Full in a sentence as a noun

I burned myself out once and it took at least 12 years to regain full productivity.

It has given scholars the ability, for the first time, to conduct full-text searches of tens of millions of books.

It is, pure and simple, a piracy site full of pirated material.

Then surely people, having bought it once and discovered how awesome it is, will come back again and again to pay full price.

Full in a sentence as a verb

Four years ago I began work on my own feed reader, NewsBlur, and it's now a full-fledged Google Reader competitor.

It's much easier to make it look "gorgeous" when the timeline is full of gorgeous people, beautifully photographed.

It used to be that HP engineers were expressly given Friday afternoons and full access to company resources to just play with new ideas.

They must know full well what they're doing, and marketing this as a privacy enhancement when it's actually detrimental to privacy is willfully dishonest.

Full in a sentence as an adjective

I'm done with movie theaters full of loud other people who aren't me, and the litany of other issues that have been discussed to death from overpriced tickets, to concessions, to 3D projector woes and content.

It may very well be that Broder got a swimming pool full of BP-money in his offshore hideaway...but isn't it possible that just maybe, that Elon Musk has a vested interest in advocating for Tesla?

Unites [sic] States Attorney Carmen M. Ortiz said, Todays convictions should serve as a message to those involved with illegal gambling schemes that the government will apply the full weight of its resources to identify, investigate and prosecute individuals who seek to profit from offshore gambling.

"I fully support gay marriage and I personally think Brendan is on the wrong side of this issue, but I also fully support the right of people to hold their own opinions, even when other people find them unpopular.

Full in a sentence as an adverb

SNI operated the world's first commercial vulnerability research team, and had a very close relationship with Theo; we had a full time employee who had essentially led the first OpenBSD security audit.

You will either have something going from your side project or you will have enough money saved to legitimately work full time on something without worrying about billsAs far as the idea, go for something as boring as possible.

Full definitions


the time when the Moon is fully illuminated; "the moon is at the full"

See also: full-of-the-moon


beat for the purpose of cleaning and thickening; "full the cloth"


make (a garment) fuller by pleating or gathering


increase in phase; "the moon is waxing"


containing as much or as many as is possible or normal; "a full glass"; "a sky full of stars"; "a full life"; "the auditorium was full to overflowing"


constituting the full quantity or extent; complete; "an entire town devastated by an earthquake"; "gave full attention"; "a total failure"

See also: entire total


complete in extent or degree and in every particular; "a full game"; "a total eclipse"; "a total disaster"

See also: total


filled to satisfaction with food or drink; "a full stomach"


(of sound) having marked deepness and body; "full tones"; "a full voice"


having the normally expected amount; "gives full measure"; "gives good measure"; "a good mile from here"

See also: good


being at a peak or culminating point; "broad daylight"; "full summer"


having ample fabric; "the current taste for wide trousers"; "a full skirt"

See also: wide wide-cut


to the greatest degree or extent; completely or entirely; (`full' in this sense is used as a combining form); "fully grown"; "he didn't fully understand"; "knew full well"; "full-grown"; "full-fledged"

See also: fully