Flail in a sentence as a noun

I'd like that better if the images in the sprite weren't cutting off your arms when you flail them.

I love it when insiders flail thinking they are rewriting the rules of business.

Generally flail around, make assumptions, and scramble to fix things after the fact.

Their torsos and upper bodies stay perfectly motionless while their legs flail about beneath them.

A huge problem is that land mines get unreliable over time and thus a mine flail might hit it but it does not detonate.

Even if that was a good idea - we are paid for full-time work here which means ideally we go home and relax, not flail away on endless side projects.

I love reading outsiders flail when trying to understand something like Quora by thinking in terms of naive, business-as-usual lenses.

Flail in a sentence as a verb

But in the next five years when two dozen Instagram clones get founded, flail, and die, we will be told that they failed because Instagram was the "first" to "really" get mobile photo sharing.

[1] PS: I love it when people bring up epistasis, for god's sake, as a sort of catch-all neo-Lamarckianism, reached for like a drowning sailor flailing for a life preserver.

If they flail in their putatively favorite language with which they've putatively been working for 4 years... well... I've certainly learned some very important things in those few moments.

> People are used to gently flicking computer mice and grazing keyboards and tablet screens; do they really have the stamina to reach into their computers and flail their arms around?That's not the key question.

How about this little flail-for-a-life-preserver: There's research to suggest that the difference in spatial reasoning is societal.

Because otherwise, I have that same tendency to convince myself I've spent 2 hours learning more about graphical models by browsing some blog posts, or about cooking by looking through some cooking blogs but not actually taking the 2 hours to flail at bread-making.

Not satisfied with simply attacking the movie and the man, Grenier in a March article for the magazine went on to vilify all of India, all of Hinduism, and then to flail at a target closer to home, and close to the hearts of his fellow neoconservatives: American liberals.

Flail definitions


an implement consisting of handle with a free swinging stick at the end; used in manual threshing


give a thrashing to; beat hard

See also: thrash thresh


move like a flail; thresh about; "Her arms were flailing"

See also: thresh