Girth in a sentence as a noun

As for penis size: we all know its about girth, not length.

I assume it just takes too much torque to twist by hand, but it works fine with the added girth of the second bottle.

They've got the processor power, the performance per watts, and I/O girth to communicate to other processors.

Or estimate the girth, then guess a height/girth ratio that makes sense given the composition of a tree, and then estimate the height.

Girth in a sentence as a verb

The Regretsy & Diaspora account freezes are just the tip of an iceberg of consumer abuse whose girth spans over a decade now.

More girth around the ribcage due to weight means "average" cup sizes that equal more mass because cup size is very much relative to that initial ribcage measurement.

Asides from my ever expanding girth, I've never been described as a whale!It all ads up...from $1,500 for TV sub, plus biz travel with hotel tonight, taxi's here and there, netflix, spotify.

That might be a way to measure short lengths of wire, but a cylindrical thumb with a girth of one inch would have a diameter of about 8mm, so no, it wouldn't, unless it was invented by an aye-aye.

Girth definitions


the distance around a person's body


stable gear consisting of a band around a horse's belly that holds the saddle in place

See also: cinch


tie a cinch around; "cinch horses"

See also: cinch