Militate in a sentence as a verb

What does that have to do with Barrett Brown?Is it just that we should militate for more prosecutions?

" This would seem to militate in favor of the Black's/Wikipedia definition.

Do these eruptions of anger and fury and wrath somehow militate against a standard above or outside God Himself?

The Go tool militates toward convention rather than providing a dizzying array of features.

Good sense would seem to militate against any group of people unschooled in creative and critical reviewing coming up with a worthwhile review.

Perhaps you're correct about status but I militate against the idea that any one human being is more valuable than another.

Its only a few zealots who militate against using that feature... and to the detriment of their followers, who end up with code that is slow and a memory hog.

Right, I think practical reasons militate towards eliminating corporate taxes and shifting the burden to capital gains taxes.

If you're arrested while driving a vehicle, and either of those objectives militate a search of the passenger compartment of your car, the police can search the passenger compartment of your car.

Sure, everything is still mutable, but there are powerful idioms that---in my experience---militate against race conditions.

11 — combined with the avenues that accused inducers have > to obtain rulings on the validity of patents, militate in favor of maintaining > the separation between infringement and validity expressed in the Patent Act.

Having also known people who fell foul of heroin, I'd have to say that, while a political habit isn't quite as damaging overall, the difference is a lot narrower than one might expect, and the similarity certainly doesn't militate in favor of either.

* The "monitoring" of your emails is already so commonplace and widely accepted that it forms the basis for products like Google Mail; the capture and sharing of your email during criminal investigations is, sadly, already allowed without a warrant in many US venues!It is one thing to suggest that the state of affairs for electronic privacy is sad indeed, and to militate in favor of better laws.

Militate definitions


have force or influence; bring about an effect or change; "Politeness militated against this opinion being expressed"