Frail in a sentence as a noun

Your partner sees a frail person who has given up.

"Your partner sees a frail person who has given up. Your kids see a failure.

If it's so frail in the real world, then pack it in; the philosophy has no hope of success.

The wizard is old and frail, and the apprentice isn't physically hurt, but is shocked by what has happened.

There's a fine line you can cross with minimalist design where it suddenly feels cold, generic, and frail.

In an elderly patient who is a bit frail, I think most patients and doctors would prefer to use abiraterone up front rather than chemo, which has more side effects.

Frail in a sentence as an adjective

For example, in oncology trials you state that the practice of excluding patients who are elderly or frail is 'not a good way to find out how to treat most cancer patients.

They're too frail to drive, and walking the massive block to the huge nearby intersection, and then walking across the vast expanse of asphalt to the nearby Lucky's is basically impossible.

Without appropriate intervention, a fit and healthy older person can become extremely frail within the space of two or three years due to a series of increasingly more frequent and serious falls.

There are existing standards for things like small form factor graphics interface, like MXM, that seem like they would work much better than apple's variant which requires a rather frail looking connector between the graphics cards and the I/O card.

And this organism is physically separate from you, mobile, frail, loud enough to draw attention to itself, unable to protect itself, inquisitive, and completely unaware of danger.

The way the research is done in reality is first you give the drug to the people most likely to benefit, and then if it works for them, test it in other groups less likely to benefit by running trials specifically in the elderly or frail groups.

Frail definitions


the weight of a frail (basket) full of raisins or figs; between 50 and 75 pounds


a basket for holding dried fruit (especially raisins or figs)


physically weak; "an invalid's frail body"


wanting in moral strength, courage, or will; having the attributes of man as opposed to e.g. divine beings; "I'm only a fallible human"; "frail humanity"

See also: fallible imperfect weak


easily broken or damaged or destroyed; "a kite too delicate to fly safely"; "fragile porcelain plates"; "fragile old bones"; "a frail craft"

See also: delicate fragile