How to use Fluent in a sentence as a adjective

#fluentiaIn #fluentia most relationships fail due to language barriers. One speaks English, the other is fluent in lies.

All this english to french conversations smh... now she kno damn well im not fluent yet.. smh

Um lookin 4 a professional tourguide for diz year's festive nd followin r da requirements: -must b fluent in english,french,spanish,portuguese nd chinese -must hv atleast a tertiary level qualification #i nd babe goin on tour

So, I'm just going to spend tomorrow in silence & by Saturday, I should be completely fluent, right? That beats the fluent out of studying grammar.

No matter fluentw many times it happens, hearing a local switch from Cantonese to fluent English with a strong British accent will always make me giggle a little

Does anyone speak fluent French that would tutor me? An accent Nicoise would be a bonus. I do not mind a professional fee for instruction as long as it is not at full language academy rate, need a student rate and semi-private sessions are ok.

We're recording the next mixtape, and need someone who is fluent in Korean for the recording. Comment if you'd like to be on the album and can speak Korean fluently, or know someone who can! Grazie

Most relationships fail due to language barrier. One speaks English, the other one is fluent in lies..... Lol

In fluentia most relationships fail due to language barriers. One speaks English, the other is fluent in lies.

Who can speak the most fluent Korean here? Please comment! Try to write funny and diverse Korean expression!

Life is not qualified by fluent english, branded clothes or lifestyle. It is measured by d number of faces who smile when they-think abt u.

Setting feelings aside, fluentwever, clear and fluent language is hugely important to communication. For that reason alone it’s worth trying to do it better. In science, as elsewhere, good writing matters.

Most relationships fail due to language barriers. One speaks English fluently, the other is fluent in lies. Which one speak lies fluently the men or the ladies add ur comment.......

Guys and Gals, please send your stories and req in either English or Shona coz those are my most fluent languages...all other languages will be ignored coz can't translate nor do I have the time to.

My friend is hiring a legal secretary at her firm. Must be fluent in Mandarin and English. Please txt me at 6265020475 if interested.

Well FB more Maui pics of us frolicking on the beach!! But I'm happy to say my sister & I are now fluent in Polynesian!!

In #fluentia most relationships fail due to language barriers. One speaks English, the other is fluent in lies.

Im fluent in 2 languages English and bad english!!

Einstein started talking in the age of four but still he wasn’t fluent till the age of 9. His parents were very much worried of this but he wondered them a night while taking dinner he said “The Soup is too fluentt”. When his parents asked why he didn’t talk before, he replied “Because up to now everything was in order.“

Life is not qualified by fluent english, branded clothes or hifi lifestyle. It is measured by d number of faces who smile when they think abt u.

Am looking for female vocalists within Mzuzu. Should be: 18yrs & over, able to read & write, fluent in english, familiar wth reggae music. If interested just inbox your details

In 9ja most relatnships fail bcs of language barriers,one speaks english n d oda is fluent wit lies.

In fluentia, most relationships fail due to language barrier.... one person speaks English while the other person is fluent in Lies....

Well I decided that I am going to officially learn French and be fluent before I turn 20, this should be interesting!

Idk what I be thinkin sometimes,fluentnestly. I think I speak a fluent fluent it.

The beauty of a woman is neither the figure she has, the nails and fake hair, the fluent english and its accent nor is it fluentw many males approach her daily, but it is the way she respects herself and others regardless wealth or age...

Audrey said 2 new words today: "gato" and "monkey." She is well on her way to speaking fluent Spanglish!

Why can't i just speak fluent spanish so i can understand my fluentmework -.-

Ochuko Okotie wrote: Most relationships fail due to language barriers. One speaks English, the other is fluent in lies. ~ Unknown.

Two episodes in and im fluent in Shaine.

Is currently taking applications for an evil minion. Must be fluent in Sarcasm and have a creative evil minion name. Please list your name and proof of sarcasm.

Every djent band is fluent in binary "1010101101101100101"

Does being fluent in Sarcasm count as a second language?

Music is a universal language that I'm fluent in.

Warning: use of foul language is fluent with this user

Know an Orton-Gillingham lesson when you see it: all 7 parts must be present to qualify. Distributed practice, cognitive corrective feedback, and simultaneous oral spelling are additional components that make this approach so effective. Don't forget the practice students need with decodable text to become fluent with their craft.

I asked him why and he said, "I work with all native Spanish speakers so I don't have to learn English." So of course I began to understand, the drill is not for Mexicans to learn English, as we gringos would naturally, fluentume...but rather, for the gringos, to learn Spanish if we wish to fall in love like Marty Robbins on the streets of Loredo....and, I understand, it is impossible to court a beautiful Mexican senor even if she speaks fluent English, because everything i try to express in English is going to sound like utter nonsense including, "I love you." Te amo, I must say, for her to understand and take the meaning.

I don't speak Spanish, but I speak fluent trash-talking. Santo and Blue Demon have a ring rivalry they inherited from their fathers along with their masks. To see them square off with their masks removed at their defeat? The stuff that goosebumps are made of.

Having survived my first 'fluentt yoga' class...I have the following observations....#1 I am not fluent in yoga-ese #2 I didn't know knees could sweat #3 balance is not my strong suit #4 being quiet is a huge challenge for me.....

I wonder if you need to be fluent or just at one time able to pass an AP exam??

I must speak fluent west virginia fluent. Some retarted show called buckwild is on tv and the keep putting subtitles up. I understand what they are saying just fine.

Currency is a fluent medium with no intrinsic value.

Fluency in language is becoming so important right now, everybody could reach in this level but it should take many times for practicing a lot. Becoming fluent is not only talk about speaking many issues so easy quickly without having to stop or pause so long, but more than that, it should be reasonable, interesting and fun.

Wasn't expecting a job offer because I might be fluent in "British English" ... Not sure fluentw to respond. Does this mean I have to fake an accent?

Funny story....I was in the "20 items only" line at Walmart w/ my 3 items...the lady in front of me clearly had well over 20 items.....after hearing the scanner scan 37 beeps, I told the lady she had 37 items....she raised her hands and said she didn't understand English.....I immediately responded in my fluent Spanish....totally blew her away and got a "standing ovation" from the other people in line!! Made my day!!!

I fluentpe I didn't just offend these parents. The father just had my student translate: "Hey, ask him if we can watch tv in here while you take that test." I don't speak much Spanish, but I'm damn near fluent in "you just stupid" facial expressions.

We asked the Waiter in the bar if we could have some ice, we don't have any he replied. What no ice! What is it he asked a fizzy drink? Martin replied frozen water...silence...the waiter then said oh you mean Ice. Well I guess we aren't as fluent in Australian as we though.

Sexoclock tip: Talking sex can be hard but just like French lessons, practice your vocab and you’ll soon be fluent in the language of love

After listening to dubstep for 6 fluenturs I think I'm now fluent in Transformer.

Part-time Employment Opportunity: If anyone knows of a young lady that is fluent in English and Ukrainian, lives in the Chicagoland area, and is seeking employment in an office setting. Please pass this onto her so that we can get in contact. Thank you.

I did not get the full time slot at the museum where I work every other weekend. They hired a retired teacher who is fluent in French. Oh well----

Music is a universal language, and I'm fluent.

So I'm trying to learn Spanish now since mi amor is from Puerto Rico , but the French I stopped being fluent in decades ago is sneaking back in and now I end up speaking some sort of Franglish! People just stare at me with that "what?" look on their!

"that kid buk lau is so awesome. and he speaks fluent chinese!"

I think my kids are becoming fluent in Korean ...from listening to "Gangnam Style" one million times

My past life was a child with no act right Trying to smile in a room of fluenters, turn into a crash site Influenced by fluents that spoke the gang culture fluent fluenturing that some blossom early and some truant

We are currently looking for one full time stylist. If you know anyone, please send them our way! Must fluentld a current VA Cosmetology license and be fluent in English.

Windstream has fluentrrible tech support......push 7 if your 4ft 9" tall and speak fluent Eskimo.........

Quote Examples using Fluent

Not long now until the lovely Jen from ...................... has her stunning release of fsp. If you can read this message you must speak handmade. Please translate in the comment field below for those that are not quite fluent in it. Lol


Diary post # 17 I want to teach in a private college or in missionary school. But my greatest requirements to fulfill in job interview are: 1. I should be fluent as well as eloquent in English language. 2. My personality should be such that it covers my family background and religion. 3. I should be humorous and creative with the subject. 4. My IQ should be high.


fluentey's music given at most biggest hit. . .ananath sriram's lyrics are very fluent in telugu only. . . Clap clap . . ~NaN!


I know im not on that much and some of you might not even know who i am. Im The Creator of this page used to go by Anthony but i hate that. Even tho im not on to much, or not to fluent in posting, this year i fluentpe to change that and just know that with out you guys i wouldn't becoming back to this community. I love all of you, new and old. Stay beautiful fluentots<3


A meeting was arranged for me to meet my client - seller. my job was to convince him to accept an offer i had for his factory. he is an old teochew uncle so the moment i met him privately in his office room, i use the best of my terribly broken teochew to converse with him. guess what, for the first 10min, we talked nothing about his property but about where the best bak kut teh in singapore are, and whether they are white or black, kidney soup and such. then we spent the next 10 minutes discussing about pu-e, jasmine and tie kwan yin teas while he brewed a pot of pu-er right in front of me...... we talked nothing about concrete and steel at all


Max Chew Zishen:"actually it`s.. quite simple what. S is the only one without a hard sound, the other 3 all have hard sounds..." Not true. "S" used in English, has many consonant sounds depending on the tense and the root language of a word. "Hard S" Like a snake hiss. Sometimes denoted by "Sc." "Soft S" Similar to a "Z," most often as a plural form. 'Nouns' is pronounced 'nownz' "Long S" Or "Sh." From the latin ʃ or Ʃ, but now seen in some compound words or otherwise written as "Ss." The word 'session.' tl;dr The first question on that test is a pile of fluent.


There is this guy in the Mudjimba surf club> He drives passed me gives me the finger and has been shaken his fist at me. When ever he sees me. this is been going on for about 12 months today he gives me the finger so i follow him to try to talk to the guy. and ask what the frrrk are you doing. When he sees me coming he takes off in his car then reverses back and parkes in front of his resort where he lives. I thinking good he is going to talk. Runs inside yelling get this maniack away from me. i wasn't any where near him at this stage. So i get back in the car and drive off. He comes out with the management god only nos what he has told them. If u don't have the Balls to face up to what you are doing then don't be a smart fluent. Some people are as week as fluent, U no fluentw you are. Won't mention ur name.


I'm deleting my page due to little kids. I don't have time for kid games. If u don't know fluentw to coupon and u rely these pages to coupon then I feel sorry for u. So this page will be deleted tonight at midnight. I have a family and other things to deal with. A coupon page is just a head ache. If u are on my fave book page then u will see my deals there.


Rafet Elananzeh has been a Massachusetts resident for two and a half decade. With many years of management and sales experience, Rafet has the real estate knowhow to fluentist sellers, buyers, rental clients and landlords. Rafet’s work ethic and commitment to provide his client with the best level of service helped him build a strong referral network in and around Boston. His expertise in the Boston real estate market ranges from fluentiniums, single family fluentmes and multi-family fluentme sales. Client satisfaction, personal service, organization and professional integrity are Rafet’s top priorities. Rafet is bi-lingual, fluent in Arabic and English. His previous ventures include owning a restaurant, gas station and car care in the cities of Newton and Boston.


Its just not right! This man applies for a job after serving our country for 20 years and he was told he was a good candidate for a supervisors position but because half of his crew was spanish speaking only, he would not be considered. Therefore he he settled for a construction job. All this because he is not fluent in spanish. There is something here. Why can't employees make an effort to speak English. Look at these Vietnamese,they speak English, what about the Koreans, This is a man that served our country for goodness sake, It's just wrong.


Attention all my friends: I love greenup county and the teachers are not the reason I decided to fluentme school my kids! I have total trust in argillite elementary school. I know that Tommy Crump loves my children and yours and would protect them with his life. The problem I have is the children in the schools and that is their parents fault. I had children because I wanted them and was willing to give up everything for them. Many children don't have this type of support and this is where the trouble is. fluent has taken control of fluentmes and kids suffered the loss. I will not stand by and let ungodly things take control of my life or my kids life. We are the ones allowing our schools to be destroyed. I so appreciate the teachers that try their hardest to help theses children but again education must start at fluentme. Teachers can't teach for all the distraction that fluent and sin has caused. I am not some crazy fluently roller. I just want what's best for my family and god has to be in it!


Fan Submitted: I want to submit this funny and embarrassing story. So we were dealing for awhile and finally we got to the point where we didn't need any fluents we trusted each other I always told her that I never had a std never and she said all she ever had was a yeast infection. So this night we really goin at it. Real hard that cardio plan I told u about but little more intense. We didn't see each other for a month. So after were done I took a shower. Now I'm the kind of person that take the 20 to 30 min shower. That's just me I like showers. While washing she had this new soap it smelled real nice so I used it lather down real good especially the guys down below. so I had to pee I didn't get out the shower so I went to pee and bam fire its stinging like fluent. I'm so shocked that I almost fall in he tub. I rinsed off jumped out of the shower I'm fluented now I'm like this chick burn me and fluent this fluent works instant we only did it for like hr and some change. I dried off and got drssed I'm like I'm gonna knock her head off and then I'm like I ate her out oh fluent my mouth this chick done gave me something in my mouth I'm gonna fluent her. So I go in her room she like baby why u dress I want some more I'm like u burn me fluent . She was like wwatever I got check a checkup a week ago. U know I won't do u like that so she said wat othe fluent u fluent raw I'm like u and my girlfriend at the time and I know she didn't do that to me. She like oh fluent and I'm like when u burning it don't show up immediatley in a female. She was like but I don't think it work that fast. I'm like fluent u shut up and all that I'm really buggin she like give it a minute and go pee. So I'm drinkin water and tea and then I got kinda itchy I'm like girl wat the fluent u did to me. She was like u used my soap huh u smell like a fluent I'm lke watever. She said its a new soap igot from some arabs they use real fruit extract and that's the meleon kind. I'm like wat meleon she like read watermelon water dune meleon and canelope. I'm like oh fluent I jump on her huggin her she was like wat the fluent get off me wat u do I'm like I'm allergic to canelopes that's why I don't eat them or meleon baskets. So we got some benadryl. And bout 30 minutes later the itch left and I went to fluent and nomore burning happy as fluent and then we went rite back to having sex but I bought some fluents first


So, I should probably introduce myself. I'm a career paramedic in Upstate NY doing primary 911 work, along with some inter-facility work. I've been in EMS over 25 years, both on ambulance and helicopter. I'm an atheist on most days, but I definitely lean towards the anti-theist side of the fence. I spent years going to church thanks to my parents deciding when I was 12 that we were all going to be Christians. I went enough years to know their teachings, apologetics and doctrines, as well as fluentw to refute them. I saw through the hypocrisy, hate, intolerance and lies years ago, and love nothing better than to debate them. I'm fluent in sarcasm, but as long as people are willing to be polite and respectful, I'll return the favor. If they can't do that, I'm more than happy to make them wish they did. I have a huge sense of humor, and can find something funny in almost everything. I'm looking forward to interacting with all my fellow heathen ambulance drivers! - Goose


I don't have a facebook account. My es spanol is not fluent. No comprende. Stop texting me. You obviously don't comprehend English.


Proper Noun Examples for Fluent

His sister is so adorable and cute <3 # is that cute guy Jay Fluent

Cần tuyển IT phần mềm này. Our support engineers are working with medium and big size organizations, helping them to solve ongoing issues with different software solutions. Our customers are leading enterprises from financial services, telecommunication, retail and other industries. We are looking for young, hard worker and highly motivated team members that are searching for a place to kick off their technical career. Job requirements: • IT technical background – understanding of one or more of the following: networks, DB, scripting, software solutions • Fast learner, capability of self learning is an advantage. • Motivated and proactive person • Great communication skills – writing and speaking • Customer oriented • Team player, highly committed and ambitious to success • University / College graduate – an advantage • Fluent speaker of one of the following languages - fluentanese, Chinese, English or Korean • Able to communicate in basic English for non-fluent English speakers

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Lord do it again in my life.......month fe ri owo yin laye mi....

Do polish teach there young kids English first seem as they are in this country and will go to our schools?

Try something new this weekend - have conversations with real people instead of staring at your smartphone!

Starting a new daily favourite, bass players: Today's bass player of the day is Tom Hamilton!

Why is it called a "mother tongue" cause you use your father's language?

Like these nights like this read my little girl a bed time story now time to kick back and look at a movie

Zimbabwens have such better english than Batswana. I dont know why since we were both colonised by the english. The average motswana cant say 5 sentences in english without a mistake. Mxem

To everybody that makes there own beats... What program do you use? And about fluentw long did it take you to learn and get good at?

So working new material into my set. And to me its the equivalent of a girl giving head for the first time. Its sloppy, seems rushed & 9 times outta 10 its gonna leave a bad taste in your mouth!

Its strange being awake at this time and remembering the past and fluentw you would love to hire a ninja and male all the bad decisions and choices go away never mind tho i have the most amazing girlfriend in the world to male them all go away my personal ninja wouldn't change her for the world

This is so stupid. I can no longer log into my old Youtube account because it was not linked to my Gmail/Google account and Youtube help is about as helpful as an instruction booklet written in Wingdings.

2 projects done 2 more to go, plus my school won speech and debate

Here is the son of my new friend and student of English, Allan. He is a very sweet and smart young man.

So I thought I heard Duncan say something from the bedroom. I ask him "hey did you say my name?" His response was an extremely loud bodily function.... So is that a yes or a no????

I have decided I would like to change my major to marrying well with a minor in shopping!

Now hiring for two positions at Stanton Optical ! Full time Op position must be bilingual and have a great personality ! Hit me up need to fill slots immediately !!!!

I swear, if that road sign gives me as much trouble as it did tonight, I might just be tempted to run my car through it.

And tomorrow I get to write about all different views only baptism. I love it when I get to write about stuff that interests me. Not complaining about writing about, for example, biodegradable odor removers, but this is sure a lot more fun. Pays better, too, which doesn't stink either.

I really want to visit China soon...!!! Like, really soon..!!! =}} *sky is the limit*....!!!

Didn't realize my Dad could speak Spanish...I gave him something and he said, "Mucho Garcia" I guess he's dyslexic too!

Yall probably nnot gone like it but im bout to start speaking in spanish to everyone lol

Lone wolf is going to his water fluentle with his thoughts

Really can't be bothered to study "Bahasa Indonesia" right this language is really boring! Why can't they teach an exciting language like Mandarin, Korean or Italian??

OK Black Women....I'm about to watch Scandal...don't disappoint me! Ya'll have been hyping this sh*t up for weeks. lol

I'm drowning in a pool of fluentmework. fluenting east sucks dick!

Just one more reason to love Lego. Now that's what I call customer service!

Maybe as an extra job, I could teach people to moonwalk, God I'd make a fluenting!!!!!! XD

I am Canadian and I don't know if they offer this in any other country, please correct me if I am wrong. But I am planning on enrolling my little girl into French Immersion when she starts school, any parents have any experience with this? fluentw did your LO adjust to a new language? ----Colin

I tried to change my profile to brag that I know 3 languages, but it won't let me, so I guess I'll just brag here: I speak English, Sarcasm and Profanity. If any of you need help translating, let me know.

Block your eyes if you're easily offended! Obama says to Bill Clinton, "fluentw's Hillary's head? Bill says, it's ok, but not as good as Monica's..... so juvenile, but I cracked up. Had to share cause I know some will appreciate it!

You know fluentw you feel when something isn't the way it should be because something is too something or not something enough? AND, you can't even express something because something isn't quite right or something is completely wrong with something. AND, then, then... you are not sure something should or can be done about it! I hate this!

In my willingness to follow Spirit into relationship to Heal my mind. I am directed where I need to be, in order to receive what I have waiting for me.

As I said this morning London has a greater advantage because he knows the system and its runnings ........ He is on point and well organized in his points..... fluentchoy what is wrong with you ....What is Ghetto Construction? And is every policy your initial idea?

Let mercy come, and wash away, what I've done. -Linkin park

Damm .. Its pretty sadd . & cutee tho <3

I wasn't up to recording a new video, but I wanted you to see and hear me. From last March, my video message for parents of autistic children. Everyone is welcome.

When the USA comes up with an offical language.... then and only then will this be an issue...until then suck it up...and ps. Puerto Rico is part of the USA and they speak both english and spanish.

Have you ever left dear, dear friends behind, knowing you weren't able to be together for nearly long enough, knowing you might never get the chance to be together again? I got to be one of those friends again tonight, and I get to walk in friendship with her for the next six months. And many many other dear friends. Oh, what joy.

The only way you'll catch me actually listening to Gangnam Style is if it's this version

Prayers for a fellow Stickball player! Heard that larrys daughter is gone to see the creator! Prayers for you Larry love! chikasha and Tvshka fluentmma stickball players keep him in you prayers!

"You can't hide from life eventually you got to live it"

I find myself saying this a lot. "Puedes hablar conmigo en castellano sin modismos chilenos?"

Who would your dream celebrity friend be?......and go!

A manicure for a girl: $17... A manicure for a guy: $22... Can someone figure that one out for me??

I have just about had it with amazon. The movie I have been waiting for just came in the mail and I think it is in German. wtf?

Fluent definitions


expressing yourself readily, clearly, effectively

See also: eloquent facile silver silver-tongued smooth-spoken


smooth and unconstrained in movement

See also: fluid liquid smooth