Derogate in a sentence as a verb

This law was derogated on 2011, but not completely.

But we shouldn't too quickly derogate that which we do not yet understandGood idea.

Then management gets to pick which recommendations they adopt and which they'll derogate.

They are harmful because they use language and concepts that objectify and derogate women.

Spending your time trying to derogate someone's reputation...classy.

Promoters can ask to derogate from the plan and potentially face protest, but that's only if they derogate.

As their name indicates, these procedures derogate from the ordinary legislative procedure and therefore constitute exceptions.

That's a very good point - it's the basic reason that Obama can't 'end the drug war with a stroke of his pen' as some people seem to imagine, because treaties ratified by the US have almost constitutional standing in legal terms, and need to be formally derogated rather than legislated away.

Derogate definitions


cause to seem less serious; play down; "Don't belittle his influence"

See also: minimize belittle denigrate