Exhilarate in a sentence as a verb

Also wven if it does not exhilarated user data now, it's one update from doing that tomorrow.

And when you're stressed, exhilarated or angered it's turbulent and erratic.

From the article: Several employees who stayed, while exhilarated by the raises, say they now feel a lot of pressure.

I wager that 18 minute run was a mouse experiencing the joy of running without fear for the first time, and was exhilarated.

I remember very distinctly feeling crushed and exhilarated at the same time.

But it still feels it should be a physical impossibility, and I still feel happy and exhilarated when I do it.

I was initially exhilarated to see them wearing no ties, as I used to live among tie-wearing abhorred bankers.

It was brilliant and I felt exhilarated that I could meet with people like minded as myself - who had all come to know about OSS via other efforts.

This ImO is the only option and even then I bet it's trying to exhilarate data by like trying to connect to a phone or high frequency audio or something.

Were you exhilarated and raving about all the advantages in a confident, persuasive manner, or did you stumble on why you might even want such a thing yourself?

I was happy, kind of exhilarated actually, when I signed up on Hacker News and all it asked for was a username and password; the email address is a text field that one can fill out when desired.

No artist is never happy with the stuff they make and those rare times that one is exhilarated by what they created... well, it came about as a result of serendipity, spilled paint or by accident rather than a solid plan.

One of my favorite parts in Catch-22 was when the chaplain lied and it was good:> The chaplain had mastered, in a moment of divine intuition, the handy technique of protective rationalization, and he was exhilarated by his discovery.

Exhilarate definitions


fill with sublime emotion; "The children were thrilled at the prospect of going to the movies"; "He was inebriated by his phenomenal success"

See also: inebriate thrill exalt beatify