Fragile in a sentence as an adjective

They hurl insults like "weak" and "fragile" as though someone isn't allowed to be shy ever since the internet happened.

It's an image that people enjoy looking at, and it's right there for everyone to see - touchable, fragile, transient.

"In high tech this can get really messy, these are frequently inherently more fragile companies.

"You see, Brian, this is why computers will never work out, there's got to be something wrong if it takes millions of fragile lines to do this!

Rather than criticize his failures, lets make a note of how fragile our human psyches are and work towards helping one another cope with our internal battles.

For one:I find that I can't really hold the iPad with one hand, partially because the shape and weight distribution, partially because it feels so incredibly fragile.

A non-profit might put enough pressure on a company to stop polluting groundwater or destroying fragile ecosystems.

But I didn't write that post because I wanted to plug Tarsnap; I wrote it because I saw the trust-is-fragile post on HN Daily and felt that revising their privacy policy wasn't the right response.

Although a nurturing environment for human freedom, it's also a fragile ecosystem, and giving up on a couple key nodes, in its current form, is enough to destroy it, shadowy dreams of darknets notwithstanding.

Fragile definitions


easily broken or damaged or destroyed; "a kite too delicate to fly safely"; "fragile porcelain plates"; "fragile old bones"; "a frail craft"

See also: delicate frail


vulnerably delicate; "she has the fragile beauty of youth"


lacking substance or significance; "slight evidence"; "a tenuous argument"; "a thin plot"; a fragile claim to fame"

See also: flimsy slight tenuous thin