Attorney in a sentence as a noun

Ask for the agent's card, to give to your attorney.

My attorney says the next step is to file a lawsuit against them.

"[laughter and applause]And the attorney wrote back and said: "Thanks very much, Douglas!

Tell the agent that you have an attorney and that "my attorney will be in contact with you.

They haven't responded to it despite requests from me and from my attorney.

If you have not yet hired a lawyer, tell the agent that "I want to consult a lawyer first" or that "an attorney will be in touch with you.

I wrote an article on negotiation when I was a trial attorney that is applicable to most situations.

Working with an attorney is not the same as filing suit, and you will never be worse off in this sort of situation for having sought outside counsel.

That partner C was a shyster of an attorney, and all evidence suggested that they'd just try to wait out the expensive clock rather than consider settling.

Eventually, I wound up not pursuing the matter in court--talking it over with my attorney, it became quite clear that the legal fees of fighting them would be ruinous.

The post says they spoke with folks at the Software Freedom Center, which is great, but I highly recommend finding a specialized attorney who's seen lots of applications and knows the right angle.

I was worried that Snowden's father was going to continue, through his attorney, to try and dissuade his terrified son from persisting in his convictions; thus, I was preparing to be disappointed in his father's loyalty.

Attorney definitions


a professional person authorized to practice law; conducts lawsuits or gives legal advice

See also: lawyer