Focus in a sentence as a noun

They had to focus more on the "bottom line".

"He would rather focus the discussion on the survey.

They came with specs, but they did not focus on core user experience in the beginning.

Sit back, pick technology a couple of steps behind the bleeding edge, and focus on results.

The latter is often what to focus on-- there people with much less interesting jobs that are satisfied with them.

Maybe it's time for someone to start an AdSense competitor whose focus is customer service.

I don't know how we could have been able to predict the shift in focus to Google+ even with perfect visibility into Google.

People are complaining that stuff like voice calling, and some Talk features are missing, but it's probably due to focus on shipping something that works good first.

Focus in a sentence as a verb

This product is our focus, and will not be ‘discontinued’ unexpectedly.” Burn!Very amusing.

Visualization that only focuses on the goal may drain motivation to complete the necessary steps.

The Hangouts team probably has good reason at the moment to strictly focus on a core set of functionality and get it working with good UX on all the platforms.

There is something supremely funny about VCs complaining that their start-ups behave like funded start-ups and not like bootstrappers, who focus on revenues and profits right from day 1.

From what I gather, such a large shift in focus and investment was a unprecedented in Google before Google+.I think Google is a great company, I have a super high opinion of the people that I met there.

I'm not saying Nick D'Aloisio isn't doing what he does out of genuine passion - I don't know anything about him, I expect he's very driven and geniune - but I would rather focus on the work than the jackpot.

There is a lot of software that goes onto a modern commercial engine, but the general theme of the software I focus on is the modeling of the underlying engine dynamics using sensor data.

He wants people to focus on the issue he raised: Whether school officials considered that students could incriminate themselves with their answers to the survey that included questions about drug and alcohol use.

Focus definitions


the concentration of attention or energy on something; "the focus of activity shifted to molecular biology"; "he had no direction in his life"

See also: focusing focussing direction centering


maximum clarity or distinctness of an image rendered by an optical system; "in focus"; "out of focus"


maximum clarity or distinctness of an idea; "the controversy brought clearly into focus an important difference of opinion"


a central point or locus of an infection in an organism; "the focus of infection"

See also: nidus


special emphasis attached to something; "the stress was more on accuracy than on speed"

See also: stress


a point of convergence of light (or other radiation) or a point from which it diverges


a fixed reference point on the concave side of a conic section


direct one's attention on something; "Please focus on your studies and not on your hobbies"

See also: concentrate center centre pore rivet


cause to converge on or toward a central point; "Focus the light on this image"


bring into focus or alignment; to converge or cause to converge; of ideas or emotions

See also: concenter concentre focalize focalise


become focussed or come into focus; "The light focused"

See also: focalize focalise


put (an image) into focus; "Please focus the image; we cannot enjoy the movie"

See also: focalize focalise sharpen