Focussing in a sentence as a noun

They are focussing on things from a customer's POV.

Apple need to be focussing 90% of their efforts to catch up here - a tall order.

By thinking about stuff like this you're focussing less on your own product, which is the important thing.

It's just that you're focussing on smaller, more questionable startups.

The computer bit is easy and everyone is focussing on it but it's not exceptional.

I've seen other people claim that us focussing mainly on Linux will somehow reduce the amount of help we get from BSD and so on.

Unfortunately, the past 6 weeks I've been quite bad at it as I've been focussing on something you'll hopefully see in a few weeks.

Google's two co-founders are focussing on something most people hate and things that have a small chance of paying off many many years from now.

Maybe I am especially weak at focussing, but I think to some degree this is true to everybody who listens to music while working.

I'll be focussing more on the data science implications, rather than implementation details.

"Jobs only was capable of focussing on design because countless Wozniaks did the plumbing"As an EE-type dude Woz's design work was pretty impressive.

After a couple of months active encouragement, a no-blame approach to problems, and a few short training sessions focussing on how to diagnose issues rather than following a script....they became incredibly effective.

You really think that focussing on Apple, with a brand 4x stronger than its nearest competitor, is just spin?Here's another quote from the article: "Apple has more than double the brand appeal of BlackBerry, HTC, Motorola, Nokia and Samsung combined.

Some days, especially in the corporate environment where I work, I genuinely wonder if we are missing the point completely with all the innovation and advancements in OS' and software instead of focussing on cleaning up what is already there.

Focussing definitions


the concentration of attention or energy on something; "the focus of activity shifted to molecular biology"; "he had no direction in his life"

See also: focus focusing direction centering