Cinch in a sentence as a noun

Would have been a cinch on an 11" MBA.

It makes a cinch of hooking into other services.

Sure, if you've got crazy simple requirements it's generally a cinch.

Data visualization via Python is now a cinch thanks to Kivy.

While we were grinding on our startup, coming up with new roadmaps and new ideas were a cinch, there was always ways to expand on things.

Cinch in a sentence as a verb

I prefer this for stand-alone applications as it makes deployment a cinch at the expense of the size of the build artifact.

Except plugs and sockets don't always translate directly into male/female - ie: D-Sub connectors, XLR connectors, cinch connectors, ...

Does this say that as long as key generation, key distribution, and message authentication are trivial, unbreakable cryptography is a cinch?

I remember writing a C# application using Winforms back mid-last-decade and assuming that portability would be a cinch...right up until I realized that Winforms weren't supported by Mono yet and I was supposed to use Glade# or some such nonsense.

Cinch definitions


any undertaking that is easy to do; "marketing this product will be no picnic"

See also: breeze picnic snap pushover walkover


stable gear consisting of a band around a horse's belly that holds the saddle in place

See also: girth


a form of all fours in which the players bid for the privilege of naming trumps


tie a cinch around; "cinch horses"

See also: girth


make sure of


get a grip on; get mastery of