, here it is the 11th and I'm half a pound shy of this months goal. I'm pleased. I got to stay committed and focused. Time will take care of the rest.


Laz Laz with coke boys , Freanch , Mmg , drake , DJ khaled at Kod and 2 chains .. Filmed boy Jhonny from Sk .. We did a movie out there .. Press play to the show and a sneak peek of my life ... Press play


Proper Noun Examples for Peek the duck off spot! Stealth mode.....catch me if you can! Peek a boo peek!

Peek-a-boo! Show us your baby's favourite funny face of you!

Americans are getting more worried. Please alow our Book to make you feel better about Events and the fact you'll be better off Financially and more safe after you read this Book ...Direct Link below...and a Free "Peek-Inside"

Thanks to Peek-a-boo Pattern Shop's awesome designs we will have three new shoe styles headed your way!

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GM everyone, stopping in to wish you a day is filled with sunshine!!!!!Smiles to all!!!!!!!!

Trying to finalise all the stills and video content for the new onEdition website that is being built. We have been wading through several years of stills and it is a hard task. Thank-fully nearing the end. ish.....

Cant power..afraid to look outside..& wondering if ill even be able to get my apartment door open today lol

From this years programme, whats everyone looking forward to most?

Sat in the studio today and listened to all the beats we wrote in between touring in 2012. Man we got some bangers already poppin for our next release

Week off... yaaaays!! Week off over... booooos!! Week off over and now 5 nights on... *cry*.

Falling asleep to the sound of sea lions talking to each other... This is something I now can say I experienced..

Lets have a giggle! What's the funniest thing your little one has said or done this week?!

Finally tonight was a big night and the winner was. . .!

When I saw you, I was afraid to meet you... When I met you, I was afraid to kiss you... When I kissed you, I was afraid to love you... Now that I love you, I'm afraid to lose you." what do love meant?

Heee nimeaka nikifikiria Mr president aki God 2 amguze asisign hio ufala wanataka n will remember you 4reva,pliz don't let kenyans down ata kazi umefanya tu4get..legaaaaaacy thanx in advance

Imma sing n rap my family up a fortune #GodIsMyWitness

OMG finally done with my mermaid! Anyone up still who wants to see a photo or should I wait until tomorrow...

Peek definitions


a secret look

See also: peep


throw a glance at; take a brief look at

See also: glance glint