Fissure in a sentence as a noun

With much less material you can simply roof off one of these and carve rooms into the walls of the fissure.

I lament the pressure for US nuclear families to fissure apart.

[13] Photographs of the brain show an enlarged Sylvian fissure.

I guess the impact would be much less than that from underwater volcanoes and fissure vents that exist already.

Several years ago Kevin Smith claimed on his podcasts that his **** fissure was from reading on the toilet for extended periods.

After 14 days, the pain has drastically reduced, but I started having constipation, minor fissure.

Fissure in a sentence as a verb

This can only worsen the class fissure which had already developed along generational lines.

For an irreparable fissure to occur within the Elite, splitting it into two or more pieces that want nothing more to destroy each other.

[1][2] The use of a sharp explorer to diagnose caries in pit and fissure sites is no longer recommended and clinicians instead should rely on "sharp eyes and a blunt explorer or probe.

Tobias wrapped up this fine post writing, the "gap [between developed and underdeveloped counties] will be, if it continues, a major fissure in a future America.

He's expressing that he didn't see it coming: Even with this knowledge base I failed to pay attention to what I knew was a deep systematic fissure in the financial markets signaled by the fall of Bear Stearns.

That's probably a bad contact or a tiny fissure that makes contact again when cooledAnd the failed part is either needed only on bootup or when the current gets going it doesn't stop until it's powered off again

Fissure definitions


a long narrow depression in a surface

See also: crevice cranny crack chap


a long narrow opening

See also: crack cleft crevice scissure


(anatomy) a long narrow slit or groove that divides an organ into lobes


break into fissures or fine cracks