Thresh in a sentence as a verb

It's the job of a thresher to separate the seeds from the flax chaff.

I guess they need to lower the thresh hold even more and affect more of their customers?

I felt like I wanted to decorate a cake, but Reason forced me to go out and thresh some wheat first.

They're two different jobs, and you can only scutch after retting and breaking but if you ret the flax, you can't thresh any more.

They may involve thresh effects but the claim of them working overall like any version of artificial neural works is no longer supported by anyone.

But that model is not the way the overall activity of the brain is currently understood - neurons are seen as being far more complex than simple threshold machines.

A machine for threshing wheat has been invented in Scotland; a second person cannot get a patent right for the same machine to thresh oats, a third rye, a fourth peas, a fifth clover, etc.

Rural people are happy to have iPhones, as long as they don't need to understand the science behind the technology,Said the guy who probably doesn't even know how to thresh his own soybeans.

I mean, sure, it makes you more happy with a slightly messier house and more happy just being, but the other thing with that lowered happiness thresh hold is being happier when going on walks or playing boring kids games.

Will we poll the english-speaking and set a thresh-hold?Because I sure hope we don't find out "aborting" a process is offensive language to religious coders with a polical agenda.

It is a thresh-hold issue, a matter of getting through life and a balance between morality, convenience, and what level of inaccuracy constitutes falsehood.

Is the FTC accusing of online ad equivalent of redlining?in part, these sorts of ads are determined by a designed bid/match thresh-hold - so why is it not Omega Psi Phi accepting better matches on the Yield side?

But you missed the outer context that gives meaning to this conversation - the fact that knowledge is merely the handmaiden to another driving force, and a handmaiden only need be "good enough" to reach a minimum acceptable thresh-hold.

From personal experience I've seen MST's map out underlying structures that validate classical chemical kinetics of a system in a logical path: something that would not have been apparent in ordinary thresh-holding approachesBasically IMO it's good to use all of these techniques together to get a good picture of your system.

Thresh definitions


move or stir about violently; "The feverish patient thrashed around in his bed"

See also: convulse thrash slash toss jactitate


move like a flail; thresh about; "Her arms were flailing"

See also: flail


beat the seeds out of a grain

See also: thrash


give a thrashing to; beat hard

See also: thrash flail