Firebrand in a sentence as a noun

I ended a debate with a local firebrand Baptist with a simple question.

Taking at least a little responsibility not to make a naked firebrand post.

He had the same style of firebrand exchange with Travis Kalanick over the Lyft recruiting stories.

[0] opinions on Go aren't usually that strong, I think, but I've heard exactly that claim from one firebrand on Twitter.

His days as an online Casanova and all-around firebrand are pretty well over, but if he misses them much he doesn't show it.

I think Stewart was effective because he doesn't firebrand every news item or segment with to the same effect.

They're the arguments of a firebrand or a demagogue---not a logician.

Regardless of whether you're mocking the American Political Right or you're a member, the post is at best a weak firebrand.

Quote .. "society as a whole would be better off with a government that was less ambitious" This is not really the stuff of a firebrand revolutionary.

He started out doing hardware and software stuff for atari, but it became obvious that he was more of a firebrand and woz was better at the hardware side, so thats how things went.

And for those who will want to say "oh, that's just because David Mark is so grating," quite a few mild-mannered regulars reached the same conclusion, so it's not as though there was one firebrand suggesting this.

“I have been in Eden three days and I saw a King,” she wrote in his guestbook during her visit to Stormfield, “I knew he was a King the minute I touched him though I had never touched a King before.”Interesting that such a firebrand would feel that way about a king.

Firebrand definitions


a piece of wood that has been burned or is burning

See also: brand


someone who deliberately foments trouble; "she was the instigator of their quarrel"

See also: instigator provoker inciter instigant