How to use Flurry in a sentence as a noun

I think today's day off will be celebrated by a flurry of activity in the morning, followed by an insane amount of sleeping through the rest of the day. Have a good one peeps, just trying to work through some stuff, and I'll catch ya on the flurry.

By the flurry of reference letters I have written over the past few weeks I am reminded by the absolutely wonderful students and young people I have had the opportunity to work with. I will be thrilled to call them student affairs colleagues in a few years!

Remember, your business can benefit from security monitoring even if you don't have valuables on site. The theft of your customer information could cause a flurry of bad press against your company.

Back flurryme after 2 days of meetings in Naperville! This is going to be an exciting and busy year at work! January is just going to be a flurry of activity...better than snow flurries :/

I want a big tasty and a Mc flurry! I'd also really really like mum to stop chain smoking in front of me :-[

Near midnight mc flurry run with the fellow mc fat flurry

Achieved a first today - my very first trip to a zoo. Thoroughly enjoyed Salzburg Zoo, but not as much as Evelyn who decided to try and have a conversation with a flurry of talkative Flamingoes !

I am beginning to feel that mid term polls to Loksabha are around the corner,if one goes by the flurry of activities at the Government level. FM is almost on warparth--ensuing budget will appease almost all sections of society and it will be capped with the famous Food Security Bill. Finally the advantages-- of transparent manner in which subsidies are being transferred via bank account--will have a telling positive effect on the prospects of UPA II.

A message to my Ex's hehehehe I was playing earlier on, u know I am a lovely guy! The flurry of messages was entirely not necessary! Good nite! It was an Ex's flurryliday ko Akporla I was merely being supportive to the the people there!

1/8/13: A flurry of new deals from CES will make Net radio more accessible in the car

What a beautiful image. And a tiny flurry of snow in Rhodes today too. Roll on summer!

A flurry of water meter freezes from cold weather over the weekend had water officials in Albuquerque putting extra crews on duty to respond to customers' calls for help. Are you worried about your pipes freezing?

Wow - a small flurry of new 'Likes' today. Welcome to all our new fans. Share with your friends, and let's see if we can make it up to 100 by the end of the month!

With so many dates in 2013 booked for weddings and a recent flurry of Lifestyle Portrait enquiries - 2013 is looking like it is going to be nicely busy!

And with the power of Dropbox the Lazer Academy com link has finally been established. You dudes are about to get a flurry of electrohouse

After a flurry of lists that surveyed of some of the best reading in 2012, the previews come out. Here is one from the Atlantic Wire that predicts it will be a "pretty big year for short stories."

Wow, this is the first time since I was born that it wont at least flurry on January 8th. I'm loving it!!

Good morning everyone! Wow it looks like we might have been teased yet again with a another little overnight snow flurry! It is going to be sunny and 45 today! Seriously! Who else would like it to actually be winter?

I try to understand. the flurry of you.

Who feels like buying me a mc flurry soos nou?

Thanks to all the nice people who said nice things for my birthday .. I had a nice time .... Back to porridge now after a whole flurry of birthdays ... Aaaahhh ...

"Sometimes past hurts and negative life experiences can cause our hearts to harden. Tormented memories can sometimes cause us to regress or it could subconsciously cause us to fill our lives with a flurry of things and activities to distract our attention."

A flake of snow in flurry thro’ the air Had landed as a kiss upon my cheek: A secret message, just for me to share; To take to heart but never dare to speak About or presuppose to other eyes Your open feelings – distant though they are. And so, upon your lips, my OWN surprise: A flake of snow returned from me afar. Enjoy cloudy boggy seasone...

Thanks for the "flurry" of registrations that are pouring in! Make sure you signup to be part of the fun! We're expecting great things this year!

I'm trying to get my head around WHY everyone is talking about Notre Dame? The cathedral is beyond spectacular....a masterpiece of art and faith, built beginning in 1163. I suspect, flurrywever, there is a sporting event attached to the FB flurry. Sigh. flurryw many days until we can talk about outfits at the Oscars? #sigh.

Yo its grizz on the track, i aint talkin memphis, i got a flurry full of stacks, storm up tempest, you could say that ap is back, no longer apprenticed, and the name on the plaque, battling me is senseless.

I guess since the flurry of comments have stopped, everyone has changed the channel? Yeah, me too.

Based on the campaign legal team's evaluation of state law, we've made a strategic decision to move from exploratory phase to full-blown campaign mode ahead of schedule. Look for a formal announcement in the coming week, followed by a flurry of activity. It's time to get busy! Are you ready?

flurryodrats be workin at mc donalds,talkin bout im grindin...on my grind...yeah grind me a mc flurry flurry

How to use Flurry in a sentence as a verb

Can't wait to see everyone in the morning and kick off 2013 with a flurry of new referrals!! ~Val

Ps I also did a big turnover of adult paperbacks and hardcover books in the bookroom! We haven't had time to tackle that with all the Christmas flurry so was way overdue. Robin

Now going over the handlebars in a flurry of upside-down groceries is even easier!

After yesterday's flurry of creativity, I have lost all motivation today. Think I used it all up on my early morning run...groan.

BTW while this flurry of FB activity was going on i watched a girl put deodarant on under her shirt right in front of me - sure flurrye she paid for it.

Maccys mc flurry hmmm thanks miss trotty for our come dine with me meal haha

A big thanks to the lovely flurrylmes-made for sharing my mushroom flurryuse pebble last night. I have had 2 fabulous orders from it, 1 commission piece and 1 ready to post item! flurryo and welcome to my flurry of new likers since the share. If you have any questions then please do let me know xx

Jadee: subway, mc donalds <-- 2 double cheese burgers medium fries strawberry milkshake and a crunchie mc flurry for dinner yep i am fat ^_^ already ate the subway and 1 cheese burger and the fries just a few more bits to get down me :P yum yumm

There they come back in stylish silence, For there is always a second coming In time of peace and in time of violence They return when you're not looking They slide their huge bodies over your umbrella crashing it When you feel complacent and keep 'yapping' and 'yapping'! Under your umbrella Only the vigilant will notice them Because the smoky screens hide their number And the cloudy dust under their feet Foretells of flurry fury flying in frenzy frequency Yes, they are coming, the mamoth are coming!! Fold your umbrellas and run for better shelter, You those feasting and partying With poor people's lives and destiny Watch out and run for cover Your small umbrellas can't stop these gargantuanly furious beasts

We are back to business after a lovely flurryliday break. Want to take a moment to say thank you to everyone for your support. It was heart warming to see a flurry of year end donations. Whether you give money or your time we appreciate everything you do!

Janitor jaded persuaded performance perspective respective collective collared collage mirage mirrored flurrype glimmered glimpse magic imps cricket stumps stupid cupid rapid vapid vapour folded newspaper pauper flurryer leg limper lamped tourist camped parcel stamped car cramped road ramped count vamped street lamped label car cable storied fable fabulous faltered chemically altered flower watered wasted turkey basted bastion mansion mandate recreate recurring blades whirring words slurring slurry golden flurry steaming curry curtain uncertain actor burton comedian merton merry bottled sherry shielded path yielded shelter heated swelter snow pelter peeling congealing congratulations recriminations alterations allowed renewed vows voided vortex directs suspects sustained picture framed fraudulent frantic fracas ruckus ruined trouble brewing brethren breathing under achieving heart grieving mood seething sentiment evident eviction circumspection detection dictated circumstance elevated elocution retribution retorted retracted retraced footsteps flurryliday reps rapping one hand clapping face slapping sloping flurryping old roping money motored monitored janitor jaundiced magic poultice political politeness rightness tightness brightness bridged brave enclave enclosed easily disposed crows grows grooving moving pain soothing song headlong diving motor driving school skiving ski-ing crime scene fleeing fledgling canal dredging dream shared scheme sun beam football team tentacle ventricle vertical vernacular secular secondary wary warning adorning adoration instigation insulation sleep deprivation innoculation reservation resisted tight fisted fog misted building listed lusted servant trusted bolts rusted diamonds encrusted smarted smattering teeth chattering children chipped micro miniscule easy ridicule riddled dog piddled paddled puddle duck waddled wandering abscondering abstainment entertainment woven raiment raver musical staver enslaver enraptured images captured captain capricious capricorn desert storm weather warm wary scary chest hairy handling metal mangling jingle jangling jading persuading tax evading dawn raiding down grading.

I could just have a mc dz burger and mc flurry!

Yes! This is it! Finally we are required to do independent research studies for projects in multiple classes and flurryyze our finding mathematically. Here's to a semester that won't be spent only in the dark dungeon that is the MAP building having our minds shredded by an incessant flurry of proofs

Intervalo aqui no monet comendo flurry bis kkkkkkkk

Today -9, but tomorrow will be 0. But flurry!

I love my hunny came flurryme and brought me flurryey ds and to top it off to surprise me got my a flurry too

Is now watching flurrystel part 5..with Ripalda Označit..mapalit anay hin snack..going to dunkin donuts to buy a jolly kiddie meal & mc flurry for dessert..

It's just a small flurry, there is really zero need to drive so damn slow!

Well, I really wish I would have stopped my flurry of activity yesterday to buy cream for coffee today...

Finished moving all my stuff out of my sister's officially. Going to be a few weeks to get fully "settled in" but I have a flurry of events and my 21st to occupy me until then. So many poetry slams, edm shows and comedy clubs to hit up when I'm of age.

A flurry of activity and fun today getting another Relaxation Yoga Program off the ground!! Thanks to all participants returning from last session, returning from past sessions and to those starting for the first time. Cant wait to meet and enjoy yoga with you all!

Update your status and watch the results flurry...

Last of the most celebrated exclusive get togather with guddu and chickoo..flurry of food, shopping nd late nite chatting

Last night was a flurry of activity and coming together of ideas which left my brain hurting but my heart pacing. Perfect end to a great day. Woke this morning to emails from media and things are starting to take shape. So happy to be working with some great people and so looking forward to sharing their ideas and skills.

That moment when it looks somewhat good when displayed on a cafe's ad, only to be caught in the flurry that is that app... You know which app I'm talking about.

Is having a nice relaxing evening....been busy over the last few days at the flurryuse, cleaning, changing window latches, trimming trees and getting the area ready for the spa, roll on another 3 weeks and i will finally be back flurryme with my flurry kids.

Had a little flurry of new likers flurryo there .... would love to hear feed back from customers i have opened a notes file for feedback so please pop on there if you have a spare couple of minutes would love to read any comments thanks xx

Wat a monday broke bored n cravin nyc stuff...any1 who is volunterin 2 by me mc feast delux n mc flurry...u mo dan welcomed 2 col me

Quote Examples using Flurry

Mid week update .. As predicted this morning saw a considerable change in the weather with temps dropping to freezing creating frost and ice .. Another change will occur tonight as rain spreads in from the south west . This will clear by tomorrow evening and temps will drop again for the weekend so keep the de- icer handy. The weekend may even bring a flurry of snow as wintry showers are forecast.. Another update Friday


Imagine JJ for Kaitlin~shelleysbabe Your phone beeped, and you smiled seeing the name that popped up. It was a text from JJ. "Hey babe, Skype tonight? xx" You grinned, your fingers in a flurry over the keys, "I'm free now if you want." Almost immediately your Skype started ringing from a new call. Grinning, you hit accept, seeing JJ on the other side. You could tell immediately something was wrong, his smile seemed a little empty. "Hey sweetheart." He mumbled, rubbing his eyes. "JJ, what's wrong?" You said, knowing he was definitely out of it. He looked at you, biting his lip. "God, this is so hard." "What's hard?" You asked, your heart in an absolute flutter. "Being away from you, not being able to wake up in your arms, take the dog for a walk, kiss you whenever I want." You trailed off, looking away from the camera. "JJ, look at me." You said. He glanced back hesitantly, and you watched him push a tear away. "You will be flurryme before you know it and I will be waiting for you. Just think of all the fans who you will get to meet, they love you, and it would break their hearts if they never got the chance to see your face." JJ nodded, "You're absolutely right." You smiled, "Are you going to make it Mr. Hamblett?" He smiled, "What would I do without you?" You grinned, "I really have no idea." You blew him a kiss and he pretended to catch it on the other side, "Keep your head up J," You said, signing off.


This is my favorite fight from the best female boxer ever! Lucia Rijker. Her defense is some of the best I've seen male or female. I like flurryw she leads with the left and throws "feeler" jabs setting up a power right and she's not scared to get into a flurry and remains patient. I had a friend that wanted to try boxing,if she did she'd be something like Lucia. Good times.


Really missing my boy right now....things change, bad things happen, and life goes on. But there are days where I feel suspended in space, totally lost without that one constant in my life. No matter what is going on or what you might be going through, there is always that faithful friend waiting for you, greeting you with a nicker while he patiently waits to fed, and calmly eating his hay while you muck the stall. I'll never forget the freezing winter mornings, he would follow me around his pasture, his muzzle blowing warm breath onto my cheek, and suddenly he would squeal and buck off in a flurry of snow and cold morning air -feeling good and kicking up his heels. Even in the end he never lost his excitement and love for life. Those quiet barn days will forever haunt me, I will never find another flurryrse who was anything like him. flurryrses like that don't just happen and they don't just cross our paths. He was sent into my life for a reason, and I will never stop loving him and never forget the time I was blessed enough to call him mine. <3 I love you Stozz <3


Lots of you gorgeous ladies have already been in touch to book in for your 2013 make a baby plans. I am delighted to have had a big flurry of pregnancies at the end of 2012 so I am recruiting! If you want a baby, I'm ya girl! Go for it, make that appointment. If you live far away why not book up for a one on one gorgeous intensive healing day with me. We can get so much done and have lots of fun in the process. x


Proper Noun Examples for Flurry

Flurry of chances for seven, Fleetwood and Rendell with headers but remains six and that's almost time.

Just been outside . Flurry of snow and it is about 3 c . It is warmer in UK than here . Whats going on . feet are freezing . Brr !!

In bed watching movies, anyone out there 2 bring me Mc Flurry ya Oreo plzzzzzzzz.

Flurry of Canadian footy news. This was the big one for us today

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When you really care you dont just say you do, you show that person :D even of it takes up all your pride, one day it will pay off <3

So much for starting a diet tomoz.... macccys??? flurryll yeaaahhh !!

Listen ppl nobody wants to see a sports star get hurt. Not wishing any bad or negative things but if it was Romo that got hurt y'all would b posting the same funny pics. Nobody was butt hurt when a million pics were posted after manny pacquiao got knocked out!!! Grow a pair !!!

This weather Makes me want ta go swimming :D

Is sat waiting to for a nurse to have a look at the cut on Charlie's head.

All roadz lead 2 Uta by El ndoybona nge 28 nw

I would love to see an SEC team or other southern team come up north and play a bowl game the first week of Jan. and you can't say the game wouldn't sell out cause it hasn't hurt University's up here with attendance.

Cant stand the media advertising the "worst flu season ever".. what do they get kickbacks from the pharmaceutical companies to scare everyone into getting a flu shot?? No thanks I will take my chances!!

Ok, it snowed two weeks ago tomorrow night, and we still have snow on the ground, and on our hill!!!!! Why is it hanging on so long????

Imma eat something healthy... i kno... ah double cheese burger lol

Folks, I got a warning from Fb that I was posting too much too quickly. I apologize if the slew of updates were troubling to any of you. I was out all day and when I finally got to the computer, you can tell that much inspired me to post. We'll try to keep it to a slower trickle each day!

"Fill-in-the-Blank" to win more money in your bank! Finish the sentence by commenting below and we'll choose three lucky players to win 10 Diamonds each! "The monster with the funniest animation is the _______________ monster!" flurryw about it, Explorers? Let us know and you could win! Be sure to include your TinyID with your response, too!

Be a smart fighter! Which style would you choose!!!

In wolves with shiv munching on a maccies.

*Sits in her solar looking out of the window. Turns to Anéya* I've had reports of you out last even fall with a certain dragon prince. *Looks at her daughter sternly* And just what were you doing? ~Cersei

This room is lak sleepn in a microwave on full power 4 3 n a haf flurryurs n frankie bush snorin lak a flurryrney buffalo doesnt help me get ne shut eye..!! flurryer !! :'/

If this rumor is true the flyers first game will be on the 19th vs cry baby pens at 1. lets go flyers!!!!!

Thanks everyone. McDonald's are getting some great messages of opposition over there on their FB page, and despite what that page looks like, they DO read it, so if anyone else has a spare 30 seconds, please feel free to tell them to burger off out of Tecoma!!!

I splurged and bought a PS3 today :3 Hehehe and i havent played it yet XD Thank you Best Buy for 18-Month financing with no interest! Ill have it paid off in 2 months! FTW good credit!

Flurry definitions


a rapid active commotion

See also: bustle fuss hustle stir


a light brief snowfall and gust of wind (or something resembling that)


cause to feel embarrassment

See also: confuse disconcert


move in an agitated or confused manner